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Gender Flip Versions[edit | hide | hide all]

North Italy[edit | hide]

Girltalia 8186.png

Falling asleep is quite human, there is nothing wrong about it, right?

Germany[edit | hide]

Girlmany 1303.png

Japan[edit | hide]

Femjapan 6449.png

Let’s just calmly go somewhere safe without aiming the bat at anybody.

America[edit | hide]

Femerica 5317.png

You have quite the nerve! To fall asleep during my speech!

England/Britain[edit | hide]

Femengland 9903.png

Stop it, Ameriko. You don’t solve problems with beating someone.

France[edit | hide]

Femfrance 6133.png

Russia[edit | hide]

Femrussia 1582.png

Eh? Me? I just spread a honey on Estonia and rolled him a bit outside.

China[edit | hide]

Femchina 1577.png

Estonia! I have a good medicine for you aru!You buy it - I will be happy, you will be happy!

Canada[edit | hide]

Femcanada 2117.jpg

South Italy (Italy Romana)[edit | hide]

Femano 5025.png

  • Boobs of Steel: Subverted. Romana has been said to be a better fighter than her male counterpart, but a group sketch shows she certainly doesn't have big breasts. Fanon on the other hand loves to play this trope straight.
  • Fan Nickname: She is often given the name "Lovina" by most of the Western fandom. Japanese fandom, however, calls her "Katarina" or "Catalina". According to Himaruya, a fan had once suggested for her name to be "Chiara". The name, though, is unofficial.
  • Idiot Hair: She was originally designed without a haircurl, but it was later added back in a 'chibi' sketch.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": As "Katarina" is hardly used by Italians, fans sometimes opt to call her, "Caterina", a more commonly used name in Italy.
  • Tsundere: She's been portrayed to be Type A like her male counterpart, but not as fierce in fanon.

Spain[edit | hide]

Femspain 7975.png

Sweden[edit | hide]

Femsweden 8925.png

Hungary[edit | hide]

Malehungary 1527.jpg

Liechtenstein[edit | hide]

Malelili 5397.jpg

Taiwan[edit | hide]

Maletaiwan 4541.jpg

Hong Kong[edit | hide]

Femhong 6257.png

South Korea[edit | hide]

7nksg 9695.jpg

Belgium[edit | hide]

Malebelgium 418.jpg

Belarus[edit | hide]

Malebelarus 756.jpg

  • Badass Longcoat
  • Death Glare: His default expression apparently.
  • Idiot Hair
  • Fan Nickname: Some fans call him "Aleksandr" or the diminutive "Sasha". Others refer to him as "Nikolai"/"Nikolas", or its diminutives "Niki"/"Nikita".
  • Perpetual Frowner
  • Yandere: Pixiv fanart picked up on this a bit even before the first day he was revealed finished. One can also assume he's yandere for fem!Russia, but YMMV.

Ukraine[edit | hide]

Maleukraine 8947.jpg

Vietnam[edit | hide]

Seychelles[edit | hide]

Maleseychelles 9108.jpg

Wy[edit | hide]

Malewy 5920.jpg

Austria[edit | hide]

Femaustria 6030.jpg

Prussia[edit | hide]

Femprussia 5103.jpg

Finland[edit | hide]

Norway[edit | hide]

Femnorway 3081.png

Iceland[edit | hide]

Femiceland 5027.png