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Himaruya is VERY proud of himself.

Not only did he create an internet phenomenon, he created hoards of raging female fans, practically teasing tons of people wanting to join in on the fun, spawned countless internet memes that will eventually rot our minds, and sparked a huge controversy. If you were a regular college New Yorker that simply made a webcomic and caused all this....wouldn't you be just absolutely euphoric?

  • In other words, this is one of the biggest instances of trolling ever. Well played.

Hidekaz Himaruya is in on the whole thing.

If this fic is any indication, he's one of the "scribes" observing the Nations since World War II. And he's using the knowledge learned as Japan's scribe to make the franchise. The catch is that they're supposed to be top secret. So he tweaks and waters down some details, passes his work as fiction and cover his tracks on the Internet. Even if he were to talk to another scribe about, say, Francis streaking during the Tour de France, none would be the wiser.

  • On that note, so is humon. Only she's the "scribe" for the Nordics.
  • Also, does anyone find it why there's next to nothing online on Himaruya himself (or at least pics of him)?
  • On a second note, he's a capitol, and Japan tells him about meetings, stories, and such.

Himaruya is an alpaca

  • So... it's canon?
  • Alternatively, his day job is an alpaca farmer.

Himaruya is gay.

Hence the preference for Ho Yay in almost all of his works

  • Perhaps his characters are based on the gay community he encountered in NY
  • One rumor goes he had a Fujoshi upperclassman who would make him draw what she wanted, and after that he couldn't shake off the Fujoshi mindset.

Himaruya was conflicted on whether to make Canada or Mexico but chose Canada.

  • He spent time in Canada, and got to know a lot of Canadians. Chances are, he doesn't know enough about Mexico yet to draw a Tan for it.

Himaruya will release one or two nations every year, most likely a principality and will reveal a big nation only when he needs to promote something.

Himaruya IS Estonia

Not an author avatar, but actually him. Eesti is watching the other nations and putting their antics in a webcomic For the Lulz.

Spain is Himaruya's favorite character

There's been so much of Spain in sketches on his blog and in the manga. Heck he was even the spokesperson for promoting book 3. Let's face it Himaruya is hot for Spain.

  • There's been more Spain than usual as of late, but I don't think it comes close to how much he likes to deal with America and Japan.
  • Jossed? He said his favorite character was Estonia for what I recall...
    • If I remember correctly, he was making a joke about how the Estonia design looked just like him. I think the comment was more along the lines of how handsome he was than that Estonia was his favorite.
    • Volume 4. Estonia. Nyotalia harem. That is all.

Himaruya works at a travel agency as his day job.

Himaruya intended to troll us with Hetalia from the very beginning.

"Hidekaz Himaruya" doesn't really exist.

Let me explain. Japan one day gets really bored and starts doing some doodles of his friends. On a whim, he decides to make little comics of them. When he shows the others, they all like them, and someone (probably America) dares him to make a webcomic out of it. Japan comes up with the pen name "Hidekaz Himruya", and even designs "Himaruya", making him look a bit like Estonia for a laugh. Italy is the titular character because Japan is trying to hide the fact that he's the author - it'd be pretty obvious were Japan the main character - and the "hetare Italia" bit was a joke suggested by Germany that Italy hasn't managed to get yet. He's careful to make fun of himself a bit, getting tips from the others on how they see his quirkiness. Of course, he can't resist giving himself oodles of Ship Tease. South Korea gets a bit upset over it, but other then that, the others love the little comics. I mean, come on. Who would know history better then someone who had seen it first-hand? I mean, Japan can directly access primary sources for all sorts of historical events, and recent history is no problem for him. He's also seen firsthand what world conferences and G8 meetings are like. He came up with the cover story of "Himaruya" having gone to America and met lots of people from other nationalities to explain "Himaruya"'s knowledge of stuff to do with other countries.

He won't make the Holocaust a KAWAII DESU YAOI FEST because he's not an asshole

Actually, this is pretty much confirmed in a way. He won't touch the Holocaust because there are just some things you can't DESU DESU up ever. I think he even said he wouldn't even go near the issue without serious consideration and with a very dark tone, and was rather disgusted by some of the holocaust yaoi popping up with Germany and Poland.

  • Not that Hetalia is, per se, a KAWAII DESU YAOI FEST...
  • When did he say that? Link please?

Himaruya is going to start doing more serious strips...

... about the nature of an implications of being a nation-tan.
Volume 4 included the strip A Bientot (Until we meet again) We've had stuff on France's relationship with Jeanne d'Arc before, but... this felt different. I missed this strip at first, and when I saw it mentioned by others I assumed it was fanfiction. It really goes into the sad parts of being a country.
And then there was the micronations event. This might just be me, but the stuff on Nikko Nikko seemed to confirm the theory that nation-tans turn human when their country disappears. And he even included notes at the end about what generally happens when a country disappears and how some survive!
These two together make me wonder if Himaruya is starting to think more seriously about his series. I think he's still mainly do the jokes, but he seems to be touching on the more serious stuff more often lately. I think there might be a few guesses about the nature of the nations confirmed or jossed before too long.

  • Confirmed? He actually completed the one where the soldier ask Frances about nations and the cons of being almost immortal.