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Pyrrhic Comedy

Mithrigil and Puella Nerdii (all their fics can be found here, with hilarious summaries by the authors themselves)

  • Recommended by Marionetta
  • Pairing(s): Mostly England/America (200+ years of UST), but others too
  • I'm recommending these two jointly because they work together, their fics go in the same timeline and style. Now there are many very talented members of the Hetalia fandom, more than I've seen in pretty much any other fandom I've been in. But the fics from these two were the first to show me what massive potential this series has. The voices and characteristics of every character makes sense in history canon and Hetalia canon. They have really done their research. The fics are usually on the dark side, and they build up such empathy for the cast. And did I mention the porn?

Haro and Jennie, aka Abarero aka hot-ice-hilda

  • Recomended by Orihime
  • Pairing(s): Mostly America/England as well.
  • Recommended jointly for similar reasons as above, not to mention the troper has had them in her friends list for years. THE ones to go if you want America/England that is both very IC as well as Lighter and Softer, but not without its depth. Very endearing interaction, very hot porn, excellent characterization, quite a good research job and over all great.


  • Recommended by: Little Serge
  • Pairing(s): Canada/Ukraine, some focus on Canada's relationships with England and America.
  • This author tends to focus mostly on Canada's role in the Hetalia verse, re-imagining Canadian history from a Hetalia standpoint. The usual focus seems to be on Canada's interactions with his allies through his life, such as America and England (as well on his relationships he has with countries that Canada is close to IRL, such as the Netherlands and Ukraine). These re-imaginings can usually focus on the more tragic aspects of Canadian foreign relations, such as the War of 1812 and World War One, making him into (even more of) a Woobie.


  • Recommended by Solandra
  • Pairing(s): Mostly America/England.
  • This author has the kind of smooth, natural writing style that makes me despair because I'll never be able to write that well. Plus she's got a firm grasp of the characters, especially America, England, and Canada. As listed above, her main pairing is America/England and she's written fluff, angst, and gen for them, but she's also written for other pairings like America/Lithuania and England/Portugal, and her Per Amore is possibly one of the best Germany/Italy fics in the fandom.


  • Recommended by Clandestine Clear
  • Pairing(s): Most Spain/Romano, with Italy/Germany, USUK, Greece/Japan, Denmark/Norway and Sweden/Finland
  • This author writes a lot of creative, excellently done fluff, which aren't just mindlessly sweet but have genuinely interesting plots. She has really great, engaging ideas and will really bring a smile to your face. Canadino also does gen fics as well in series of genres, ranging from familial stuff to war fics.


  • Recommended by Clandestine Clear
  • Pairing(s): Some Austria/Hungary
  • Konstantya has so far mostly written about Austria-centric pieces and European nations, and she does it beautifully. She manages to flesh out and develop everyone brilliantly, along with their situations and emotions and everything you read is very poignant and well-done. Also, Poland is a spirited Badass and he and Austria made a dress, then busted out of Auschwitz together.

Measuringlife (goes by weighed and measured on

  • Recommended by Solandra
  • Pairing(s): Mainly Greece/Japan and France/Canada, but she's written for plenty of other pairings too, ranging from the popular to the plain cracktastic.
  • I've already recced a Greece/Japan work of hers in the Shipping Fics section, but the entirety of her APH works seriously deserves to be recced here in full. She's a very prolific author and has written loads of fills for the Hetalia Kink Meme, including some absolutely fantastic ones for Greece/Japan (some examples linked for your convenience) and absolutely cute ones for France/Canada (more examples). Her imagery is beautiful and she has a great grasp on the characters and what makes them click together. About the only noticeable flaw of her writing is that it has the occasional typo, apparently due to her having a sticky keyboard and a crappy word processor, but everything else about it is good.

Illuminated Shadow

  • Recommended by Zephyr7
  • Pairing(s): Mainly on Canada/England and Canada/America (with a side helping of America/Canada/England), some England/France and a few other Canada pairings, including some crack pairings.
  • Illuminated Shadow just has an amazing and gorgeously way of writing stories about Canada's relationships, whether familial or romantic or something in between, with the other nations. They're one of my favourites for writing Canada/England and Canada/America, where they make it work wonderfully and believably. Whether it be cute and funny. Or something more dark. And I loved the crack pairing of Canada/S. Italy. It was just so adorable and you could see the progress of it slowly and carefully. Better yet, just everything from Illuminated Shadow is worth reading.


  • Reccomended by khope
  • Pairing(s): So far she's mainly done russia/america, with some prussia/america, and some creepy as heck england/amerca
  • Eram is simple an amazing writer. No other ways to put it, whenever she puts a story out you can guarentee it to have good characterization, development, and dialog.

falling_voices writing journal is nuitdenovembre

  • Recommended by dazey
  • Pairing(s): France/England
  • Her prose is absolutely beautiful. As the author of both Paris Calling and Sign A New Agreement With iTunes, I think she classifies as a must read for any France/England shipper. She has a multitude of others fics that are still anon on the kink_meme (some of which you can pick up or if you scrounge around in the comments of the already noted two). Her way with words and how she manipulates your emotions is exceptional and her portrayal of the France/England relationship is just beautiful. I can't recommend her enough.

Verboten Byacolate

  • Recommended by Clandestine Clear
  • Pairing(s): Quite a variety: Sweden/Finland, America/England, France/Canada, Lithuania/Poland, Germany/Italy
  • I highly recommend this author. Her writing style is flawless and flows wonderfully well, her stories range from witty to heartbreakingly lyrical, and all of them are extremely enjoyable to read.

Do You Know? (kink meme anon)

  • Recommended by Kain
  • Pairing(s): A large variety, ranging from US/Japan to Australia/UK to Russia/Baltics and everything in between.
  • This is not an author who will appeal to everyone. DYK writes a lot of dark historical stuff, much of which shows what Hetalia would be if it were serious and not a parody. But if you like that kind of thing, this author's writing will blow your mind. Her(?) fics are like a punch in the teeth that will leave you reeling and gasping in shock. Her writing hurts in all the right ways.


  • Recommended by paddygirl
  • Pairing(s): mostly France/Spain, although there is a bit England/Spain and Parallel France 23/Parallel Spain.
  • I really recommend this author. She has a very clear writing style, the characterization of all the characters is amazing and she manages to combine drama with humor, love and smut. Plus the fics are historically correct (and both Spain and France are really cute!).
  • Warnings: it's only in Spanish and, as I said before, there is sex involved.

Morrigan Fearn

  • Recommended by Yuurei
  • Pairing(s): Predominantly Sweden/Finland, Denmark/Norway, and Prussia/Canada along with others, but romance isn’t usually the focus of the writing.
  • A Hetalia author who puts an incredible level of historical research work into fic, and it shows. Everything Morrigan Fearn writes is brilliantly characterized, thoughtful, educates you without feeling like an infodump, and is just damn good writing to boot. Even the Original Characters the author writes (usually the American states but Åland and Faroes pop up too) are likable and fully-fleshed out, which is an achievement in itself. Read any of the fics written by Morrigan Fearn, regardless of genre or the character who is being focused on, and come away impressed.

George deValier

  • Recommended by otaku876
  • Pairing(s): Germany/Italy, America/England, Spain/Romano, Sweden/Finland, Russia/China, France/Canada, Denmark/Norway, Prussia/Austria, and Greece/Japan.
  • This author is amazing on so many levels. His fanfics can range from drop-dead hilarious to deep and heart-wrenching in a half a second—but not in a bad way. He has a series going on, which so far has four fanfics in it—two of the three already recommended on the Shipping page, and the third in progress, plus five more in the same 'verse upcoming. Not to mention a stand-alone Franada AU in progress, also recced on the shipping page. My point is that he is an amazing author, and those who do not check out his/her fics will be missing out on something wonderful.

Amy Elysian

  • Recommended by RNA
  • Pairing(s): China, Korea(s) pairings, Japan, Taiwan
  • Author of the infamous Rape of Nanjing fill on the kink meme, the only Rape of Nanjing fanfic that this recommender will accept. Amy Elysian has real skill with evoking emotions. She is one of the few authors who writes the Asian nations well and her historical fics contain bits and pieces that show that she's done her work. And she can write light-hearted fic too.

DA4TheFunOfIt. She also has a Deviant ART account here.

  • Recommended by Rita689
  • Pairing(s): Doesn't really write romance, as far as I'm aware.
  • She's an amazing author. Her fics tend to focus on America and his younger days (including several ADORABLE fics of his colonial days and two also excellent fics set around the time of the Revolutionary war), although she's been writing on more diverse subjects recently. Her grammar and spelling are generally good, but what really makes her praiseworthy is her understanding and ability to communicate what's going on in the country's heads and hearts. You can always understand (and usually sympathize with the reasons behind) why the characters act the way they do-and it's pretty much always in character-even when you want to grab them and scream 'NONONONO, don't do that!'. She also clearly does her research, and inserts little historical snippets unobtrusively and realistically (the ending of A New Guardian and Other Stories [see the general fanfic recommendations page] is an excellent example of this; also worth noting is that she started writing the fic Prussian Training before the 2011 Bloodbath). All in all, her fics are impressive.

Robin Rocks

  • Recommended by dtk4eva
  • Pairing(s): USUK
  • A phenomenal writer with a dark side who writes stories that leave you laughing, than crying, than wondering what to do. She mostly writes romance, but it defiantly isn’t fluff. Recommended for the mature reader who loves history and psychological probing.


  • Recommended by Diclonius Lilium
  • Pairing(s): Everyone/Everyone, but mostly OC!Nations.
  • A fantastic author who is unafraid to delve into countries the fandom ignores. She mostly writes oneshots, but her longest fic, League of Evil, is a glorious look into the often maligned nations of the world, the ones who are sometimes, but not always, personified as completely evil for the sake of an American-centric, Black and White view of International Politics. Also has a deviantart.