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Tropes used in Awesome (New Media) include:


  • Iron Manatee vs. Steamcrab mk III
    • Really, I don't think anything in Zoofights can be considered a Crowning Moment of Awesome, as that would imply that something about it was not totally awesome. Rather, the enitrety of Zoofights could be considered a CMoA for the entire universe.
    • True, but some fights are more awesome than others. Let's see: Father McGarry vs. Ultraphant, Stockbridge and Barrington surviving being at ground zero of Bisondreadnought exploding, Ned Killy vs. Tethys, Mr. Atlantic's last stand, Nam Yeti calling down the napalm, the list goes on. Plus "WE ARE SEANET". It does have it's fair share of non-awesome things though, Wolfbike ring any bells?

Garry's Mod shorts

  • The Scout is Delicious contest that gave rise to so many short but sweet GMod shorts, including the 'winner' of the Pro section AshHouswares445 who created a CMOA for Heavy.
  • Also by AshHouswares445, Heavy Adventures - Episode 1 shows the Heavy on a quest to avenge the death of his teammates at the hands of a Spy.
  • In Moments with Heavy, Heavy Weapons Guy is running away from Longcat, and has a long chain of awesome moments: First, he pushes a train until its fast enough to escape, then notices that the track is slowly coming to an end. With a look of determination, he jumps onto the track, says, "Hit me, I DARE you!" and proceeds to punch the entire train into Longcat. It doesn't work.
  • the "Look in to the inner workings of Valve" in which the engineer concludes thatthe meaning of life is thus "Energy is matter, and (pulls out pile of hats) people are not wearing enough hats."

Darwin's Soldiers

  • James leading the chase against an entire armed convoy with only a couple Humvees and a pickup truck.
  • Kerzach killing Dr. Gallo with a letter opener.
  • Cale revealing himself right before single-handedly wiping out Ricky's men. In fact, most of the CMOA's in this RP involve one character killing another.
  • Everything Shelton did in Schroedinger's Prisoners.
  • Eddie killing a commando with a mop handle.
  • Werner convincing and leading the Gaman rebellion to assault the nuclear power plant.
  • Hawkeye leaving his cybernetic implants to fly the shuttlecraft while he broke into the security tower and let the others on the shuttlecraft escape.
  • Hans using a MRI machine to disable Subject 19.
  • Shakila defeating Project Zero in hand-to-hand combat with a laptop and the sprinkler system, despite being alone and having no physical combat skills.


  • Teenage girl Lauren chasing away two Hymn of Oners with a cricket bat in the Kate Modern episode "Batwoman".
    • She tops this by slapping Big Bad Michelle Clore in the face in "Straight To The Top".
    • Tez On Toast in "Answers", taking his revenge on the FTO... with a blowtorch. "I'm going to have a go at making my first art video!"
    • Gavin has numerous moments of Crazy Awesomeness in season 2 (his rant in "Straight To The Top" is a high point), but his scene in St. Grinstead at the start of "The Last Work" stands out: "You want me to show you with this [indicates pen] how I feel about that? [points at camera] He proceeds to stab one doctor with the pen and beat the other over his head with his own clipboard.
  • In LG 15 The Resistance Chapter 2, Sarah rescues Jonas by repeatedly (and by the end quite gratuitously) spraying his kidnappers with mace.
    • The whole video "Going Down", especially "I don't work here, I just came to sabotage the place."
  • The Lonelygirl15 video "Rooftop Brawl". After video after video of TAAG fleeing for their lives every time Lucy appears, Jonas finally confronts her head-on, and wins, after figuring out her one weakness: repeated punches to the face and body.
    • "Doing It Myself": Emma catches Edward Salinas completely off-guard and saves a teammate from a trap whose sole purpose was to kill whoever came to rescue him by talking Salinas down through a live video feed that was supposed to act as evidence. Then she steals the tape as a "victory souvenir".
    • Nikki Bower knocking out Greg Goodfried Bree's watcher with a fire extinquisher in the first season finale.
  • Tachyon from the OpAphid ARG revealed the true extent of her awesomeness in Lonelygirl15 episode The Human Ransom. flash. bang. OpAphid herself had her crowning moment of awesome when she made her triumphant return in Redearth88 episode Worth The Wait? (scaring a bunch of fans in the process), while Linc got in on the act in Pleasantries.
  • Though a language-barrior makes understanding what's going on difficult, Ola gets one in N1ckola when she wakes up after being kidnapped by the Order. Wearing an "bitch please" face throughout the Elder's monologue, Ola acts as if he's an annoyance rather than someone whose about to take her blood. The highlight of the moment is when she indicates for him to come closer and the Smug Snake foolishly complies, leaving his necktie open for grabbing and he's soon on the receiving end of a belligerent tirade. Even after she releases him, she continues to push the Elder's buttons until HE's the one whose squirming and quickly leaves. She then sits back and gives a silent sigh, as though disappointed with the room service. Who knew being knocked out for much of the season could turn you into such a Badass.

Let's Play

  • Diabetus' Let's Play of Battletoads is worth mentioning here. He plays through a notoriously difficult game without getting hit once, and uses only one savestate.
  • Slowflake has a few for Pokémon Emerald and Super Mario Bros 3 -- notably when he beats Norman's Slaking (a That One Boss for many a trainer, including himself) in a matter of seconds.
  • Chuggaaconroy, in Part 18 of his Pokemon Crystal LP-- he mentions that he'd like to catch a Koffing for his team before leaving Burned Tower. Literally a moment after saying that, he encounters and captures one. What's so special, let alone awesome, about this catch? It's a shiny.
  • RedChocobo proving that Bullet Seed (in Emerald) and Fury Cutter (in Platinum) can be VERY helpful in the right situation.
    • The shiny Chinchou catch in Emerald part 55.
  • After having a ton of trouble in his practice runs, UniversalGiant completes The Perfect Run in Super Mario Galaxy 2 on his first recorded attempt.
  • In a Let's Play of Fire Emblem 7, when it came time to challenge Sonia to finish the battle and claim the throne, the author sent Canas, who is canonically Nino's uncle according to her support with the druid, to take her out as a form of poetic justice. First turn in, he criticals with Luna, wiping her out in a single blast of dark magic before she can even attack. Needless to say, I cheered like he never cheered before at the outcome.
  • A similar Let's Play boss kill is in Rondie Plays Fire Emblem 8, episode 021-2a. Joshua, whose mother was murdered by Callach in the last chapter, delivers revenge in the form of the One-Hit Kill Silencer. And just to rub it in, Rondie adds extra dialogue: "You stole my Hoplon Guard, Assassin, with Shamshir, and A Support adding critical?! CURSE YOOOUUUU~"
  • Sir Ron Lionheart.
    • Oh what the-? You want examples? Ha ha alright. In his LP of Kaizo Mario 2 he found a glitch that could let him easily beat the level. Instead of using it, he killed himself to start over and do the level fairly.
    • His entire Final Fantasy IV LP. Obtaining EVERY item possible along with maxing his characters Levels, HP, and MP.
  • BikdipOnABus at the end of his Pokemon FireRed Omega Let's Play
  • After trying to clear a room in Hero's Cave from Oracle of Ages for about 10 minutes, these LP'ers discover one of the more entertaining ways to clear a Zelda level.
    • The best part? They were joking when they tried that.


  • Dirge is pretty much a walking CMOA. Examples include:
    • His first appearance in Chapter 1 [dead link], when he enters to Mozart's Requiem, and proceeds to decimate a horde of zombies, armed with only a shovel and his own awesomeness.
    • In Chapter 9 [dead link], when, after having a gaping hole punched in his chest by an alien monster, he jumps over a bioscanner, swings down with his chain, grabs Zoe as she falls, and deposits her at the front door to the Acropolis, saying "Keep breathing."
    • In the comic, when he doesn't even try to dodge a point-blank headshot from Mr. Gallows, and when it backfires and destroys Mr. Gallows' hand, he says: "What's the matter? Lose something important?"
    • Also from the comic, when he uses a mag-lev monorail to catapult a hearse over a gap in the tracks, thus saving the lives of Zoe and everyone else in the settlement. And then apologizes for being late with: "Sorry we're late. Traffic was killer."
  • Zoe gets her fair share, too:
    • In Chapter 3 [dead link], when she destroys the zombified circus strongman with a skyride car, at the age of 6!
    • In Chapter 9 [dead link]: "Wake up, Wolfgang." EXPLODING TEDDY BEAR!
    • From the comic, when she throws Mr. Gallows' words right back at him, just before shooting him with an anti-zombie gun. "Howdy, sweetness."
    • Also from the comic: "LEAVE! US! ALONE!"
  • Nephthys also has several, especially:
    • When she shows a crowd of crazed, paranoid humans that she is less of a beast than they are:
      • "...I am no slave to instinct. See that you aren't a slave to yours."
  • Even Dr. Elgin, Zoe's mother, gets one in the comic, when she punches out Ammon.

Ammon: "This world deserves to end, and you know it."
Dr. Elgin: "No. It doesn't!" POW!


Super Mario Bros Z

  • Mecha Sonic tends to outshine all the other characters in terms of Bad Assitude, but his crowning moment was, well, pretty much the entire second half of Episode 6. He starts by OHKOing an entire team of fighters, blocks a Chaos Emerald-powered Wave Motion Gun, turns gold and shiny, and proceeds to unleash hell upon everyone and everything in his path for the next five minutes straight. He finally tops the whole thing off with a blast of nuclear proportions that vaporizes the entire island. The only thing he did wrong here, other than failing to take down Mario and crew, was losing the four Chaos Emeralds he'd collected thus far.
    • Sonic got a couple an episode later: Ready!... GO!
    • Everyone's favorite blue hedgehog gets another one in Episode 8 after he uses a Fire Flower. Ass-kicking ensues.
      • As someone said on the series page itself, the entire point of Super Mario Bros Z seems to revolve around creating at least one of these for every character. The various fight scenes definitely support that claim.
        • Indeed. The whole fight scene in episode 8 is just Crowning Moment after Crowning Moment. Not to mention Yoshi VS Mecha Sonic in episode 3, where Mecha Sonic catches Yoshi by his tongue and swings him around; or the battle with the Yoshi tribe in episode 5, where Mario executes the classic Matrix pole run]]. Then episode 8 comes around and Yoshi does both at once, swinging himself around by his tongue so that he can "wall run" the attacking Koopatrols.
    • One word: Basilisx.



Gohan: Take that you insufferable F** king Simpleton!" [1]

    • The parody of "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan. Incredibly moving despite being played for laughs.
    • Using music from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann in the season one finale automatically qualifies, even if it's cut off just when it really starts to get going.
    • From the Tree of Woe Christmas special: Kyle Hebert as Santa Claus!
  • In the first chapter of Shadow of the Templar, Simon and his FBI team have thoroughly prepped a mansion with elaborate security measures and lookouts to catch wanted thief Jeremy Archer in the act of stealing the diamond located there... only to have him effortlessly nab the diamond with a James Bond-esque plan involving tricking the FBI agents into gassing themselves with their own masks and sneaking into their van beforehand to sabotage all their carefully set-up cameras. Even Simon has to grudgingly admit that he's one "smart, smart bastard."
    • The "stage-diving" scene in "High Fidelity" also qualifies.
    • Simon telling his bosses near the end of the final book that he's in a (homo)sexual relationship with an internationally wanted criminal, and on how they can't do a damned thing about it except give him his job back.
    • When Jeremy shoots Farraday at the end of With A Bullet.
  • In the comments page for Iron Maiden's "Aces High," there are the usual Trolls, but then, midway down the page, the community largely unites: The comments all became everyone declaring "UP THE IRONS!!" (with various degrees of profanity) and naming their region, sometimes including a rockin'-out stick figure.


    • Sadly, this falls apart later down the page with a return to Trolling form.
  • In There Will Be Brawl, Captain Falcon has a pretty epic Falcon Punch.
    • Not to mention a shaking Red who stands up to Ganondorf.
  • The Leet World has several:
    • Leeroy earns his by just doing nothing - fed up with the Producer's increasingly unfair handicapping of the terrorist team, the CT allows the terrorists to win the second season's first chalenge by simply standing by, looking the terrorist leader Cortez in the eye as the bomb counts down and explodes.
    • Ahmad's beat-down on Asher, including a Punctuated Pounding and ending with a Heroic Sacrifice.
      • The Finale was crammed with these, (Warning, major spoilers) Westheimer taking his last lifeline, and telling The Producer to go f*** himself. Ahmad's return. Player's Heroic Sacrifice. Ellis' return. Cortez and Leeroy's computer coordinating to blow up the Player clones. And many more
  • The Demented Cartoon Movie - In the end, Evil Blah has realised he has finally killed Super Blah, and gloats that now he is invincible and nothing can stop him. Enter Zeeky H. Bomb. "Zeeky Boogy Doog!" indeed.
  • From The Spoony Experiment, the trailer for his Let's Play of Terror TRAX: Track of the Vampire. "Van Helsing. Buffy. Anita Blake. They're all his bitches."
  • This i-is ... it's just, i-it's just ... I mean it's ... wow.
    • Wh-what did I just see? I... LOLcats? Being awesome? WITCHCRAFT!
  • On Outside the Otaku, Lanipator defeats the DVD of Final Fantasy Unlimited Final Fantasy VII style.
  • Asteroid McAlmont - An asteroid half the size of the moon is on a collision course with Earth, projected to land on a hundred-meter square in the Ural Mountains. Our unnamed protagonist gets a plane ticket and a baseball bat.
  • The MK vs. SF vids by Proxicide on Newgrounds...just check them out
    • Your Mileage May Vary: Some did not like how the MK cast were typecast as evil, despite Raiden being a heroic mentor in the games and Scorpion being more of a neutral party, some didn't like how Ryu and Akuma couldn't win without help and how both of them doing a Big Damn Heroes moment for each other was blatant cheating or even the Luke, I Am Your Father twist at the end of the 3rd one.
  • King's Cross, a massive collaborative Harry Potter RP on Vex Xiang Forums, was made of CMAs, most of which are unfortunately now lost due to a forum upgrade. One of the best might've been a trio of CMA's for the characters in the midst of a massive battle in LA, against Rasputin, Cain (a very evil, very strong vampire), and a several story tall demon warrior from Hell.
    • Taking on Rasputin was Joe Kipling, an aged, badass vampire hunter, Diana, his half-vampire daughter, and Nathan, another, young vampire hunter with a penchant for firearms. The battle was ended when Nathan distracted Rasputin (in this world a powerful, undead sorcerer with hellfire) by blasting him with an RPG, allowing Joe to use a special magical weapon to banish him to Hell for the time being.
    • Cain, the evil vampire, was taken out by Magnus, another, younger vampire, and master of illusions who, outmatched physically, managed to Mind Screw Cain by crafting the illusion that he hadn't fed in hundreds of years, making Cain think he was starving to death, and thus was defeated. All while Magnus hallucinated hearing his dead father encouraging him on.
    • Finally, the giant demon was taken on by the group's powerhouses; Andrew Hassan, an incredibly powerful Firestarter (Fire controlling wizard), Thomas Tobin, a wizard trained in Qi, and Bruce Kipling, the group's leader and resident Magnificent Bastard. The group was having their asses handed to them until Bruce absorbed a massive blast of fire aimed for his friends, and without flinching, even with his body covered in burns and still on fire, threw the item used to summon the demon back into the open gate to hell.
  • The Saga of Tuck: every now and again there's such a moment, with the characters alternately pranking their high school with a faked ritual sacrifice, putting up posters reminiscent of Schindler's List, and/or actively destroying their principal... but the scene that weighed most heavily on this troper was when the titular character jumped off a SECOND STORY balcony in a mall (10 feet or so), rolled, then punched an abusive boyfriend of an ex in the gut and ran for it, with ex.
  • This might sound bizarre, but for this troper, these qualify as a CMOA. Why, you may ask? Well sure the eeriness is still present, but if you ask me, the Scary Stories to Tell In The Dark are more enjoyable when you can see what's going on, and especially when they don't look like Dr. Seuss's worst nightmares. If only the guy who made them would make more, though.
  • Don'tBeACoward telling off the insomnia forum admin [dead link].
  • This page in the story Mediocre Moose Maulings.
  • Derek Alexander AKA The Happy Video Game Nerd, a would-be AVGN ripoff... who actually inverts his concept and instead reviews good old games that Needs More Love, and gives credits where it's due. When even James Rolfe gave his own seal of approval by subscribing to Derek's account, you know it's a Crowning Moment of Awesome in the world of Video Review Show.
  • What do you get when you mix Back to The Future and The Terminator? This.

Superman: Woah, hold on a second - you hit him?
Batman: Yep.
Superman: You hit the Joker.
Batman: Uh-huh.
Superman: You ran over a human being.
Batman: Sure did.
Superman: But what about your rule?
Batman: (Takes a smug sip from his coffee) Didn't kill him.
[Cut to the Joker in a hospital room, covered in bandages and moaning in pain]
Joker: Do you wanna know how I got these scars?
Nurse: From Batman?
Joker: From Batman.

    • Snape killing Voldemort twice after faking his death.
  • A very Meta example, but everybody who makes Web Original anything. You have people devoting time, effort, and money to something that might not give you money, but will give you a big dose of mockery. These people (generally) make weekly videos, that they write, act and produce themselves and produce equal, if not more laughs, then the average Hollywood schlock. That's right, these selfless people create something beautiful and give it to the world. One wonders what they could do with the money time and experience of a Hollywood crew.
  • Tigger gets one in Dirty the Pooh and the Hundred Acre Shitpile, Chapter Three. So Winnie-the-Pooh is destroying the Hundred-Acre Wood in a satanic apocalypse. Tigger's response to the whole situation? "BOOOOO-riiiiing!"
  • In episode 1 Profound Moments in Left 4 Dead 2, it's not the players that get this, it's the Charger, at 4:08 to 4:23, he hits Djy1991 and manages to get him while falling off the building, killing them both, he could have gotten Aovnick too, but that part sadly failed.
  • As much as I never thought I'd have anything good to say about least a few of them genuinely want quality work. Somebody made an article consisting of a single line of vandalism, and this was the result.
  • Shin defeating her Yamiko in Chapter 9 of Sailor Nothing, and then giving this speech to her uncle:

"You know, Unc, if you were REALLY a monster, that would've killed you," Shin explained, the Truth dawning on her. "But you're not a real monster. I've seen real monsters. You're just a flawed, wretchedly pathetic human being. You're not worth hating, because in the end, you're nothing. I guess the Truth can be blinding, can't it? Kotashi, let's go. I'm done here."
She left him to his howling rage, and never looked back. There wasn't anything worth looking back on.

  • The whole Octocat Adventure (don't worry, it only has 6 minutes in total) is basically a setup for a CMOA.
  • User:Inquisitive Joe get's one which also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for sticking up and apologizing to a youtube user who insulted him after she was trolled off youtube by his own fan's and asking what the hell was wrong with them!
  • This. To quote one of the people who commented on it, "This post receives the Epic Win Award for the day. Simply awesome."
  • The Global Guardians PBEM Universe featured several.
    • Senshudan One, the premiere hero team of Japan, fought Godzilla and drove him away before the creature destroyed Tokyo.
    • Syrian villain Khof dropped the Shield from orbit, and the hero survived.
    • Stone was rammed by a desperate henchman driving a semi-truck. Stone's reaction? "Are you finished?"
    • Recoil sacrificing himself to absorb the energy of Doctor Simian's doomsday weapon, knowing it would kill him. "Here I stand... I can do no other."
    • The Global Guardians' collective reaction to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.
  • Rpgmp3 although most could be counted as this and CMOF has several per game.
    • In rolemaster the group had just defeated a lich, leaving behind only a pile of ashes and a necklace, Goggles (the albatrosity) picks up said necklace and immeadittly puts it around Neds characters neck (The ELLLLLLLLLFFFFF who heals by taking party members wounds unto himself) the necklace then proceeds to sink into his chest, and the ghosts that had been keeping the lich trapped in the area they were in told them that they could not simply kill the lich, because if they did his necklace would activate and turn him truly undead. Ned is already suicidal at this point and simply throws himself off a nearby ledge, instantly killing himself (if he had survive his body would have regenerated itself anyways) His soul was then transfered into the nearest magical item, a small chest that could hold much more then its own size within itself the albatrosity flew down and recovered the remains, only to have them reassemble into the now undead elf, who once again threw himself off the ledge. It was only through Lindseys characters manipulation of time (using the soul of the lich as a powersource) that the whole thing could be avoided.
  • This trope's title, until recently...
  • Game 10 of Comic Fury Werewolf was not only a perfect win for the Werewolves, but also a brilliantly pulled off Xanatos Roulette of revenge against the ArchRival of the wolves.
  • The response by Maddox after he got screwed over by the travel company Orbitz. Because of his article, he managed to get several of his readers not to use Orbitz ever again with them sending e-mails to the company regarding this. After many fruitless attempts to save face by Orbitz, they finally flat out apologized to him. See for it yourself: Here.
  • Several in Marvels RPG. Check work for examples.
  • I'll just leave this here...
  • Anyone listed on Badass of the Week.
  • The Religious Antagonist infiltrating a Tea Party Rally dressed as George Washington.
  • Alyssa Bereznak, a blogger for Gizmodo, goes on a date with a guy named Jon Finkel, a.k.a. the world champion Magic: The Gathering player. Finkel doesn't do anything overtly geeky on their date (brings up his championship status and his upcoming tournament preparation in passing, dressed very nicely, etc.). She drops him like a hot rock after their date. In response, Geek Mom cuts a beautiful rebuttal calling the girl out on her Hypocrisy and blatant Double Standard.