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Chef: Take about 5 dozen eggs, start puttin' 'em in a bowl, mix DA FFFFFUCK outta them, and whadda you get? (beat) PENIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!

(Said penis then erupts out of the bowl, goes higher than the clouds, and disintegrates Dr. Wily)


  • Even Better Sequel: No one expected a sequel to Metal Gear Awesome...and it was awesome.
  • Fan Hater: Done tongue-in-cheek in some of the earlier videos, but played straight with Awesome Reach.
  • Informed Loner: Egoraptor himself arguably. He's said in interviews that he often has problems with social interaction and making small talk but in person he certainly doesn't come off that way.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Egoraptor claims that his best work is Sequelitis, due to both the time and effort he put into the episodes and the fact that he values an ability to make people think over an ability to make people laugh.
    • Not that Sequelitis isn't appreciated; it's just much, much younger (barely a year old) and so far only has three episodes, one of which is only five minutes long.
  • Memetic Mutation: "And then Capcom was like 'Fuck!'"
    • Many Megaman related videos will have at least one poster saying "X... is pretty smart. Y... is pretty fucking smart. Z is FUCKING...GENIUS!!!"
  • Shallow Parody: While most of the videos are Affectionate Parodies of the games they're making fun of, Awesome Reach falls into this, being more of a Take That against fans of the game than it is a parody of the game itself. In fact, it doesn't even make fun of the campaign or multiplayer gameplay at all, but just makes jokes about fans treating the game like a drug or getting erections from playing it. Egoraptor even says in his video description that he hasn't played the game.
    • Also Awesome Fantasy VII, which supposedly satires the game's constant focus on Cloud's (and Vincent's) Wangst. However, the game itself makes it clear that Cloud's angsting isn't supposed to be taken seriously, and that he needs to grow out of it.
      • Except that the parody does exactly that. Cloud and Vincent are busy angsting and Tifa's try to pull them both out of it and bring them back to reality. Most fans who watched the parody joked that it was exactly like the game.
  • Wangst: Parodied in Awesome Fantasy VII.