Awesome Series (Web Animation)

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"Let me assist you, doctor"

Personnel: Doctor, we need your help defusing this Atom Bomb!

Doctor Stiles: OPEN 'DAT SHIT UP!

Nonsensical, almost YouTubePoop-ish animated shorts parodies. Usually affectionate, mostly hosted on Newgrounds, starting with the Metal Gear Awesome series and, like The Abridged Series, spawning Awesome clones. Titles often go as such: Grand Theft Awesome, Awesomefield, and so on. A similar concept done by the same creator for anime is Girlchan in Paradise.

Their main weapons are exaggerating characters and flaws as well as random humor.

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Egoraptor appeared briefly as contestant on Season 3 of The Tester before being eliminated in the third episode on a relative technicality (being on three losing teams in a row; team composition was random).

Tropes used in Awesome Series (Web Animation) include:
  • Affectionate Parody - Usually.
  • Angrish: Gears of Awesome
  • Art Evolution: The animation quality has noticeably improved since the first few installments.
    • This was deliberate. While Metal Gear Awesome was animated with limited knowledge of flash animation, subsequent awesome cartoons were purposefully done sloppily at the request of MTV, who originally hosted them. Once Egoraptor was no longer animating for them, he was free to do them with as much production value as he cared to, compare Awesome Crossing and Awesome Center with their Reduxes and Awesome the Hedgehog to Awesome Chaotix (the 'sequel').
  • Ascended Meme - David Hayter saying "OHMYGODHOTNESSIWANNABANGYOU!"
  • Axe Crazy: Marcus and Dom in Gears of Awesome.
  • Because Destiny Says So / The Chosen One: Legend of Awesome.

 Navi: You have to saaaaaaave the world.
Navi: It's your responsibility.
Link: Oh, well I guess that makes sense.

  • Berserk Button - In Awesome Noire, mentioning to the police chief that he has a "double-chin thing".
    • Egoraptor's own button seems to be intrusive tutorial segments that assume Viewers Are Morons, pointing out that older games managed to show players how to do things more naturally just through clever level design.
  • Character Exaggeration - Ranging from the Gears being raging jocks in Gears of Awesome to Mei Ling being annoying.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Egoraptor himself.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Lampshaded by Egoraptor himself in Sequelitis.

 Egoraptor: I know you're not a stupid kid, 'cause I say "FUCK" a lot and you're okay with that.

  Tyler Chase: Doctor, my sister has cancer... ZOMBIE CANCER!!!

  • Eye Take: Happens numerous times when the characters are shocked by some revelation. Lampshaded in Metal Gear Awesome.
  • Fan Service - Mocked in Dead or Awesome: EXTREEEEME
    • Mocked differently in Awesome Gaiden:

 Ryu: HEY! There's a ninja with huge boobs over there.
Ayane: Hi.
EgoRaptor: A-ah cool?

  • Fast-Forward Gag: Used as a quick joke in Metal Gear Awesome, skipping over the scene where Otacon narrates his backstory...and pausing halfway to find Snake and Otacon about to make out.
  • Flat Joy:

 Navi: You saaaaved the wooorld!
The World: Whoo-hoo.

 Wily: OOHOOHOOHOO! I have created-
Mega Man: Eight Robot Masters and you plan on taking over the world. *sigh* Look, can we just get this over with? My balls hurt.

 "Do you really think this is fucking fair?"

    • Ironic, since The Colonel was supposed to tell Snake how to contact Meryl (and, in the sequel toon, how to defeat Psycho Mantis), but he killed him.
    • And in Awesome Gaiden:

 "Hey yo bitch, I'm the strategy guide. You can't mess with me!"
"Thank god you're here."
"Don't worry pal, I'll sav--[stab]"

 Snake: "Why is there a helicopter in the background?"
Miller: "That's my stomach, I'm hungry."
Snake: "Hungry for worms?"
Miller: "No, hungry for wooooooords!"
*Both laughing*
Snake: "HahahahaSHUT UP!" >:(

  • Hypocritical Humor: In PokeAwesome, Pikachu yells at Venusaur for attacking him because his trainer said so and criticizes him for not walking away, but Pikachu was following Ash's orders and throwing Venusaur like a ragdoll because Ash told him to. Plus, he attacked first.
  • Ho Yay: In-Universe in "Metal Gear Awesome", between Snake and Otacon while Egoraptor tries to fast forward through the game

 Otacon: ...are you coming on to me?!
Snake: [To Egoraptor] Grrawwl, what?! Why the fuck did you stop on this part?!?!
Egoraptor: Oh, sorry...

 The Agent: Why the hell are you making fun of me? I just got exploded. Seriously. I mean look at me, I'm still flyin' through the air, and who knows where the hell I'm going to land. And even then I'm still going to be on fire. God.

 Sonic: "Hey maaaaan, let's go save the world duuuuude, fo' rizzle!"
Knuckles: "Yo yo yo B boy, that shit's fo' reel, mothafucka! Shit. Bitch. Fuckin' ass and blat blat!"

 Ryu: Oh, you think that's hard!? I'M JUST THE TUTORIAL LEVEL! THAT'S THE NEXT LEVEL OVER THERE! *cut to army of buff ninjas*
Buff Ninja: What's up?
EgoRaptor: Oh God, help me!

 Strategy Guide: Hey you bitch! I'm the Strategy Guide! You can't mess with me!
EgoRaptor: Thank God you're here!
Strategy Guide: Don't worry, pal. I'll sa-*stabbed, Ryu stares menacingly*
EgoRaptor: Oh God...

  • Pals With Jesus - Metal Gear Awesome shows Jesus aiding Snake a couple of times.

 Jesus: It's cooool.

  • Played for Laughs - The entire point of the series.
  • Pokémon Speak: Enforced...sorta. Venusaur and Pikachu are both capable of speaking proper English. In Venusaur's case, he'll say what he means, and then correct himself with "I mean, Venusaur." In Pikachu's case, he doesn't start speaking English until he takes a solarbeam to the knee.
  • Precision F-Strike - Eggman in Awesome the Hedgehog

 Eggman: Sonic will fall right into my trap.
Minion: But Tails is with him, sir!
Eggman: Ffffffffffffffuck.

 Kong: Ah, it's no big deal, I mean, what are the odds...

  • Jumpman takes Pauline*

Kong: Fuck.

  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis! - Gears of Awesome: "WHERE'S! MY! WIFE!"
    • Complete with a sing-along bouncing O-face...dude...guy...thing from Awesome Center.
    • From Awesome Reach:

 "Ready doesn't even! Fucking!! DESCRIBE IT!!!

 "Gawd these FUCKIN LIP--!"

    • Almost every transition in the Sequelitis series cuts Egoraptor's dialogue off.

  "Let me level with you for a second. Electrical Engineering? Pretty smart. General Relativity? Pretty fuckin' smart. The Intro Stage In Mega MaFUCKING. GENIUS."


 Pinky: Wow, dude. You suck.
Clyde: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *Bites off Pinky's head*

  • Blinky backs away slowly*

 Psycho Mantis: You like men!
Snake: You can see into my mind?
Psycho Mantis: No.
Snake: Fuck.