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Himaruya will choose the ponytail guy for Portugal

  • Ponytail guy is popular all over pixiv and tumblr. To the point where people act him as canon. Plus, the Portuguese fandom probably emailed Himaruya to make Portugal a dude since a girl is an "icky" representation of their country. He'll probably do a Ascended Fanon.
    • ...I fail to see how a female representation of Portugal is "icky."

What Thailand's Verbal Tic means

  • In the series, Thailand says "ana" after every sentence. In the 1860's, Anna Leowens (of The King and I fame0 came to Siam (now Thailand) to teach the royal court about Westernization. Thailand must of liked her so much, he adopted the verbal tic of "ana" to remember her by.

Canada is...

American Theories (In America) propose that Seekret Plans = Badass = Canada = Canada is a closet Yandere and will someday open a Can of Whoop Ass on his bro America. Literally (and gangstah style)? And/or he secretly controls a portion of the galactic trade organization from Earth...secretly. (Because he is Canada. And Canada is... Wait, who were we talking about again?)

    • Haha, awesome. Of, course, though, the result will be that he'll go Badass and nobody will bother to see/hear/notice it happen.

Finland is a Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant

It explains the creepy name suggestions.

  • Some fanfics have painted him in this light.

Lithuania is a Yandere and a convincing Stepford Smiler.

Because if Russia managed to rub off on Latvia, then imagine how easy it must be for Lithuania, who is Russia's 'favorite'. Estonia is sane because Russia doesn't particularly like him.

  • On a related note, apparently Lithuania has the world's highest suicide rate. Make of that what you will.
    • Lithuania also has the highest homicide rate in the EU but the country has 4.8% of Russians which is really small compared to Estonia and Latvia so I don't think it was Russia "rubbing off" of him.

There used to be a lot of Korea in the anime...

... and when the protests started the studio chopped out his scenes and replaced them with previews for Cleaning Out the Storage.

  • You have made my day.

Poland is secretly a badass

... Secretly?

Netherlands looks like America

Or rather, America looks like Netherlands. Canada seems to have some physical traits from France but America looks nothing like England. The explanation is that he was actually the personification of New Netherlands and was given to England after the Third Anglo-Dutch War.

  • Ehhhhh....
    • Maybe a little around the eyes.
    • If the hair was parted like America's I could see it. Maybe he got Netherland's hair, a mix of Sweden and Finland's features (they mentioned finding him), and England's laws, governing ideals, and other features (whathaveyou)... the melting pot in full swing. Perhaps he has a bit from France too, who knows... Canada simply has more noticeable aspects of France and England because he was raised by them longer and the ethnic populations of Canada resemble them the most (French and English Canadians, respectively).
    • In Hetalia, everyone has Only Six Faces. Of course they look alike.
  • If America started as the personification of any "New _____" colony, it was New Sweden. The Battle For America strip talks about America first appearing to Finland and Sweden in the latter's territory, not in New Netherlands. The strip also implies that America resembles Finland more than England or France (they promptly deny that it matters).
    • There were more Finns in New Sweden than Swedes, too.

Poland isn't done developing his character

Thanks to Solidarity

All will not become one with Russia. All will become one with Belarus.

Belarus is the only country that even Russia's afraid of, though that might have more to do with the obsessive incestuous stalking than political reasons. Someday he'll crack and fall under Belarus's sway, then with his help, she will take over the world.

  • Ukraine is the woman-behind the woman-behind the man.
  • But Belarus only cares about her brother. She couldn't care less about the others. She would just nuke them all if anything so that they would be out of the way for good.
    • Exactly. She will kill the other nation-tans and claim their land, and the world will end up with one country: Belarussia.

South Italy becomes the Vatican

After the two halves of Italy reunite, there really isn't a need for BOTH of them. However, Vatican City is recognized as an independent country, so Lovino switches from being South Italy to being the representation of the Vatican. His boss is the Pope.

  • I am more of a mind of him becoming Sicily. It has a culture and economy different from that of the rest of Italy. The people have much pride in their island, describing themselves as Sicilians first and Italians second. They also have their own language. Sicily is different from the rest of Italy to the point that it's an autonomous region. Another fact is that Sicily is home base to the mafia. All these factors point at Romano becoming Sicily, which strongly identifies with the rest of Southern Italy, rather than the Vatican, which has a culture better related to Northern Italy.
    • I Always Thought Grandpa Rome became the Vatican. Because IRL The Vatican Resisted Italy Joining The HRE.
    • The Vatican is it's own independent nation, isn't it?
      • According to the Hetalia Wiki, Vatican exists and is at odds with the Italies.

Mama Egypt committed suicide alongside Cleopatra.

  • Actually, she converted to Islam and changed her name.
    • Egypt only converted to Islam after he was conquered by Rome and converted to Coptic Christianity. By that time, Mama Egypt was long gone.
    • Ancient Rome is mentioned to have fallen in love with Ancient Egypt at first sight. Odds are, he conquered her, and some time in between the fall of Rome and the coming of Islam was the birth of modern Egypt. Perhaps Egypt died along with Rome circa 500 A.D., followed by a brief century or two of baby!Modern Egypt, who was then conquered and raised by Arabia, and then conquered and taken in by Ottoman!Turkey before that stuff with France and Britain and his "protectorate" status under Iggy. He then gained independence and became a republic under Nasser.
      • My personal theory is that Mama Egypt died when Ancient Egypt lost its culture. The Romans basically reverted Egypt to a classical culture based mostly off that of Ancient Greece. Therefore, for my theory, I believe that Mama Egypt committed suicide after Grandpa Rome conquered her, wanting to die a queen and not a slave. She did, however, leave behind her son to be come the modern Egypt.

Poland's possessiveness toward Lithuania stems from his secret jealousy of Austria.

Poland used to be (and still is) best friends with Hungary. Then Austria came into the picture and married Hungary, taking his wife to live with him. Poland was left bitter and jealous as a result and compensates by being clingy over the friends that he still has.

Tino Väinämöinen (Finland)'s name is not actually Tino or Timo, it is in fact Simo.

Because naming the personification of Finland anything other than the single most Badass sniper of WWII is a crime against history, fictional comic strip or not be damned (note: not actually being Finnish, I just think that this WMG would be totally bad ass. More historical information is needed to see this happen).

  • Seconded. I also now have a mental image of Finland with a rifle and Russia looking uncharacteristically nervous.
    • Perhaps Russia tried repeatedly to break into Finland's house, only to be shot at from seemingly nowhere, foiling every attempt?

Katyusha is actually the current Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Timoshenko in disguise

  • plaited hair, blond hair, does Katyusha/Ukraine remind you of the Ukrainian Prime Minister?
  • your mileage may vary, though. Still...
  • Her name's not Katyusha and her hair was only braided in childhood. She's shown being hysterically obedient to her boss-of-the-moment, while Tymoshenko and former president Yushchenko had a significant falling-out.

Holy Roman Empire is actually a girl, and is not Germany.

She is, instead, Liechtenstein. The tiny country has been described as the last remnant of the Holy Roman Empire. There are some awesome one-shots out there that explore this.

  • Jossed. The Voice Actor for the HRE is male. If that was female, at least that theory would hold water.
  • Jossed definitively. Not only is HRE constantly referred to as male, there's even a strip where he runs away from Chibitalia because of an erection.
  • This seemed completely ridiculous at first, but then I pondered it for a bit. Perhaps instead Liechtenstein is actually a boy, forgot about the past and for some reason thinks s/he's a girl and made a very convincing trap to the other countries, explaining why s/he was "mistaken" for a boy in that one strip. This could however be Jossed as she has an official genderbend. Another observation is HRE has Monochromatic Eyes which Liechtenstein has and Germany does not. But in all honesty, these are all most likely coincidences and I would still bet my money on HRE = Germany considering the author's standards, unless an Ass Pull for Rule of Funny occurs.
    • Liechtenstein is female, there's just way too much evidence to question that one. And considering there's also a mountain of evidence for HRE being a male, this theory is Jossed for good.

It's South Italy who represents the country - North has the same status as Prussia.

Well, South Italy supposedly represents Rome which -is- the capital of Italy.

  • In connection, the explanation goes along the lines of why Prussia (as East Germany) still would be alive after the fall of the Berlin wall. The nations, perhaps, are more representative of their cultures than of their specific landmasses. As long as major cultural differences exist, then so will that particular nation-tan. And, since North and South Italy are still quite different places that make up a whole, they both represent their country simultaneously.
  • It's possible that South has the same status as Prussia: Berlin and Brandenburg are both found in East Germany, after all...

Belgium has a muscle deficiency.

In this blog entry, Belgium says a saxophone is too heavy for her to lift, even for a short time. The average saxophone weighs about 6 to 7 kilograms. A normal woman would be able to lift it.

  • If Belgium represents European Union, as most of European institutions are based in Brussels, it can be a consequence of the financial crisis. It would mean that she takes the damages of 27 countries.
  • Could also have something to do with the current linguistic divide/constitutional crisis in Belgium - if her people are that divided they can't form government, that could have an impact on her strength.

Rome is the father of Greece and Egypt.

...I probably don't have to explain this one.

  • That would explain Egypt's light skin but a guy invading his uncle?
    • Eh, pretty much all of the royal families of Europe are related but they still kept attacking each other for centuries. A nation attacking his uncle would be downright fitting.
    • Considering that Rome was in love with Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece... I would consider this definitely possible.

Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia's versions of Marukaite Chikyuu are either a mistake or a prediction of the future

Think about it. "Draw a circle, here's the world"? The Chibitalia miniseries takes place in olden days... so wouldn't the world not be a circle? Shouldn't it be: "Draw a line/cube/flat plane, here's the world"? Not only that, I wouldn't think they'd have bolognese by then.

  • ..They already knew the earth was round in the middle ages.
  • You Fail History Forever
  • Italy also did have pasta during that time, although only bolognese sauce was invented recently. They most likely did have bolognese back in the middle ages (since all they need to do is add tomatoes and meat balls to pasta and anything else of their liking), but it probably wasn't called bolognese, or it possibly was. I don't know much about the history of Italian cuisine so I could be wrong. The above tropers already disproved the "predicting the earth is round" theory so there's no need to get into that.

Australia's human name is Bruce

Why mess with a perfectly good stereotype, especially since it's Hetalia we're talking about.

  • Honestly, I preferred something like Oswald, or 'Oz' for short, since that's what Australia's nicknamed anyway, at least from what I've seen when watching F1.
    • Ladies and gentleman! Introducing: Bruce "Oz" Oswald, AKA Australia!
      • Somehow I would have thought Australia's last name would be Kelly, after Ned Kelly. How can you NOT name Australia after the father of Badassry in his land? Also the surname Kelly is in the top ten most common surnames in Australia still, so it is contempory too.
        • Bruce Oswald "Oz" Kelly. We all win.
  • Alternatively, Australia's name is SAXTON HALE!!!

The Vatican is father of both Italies.

Himaruya mentioned a Grandpa Rome, but he never told who was the father of both Italies. The Vatican being old may be a good candidate for one.

  • Alternatively, maybe the Vatican (being historically younger) is the Italies' little brother or cousin, he simply has a case of less-delayed aging so he looks more like their grandfather by now. He prides himself on looking older and uses it to his advantage!
    • The Catholic Church came out of Rome and was always a powerful political entity even before it officially became the Vatican.
      • I can actually see him being older that Rome, at least using Hetalia!Logic. As the Vatican received its name from an older name for the site on which it stands. In ancient times a low, level region on the western bank of the Tiber River was known as Ager Vaticanus ("Vatican Field"). This name is believed to be derived from Vaticum, the name of an Etruscan settlement which vanished centuries before the earliest Roman history. The origin and meaning of Vaticum is not known for certain. In Latin vates mean "prophet", and vaticinatio, "prophecy." Some authorities have theorized that Vaticum, which was outside the limits of ancient Rome, was so called because a legendary priestly king once revealed oracles to his people there. Over time the name Vatican came to refer specifically to a nearby hill rather than to the land area near the river, and was used as a graveyard by the Roman Empire.

Mongolia is partially responsible for Russia's psychosis.

The Mongol Empire was incredibly brutal, so it would stand to reason that Mongolia's unsavory methods of conquest left a big mark on Russia's psyche.

  • Not to mention Ivan the Terrible causing some more trauma in there too.

Turkey is Greece's father.

  • They have the same Idiot Hair, just like the Italies have the same ones as their grandfather Rome.
    • I don't see why not, considering old notes did say he was in love with her...
  • History doesn't agree with you much... Turkey originally came from central Asia, before he moved through the entire continent, invaded Constantinople(which also put an end to Byzantium), renamed it Istanbul, etc. It even says he used to be brothers with Japan on his profile, which sort of explains him being 'protective' against Greece. Greece used to be part of the Ottoman Empire, but the Idiot Hair seems like something Mediterraneans have, so I'm guessing Turkey got his when he settled in where he is now.
    • The fact that he came from Asia doesn't really stop him from becoming Greece's dad later on... Also, Egypt and the other Mediterranean nations don't have that curl. Minus a hatless TRNC in an unfinished sketch, and he can be considered Turkey's kid too.

Taiwan once pretended to be China in UN meetings.

  • There is a good reason why Taiwan has the same VA as China's. By altering her voice, Taiwan can get away with cosplaying as China in UN meetings. After all, Taiwan called herself the Republic of China. However, the real China found out about her ruse and begged the other nations to kick her out of the UN.
    • It's more likely that the rest of the Allies and the UN simply didn't recognize the change of government China went through after his civil war, resulting in the communist PRC (America, leading the others, opted to continue recognizing the ROC through Taiwan. It was no secret to any government that the Nationalist side only controlled a few islands, after all. The change in UN recognition likely occurred after China convinced America and his Boss, Nixon, to recognize China's government and not Taiwan's.

Canada is a seekret Yandere

Mother Greece's name is Helen.

Well, Ancient Greece is sometimes known as Hellenistic Greece, and it's not like the name didn't exist, Helen of Troy, anyone?

    • "Hellenistic Greece" is actually a period of Ancient Greece. And by your logic, Greece should be named Helen as well, since the country's official name is Hellenic Republic, "Hellas" being the Greek word for Greece. (Needless to say, the words "Hellas" and "Helene" are not related.)

Spain thought America was a girl when he first saw "her".

America is an actual Spanish girl's name and it was the Spanish who named America so... P.S. I know the name applies technically to both continents and the country itself is technically the United States, but just go along with it.

  • And he didn't find out America was actually a boy until Florida was handed over.

Canada is an Alternate Universe counterpart to Meg Griffin.

Just think about it.

  • Which would, by extension, make America/Alfred an Alternate Universe Chris. Hey, it kind of works......!
    • Not quite. Chris is Meg's younger brother, and Canada is younger than America.
      • On a joke theory, but there's been no statement over which of the two is older. It will completely depends upon which colony birthed the eventual country. Considering how early European maps had identified a 'Canada', he could easily be the elder one.
        • Nope. America started to become what it is today on July 4th, 1776. Canada didn't form until 1867.
          • By that logic, America wouldn't have been born until the revolution began (which obviously wasn't the case). The French founded Canada back in 1534 which, even if we take America's birth as the earliest colony founded within his future territory, makes Canada nearly a century the senior.
            • But America was discovered in 1492. Shouldn't that make America older than Canada?
              • You're confusing the Americas with the US, and discovery with colonization. Columbus landed in what is now the Bahamas, and he pillaged but he didn't colonize. Even if he did, it wouldn't have affected the development of the character America. Even Columbus wasn't the first to discover the Americas, that honor is more correctly attributed to Vikings. Who, by the way, landed in what is now Canada.
                • But the vikings landed on what is now Newfoundland and Newfoundland was its own colony separate from Canada until 1949. And was in effect the last province to join Canada since Nunavut was created from the NW Ts which were already part of Canada.
                  • It's still Canadian, now, which was the point they were trying to make.

New Zealand's ahoge channels the circular energy of the universe.

Just take a look at that curl and think about it. It's scary.

Korea might be rewritten back to the original Fem!Korea pop-singer character if he was to return in the anime.

Though of course, his character design stays male. At least this would appease the Korean Moral Guardians.

  • The problem with that theory is that the Fem!Korean was put into Himaruya's short-lived comic MoeKan. Unlike Hetalia, which is an Affectionate Parody, MoeKan is pretty insulting in regards to Koreans (that is, when put in comparison). Like the Koreans investigating Hetalia when the anime was announced, they'd probably investigate MoeKan and get even madder.
  • Alternately, Fem!Korea might be retconned as the North, if only for the FIFA World Cup-related strips.

The two hooded enemies of Hungary, Wallachia and Moldavia, were actually Romania and Moldova in disguise.

  • Of course with Moldova being introduced, it was theorized that Romania will somehow look like Moldova. And besides, Wallachia was the core of Romania in Real Life.

Greece is the father of the Italy brothers and doesn't know it

  • Also, the Italy brothers are actually half-brothers and have different moms.

If Rome is the Italies' grandfather, the Italies also have a father/mother.

Italy Veneziano sometimes represents the Duchy of Milan and sometimes the Republic of Venice. Italy Romano corresponds more or less to the Kingdom of Sicily/Naples/Two Sicilies. What occupied the Italian Peninsula between the fall of Rome and the creation of these states? The Lombard Kingdom of Italy! All of the various Italian city-states that popped up later are his/her children.

  • The series seems to very purposely side-steps direct descending, though. It could simply be allusion to the fact that that there are many, many things which lead to a nation being formed, and that the 'relatives' only were a prime aid in that. Considering characters never mention parents (I've never seen any talk of it, but then I could have skimmed over that), maybe none of them actually have those relations...
    • Greece does. Ancient Greece has been referred to as his mother repeatedly.

Most countries in Western Europe are related.

Spain, Portugal, France, Veneziano, England and his brothers, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Liechtenstein all are the great-grandchildren of two brothers: Celtiberia (Spain, Portugal, Ireland, and Scotland) being the elder, and La Tene (France, England, Wales, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, and Liechtenstein) being the younger.

    • I have also long thought that the European countries were related but rather more recently (relatively speaking) then the above. Two words: Migration Period. The Roman Empire almost certainly played a part as well.
      • I would like to point out that the Celtiberians and the La Tene cultures both predate the Roman Empire by centuries. However, your point still stands.
        • I wouldn't be surprised if both applied, although that could lead to inbreeding jokes. Either way, it'd explain why a lot of European history (Ex: the England vs France thing) tends to feel like a series of family arguments and feuds that have got really out of hand.
    • I drew up a family tree for Western Europe, to the best of my ability. I left out some familial links that would be important, and I didn't do the Slavic countries or Scandinavia, because that's beyond my comprehension of how they relate to each other. Tell me what you think.
      • I like it. It has a few areas that I'd argue on, but those would probably be just nitpicking[1]. Scandinavia would probably fit in as a direct relative of Germania. Germanic culture started in Scandinavia and far-northern Germany, so the current Scandinavian nations would likely be cousins or uncles of the Germanic nations seen in the strips.

New Zealand's gender will NEVER be revealed.

Maybe it's another Crona.

  • As a New Zealander I fully support this, if only for the Rule of Funny.
    • If this is anything to go by, this may even be canon (Text Translation: What do you think I am?)
      • To add on to the above troper, the question was "Is New Zealand a man or a woman?" and he/she/it replied "Which one do you think?"

Canada's ahoge is Quebec.

It sticks out and pretty much demands to be noticed, it helps set Canada apart from his brother America, it's kinda loopy, but it doesn't wanna detach itself from Canada's head.

  • But it's already been said that Quebec-kun lives with Canada somewhere.
    • No, that was just a nightmare Canada had. There may or may not be an actual Quebec character.
      • Provinces are canon, first off. But, with how much Quebec enjoys rebelling against/clinging off/annoying the rest of Canada, he probably has a lot of nightmares about his wayward province.
  • And it's alluded to that Montreal is his vital regions. In terms of land mass, though, Quebec is the largest province, and it's pretty much in second place for most everything else. I, at least, can't really see that such a huge part of the country would be represented as a single (if prominent) hair while 'lesser' provinces/territories would by default have to represent huge sections of the body.
    • Then which part of Canada represents Ontario?
      • Canada hasn't been expanded on, so it's impossible to know for certain. But, considering Ontario contains the financial center, capital, largest population, etc., it's probably his head.
  • I don't know about Quebec. But there are a few provinces who I could easily picture as certain body parts for Canada. Ontario=the head. Alberta=the ahem uh groin( Alberta seems very masculine). Saskatchewan=the stomach(because it produces so many of the crops)
    • Actually perhaps Quebec could be the heart since it was the first colony and the maple leaf which is often used to symbolize Canada only grows in mass quantities in Quebec?
  • Personally, I always saw Canada being diced up like this. Quebec being the neck goes to that My Big Fat Greek Wedding quote: "The man is the head (of the house), but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants."

Canada is Ontario and the other provinces other than Quebec

This is going off the idea that some of the nations are form the same place, but represent different cultures and ethnicities. Think about it- Quebec is the only Province in Canada where more people speak French than English. Furthermore, Quebec is the only province shown in hetalia, so 'Canada' could just be the representation of the other provinces!

  • Kumajiro could represent the territories
  • We probably just haven't seen the other provinces/territories because they haven't been necessary to the plot, considering it's already been established that things like province-tans exist. It could be Canada/Kumajiro are like North/South Italy, while the provinces work under them.
  • I don't think that English Canada could be represented by just one person if the territories and Quebec get their own representation. I think it would make more sense if that were the case to have the regions of Canada represented separately i.e. BC,Ontario, the prairies, the Maritimes, Newfoundland, Quebec, Territories.
  • At least have Newfoundland have its own state-tan. I mean it was the last province to join and the last bit of land that Canada aquired. And Newfoundland was a separate colony during both world wars and it is also where the vikings landed way back when.

Denmark and England are directly related

Denmark conquered England and unified with him back in the 11th century, and the Danish influence on England was the single largest, arguably. To this day, thousands and thousands of places in England have Danish (well, Norse) names and were named by Denmark, and up to 40% of people in some parts of England have Danish or Norwegian blood. The English language is also largely drawn from Norse, and English and Danish are weirdly similar languages. Plus, look at Denmark's eyebrows. They aren't on England's scale, but they're the biggest of anyone who isn't part of the England family.

  • They're also both heavy drinkers.
  • Hmm, historically speaking, the term 'England'was used well before the Viking invasion (it literally means 'land of the Angles' after all), so England-the-person would have been around before then too. On the other hand, the Angles themselves came from an area which now covers parts of both northern Germany and southern Denmark. Other contributors to the population at the time that England came into being were the Britons and Romano-British, Saxons, Jutes and Frisians (maybe, no one's 100% sure about that one). The Saxons were from what is now Germany, while the Jutes homeland is believed to also include part of Denmark. As for the language, Old English was the language of the Anglo-Saxons, although odds are that it had the same root as old Danish, hence the similarity. The culture was much the same as well, IE: fight-happy and with the same gods (although their names were slightly different, eg Woden instead of Oden ect). In short, England's family tree is really flipping complicated, but I can see how he'd be more closely related to Denmark then Germany. Not sure how direct they'd be though, maybe it'd be more like uncle (Denmark) and nephew (England) or cousins rather then brothers.

Several supposedly male nations are actually female

Because of the prejudice against girls doing things that existed throughout history, they disguised themselves as males to command more respect. Candidates include

  • Poland (because duh)
  • Norway (Look at him/her?)
  • Finland (There must be a reason why Sweden calls him/her the wife)
  • China(?) (This is more for the sake of having a Token Girl on the main characters side, but considering how girls are treated in China, I wouldn't be surprised..)
    • I can't speak for the others, but Poland has been naked in canon. Considering France, America, and an intoxicated England were all present as well, if Poland wasn't male there would have been something said.
    • China, too, has been seen without a shirt/in a wife-beater/naked at some point, and he was definetly a male. Plus Himaruya himself has stated his gender outright. AND he has a Gender Bender self, so...
      • Link to Himuraya's statement or it didn't happen. I thought he said China was androgynous?
      • And I quote from China's character sheet: "Lampshaded in his entry on the official character chart: 'The only female member of the Allies. Not.'"
        • The identification map listed him as such, but it also did that to Lithuania and Poland who have been repeatedly confirmed to be male. I wouldn't put much stake in it, anymore.
    • "He" could just be referring to himself as male to pass as male, and the others either don't know or are keeping it a secret. Maybe he's just androgyne and flat chested? His gender bender self is a boy dressed as a girl, to fit in with the other countries.
    • One of Finland's innumerable objections to the marriage is that he's male, and (although not PC) the term 'wife' in a relationship is often used as a sign of dominance.
    • Norway had an entire strip where he (as well as the other Nordics) referred to him with male terms. It was pretty much the point of that particular comic.
      • A coverup? Or maybe mistaken sex?
        • A cover up from who? For what reason? There's no point. And the Nordics (most of them, anyway) have been together for well over a millennia. Especially considering one of them is a hyperactive loud-mouth with little regard for other's wants, it would have come out and stayed out.
          We still don't know China's sex for certain, but these speculations are getting out of hand. Yes, there was gender confusion in the series, but it was on two young children (who we already knew the real sex of, by the way) when all the discussion is on grown men. Just because you can apply such a concept to a few characters doesn't mean that everyone who isn't Rated "M" for Manly should be automatically suspected.
          • "We still don't know China's sex for certain"? Oh for goodness' sake, HIMA HIMSELF refers to China as male. Calling him big brother and comparing him to an old man...what more proof do you need?

Spain controls Paul the Octopus.

  • Explains his win at the 2010 World Cup. No wonder why Germany, Prussia, and the Netherlands are eager to make dinner out of the poor cephalopod when Paul's bets are against them.
    • Don't forget Argentina. They were actually passing around recipes.
    • Well...

Grandpa Rome is Quintus from the Cambridge Latin Course textbooks grown up.

Why? Because it's awesome. And I can't unsee it.

  • Argh, now I can't either. Then maybe Melissa is Ancient Greece!

If they appear in strips, and those strips get into the anime, Hong Kong and Taiwan will be replaced by talking pandas.

See: Tibet. After the mess with Korea, the studio probably doesn't want to risk stepping on over a billion more toes.

    • But with Korea, they cut out all of the strips. If they foresee a serious problem with any character, they'd probably just follow the exact same pattern.
      • Particularly to avoid the Unfortunate Implications of portraying a group who isn't exactly happy with your series as subhuman.
      • To clarify, the original troper was thinking of something more preemptive, as with the anime storyline with China and kid Japan where they replaced Tibet with a panda.

Austria is a Pianist from Elona.

He always has his piano because he carries it with him everywhere.

Finland, with some help from Sweden, secretly wrote Scandinavia and The World

Thus, the Finland there is much more aggressive than he would usually be as an expression of his hidden frustration, while the Sweden there is portrayed as something akin to the Only Sane Man because he is the one who is closest to Finland. Denmark, Norway, and Iceland are also shown in Alternate Character Interpretation because this is how Sweden and Finland perceive them. Sweden's relationship with Aaland and the recent Finland trolling were thrown out as red herrings to keep the other nations from catching on to the author's true identity.

  • What about America's total dumbness? And the Sisters?
    • America is pretty ignorant around most countries, so Finland probably gets the impression that America is dumb. He gets further flanderdized in the comics for the sake of humor. The Sisters were thrown in as Fan Service when Denmark read the comic and complained that there were no chicks.
      • So Humon is really a living Hetalia cast member?!
    • This troper adores this theory, but Finland pretty much said it himself that he views Belgium as mature and cheerful. So how come Scandinavia and The World's Belgium is, well...
      • The story is being published on Denmark's account, so it could have been Denmark's idea of a joke, just like how the sisters were thrown in so Denmark would continue publishing the comics.

Sealand is England's son.

We don't really know how genetics work in Hetalia, and there's no real evidence of this, but there are a couple of things which suggest their relationship is different to England and his other brothers.
First off, they have the same surname in their human names. The only other two characters who this applies to are the Italy brothers, and they are the same country. Generally speaking, different countries who are siblings have different surnames. Sealand isn't really a country, of course, but this is still pretty odd.
Second, while countries such as America and Australia were discovered, and people settled there, Sealand was built. Other places would have been claimed by someone else if England hadn't, but Sealand wouldn't have existed at all if it weren't for him.
So why does it call them brothers? I've got a few possible explanations.

  • England so far has only ever referred to his family as 'brothers', and that seems to be the general thing to claim new nations as. So why, when a new 'nation' appeared who looked like him, would he assume anything but that this was another little sibling? As stated, we don't know how these things work in Hetalia, so it's quite possible that he hasn't even realised.
  • So far, the only nations known to have direct offspring are Rome, Germania, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece. These all have one thing in common: they're dead. Think about it, if something happened to you, and everyone else it had happened to was now dead, you wouldn't be particularly keen to acknowledge that the event had happened.
  • England basically disowned Sealand. Yes, he still looks out for him, but he rejected him. Rejecting a brother, while bad, isn't as bad as rejecting your own child. Either to keep up appearances with others, or to soothe his own guilty conscience, England calls Sealand his brother.
  • Regular people don't seem to have any idea about the personified nations. Since England and Sealand's official 'ages' are twenty three and twelve respectively, Sealand calling him 'Dad' among ordinary people would look very weird. Going with an above theory on human names, it may be very important to keep their true identities secret, so England makes sure that Sealand can't let slip anything that may raise unwarranted interest by not telling him the truth.
  • If it hurt when a brother left him, how much worse would it be with a son?
    • But he originally liked that brother. Sealand... not so much.
      • Or he's just pretending to hate Sealand because it doesn't want to get hurt. He clearly cares about him.

As an extra to any of these ideas, England could have had a change of heart (or realised the truth) by now and decided to tell Sealand the truth, but changed his mind when he saw that Sealand was happy with Sweden now.

    • I think the problem is, not just with this theory, what makes a nation directly descended and what makes them just related is confusing. Case in point: Norway and Iceland.
      There is no evidence of people on Iceland before Norwegians settled there, which would seem to make Norway his parent. Despite this, they're brothers. In the same way, there were no people on Sealand until some crazies citizens from the UK decided to settle there. If a relationship like that of the Nordics is firmly fraternal (somehow), I don't see a reason Sealand would be different.
      • Yes, it is very confusing, and as I said there isn't really evidence, it's just speculation. But as I see it, there is a difference, in that even if Norwegians hadn't settled in Iceland, the body of land would still have been there. Sealand is located on a manmade construction, which would not have been there if the UK hadn't built it. But there is no real evidence as to why this would make things different, so it is only speculation.
      • Regarding the Nordic situation, the second explaination given above would probably apply there as well. When having kids is seen as a sign that your days are numbered the last thing you'd want to do is tempt fate. Plus this troper has always figured that familial relationships in Hetalia were usually more of a state of mind then anything else. As for Sealand, that kid is pretty much one of a kind (he's the only man made nation for a start) so it's entirely possible that the usual rules don't apply, whatever said rules may be.

Russia/Sweden aren't the tallest nations.

Netherlands is. The nation-tan's height is supposed to be based off the average for its country, right? In that case, Netherlands would be the tallest, taller than Russia and Sweden.

Turkey raped Hungary

Ottoman Hungary was especially rebellious, and Turkey was the closest thing to a Big Bad ever seen in the series, considering Germany's.... softening up during WWII. As for canon, see the strip where Prussia finds Hungary injured: She explicitly states that Turkey/Ottoman Empire left her like that, and her clothes are torn to the point where Prussia got a pretty good look at her cleavage without trying. Her reaction to this is commenting on her "awesome muscles", implying she doesn't seem to fully understand that she's a girl quite yet (and so wouldn't be able to fully grasp exactly what Turkey did beyond simply beating her up) But following dialogue makes it seem like it's starting to sink in, meaning whatever Turkey did made her understand once and for all that she wasn't one of the guys. Prussia being the focus of the strip was meant to distract us from what happened here. Looking at this site, it could also explain:

  • (number two) Her settling down into a maid and marrying/maintaining a relationship with Austria, whose gentle, refined demeanor makes him probably the male character most unlike Turkey.
  • (number five) Her reaction to Austria being sexually harassed and the whole Yaoi Fangirl Covert Pervert thing.

Her relationship with Prussia (wanted nothing to do with him one settled, beats him up) could be either of the above or a mix of both. She also seems like she's having a nightmare when God wakes her up and tells her about hitting France with a frying pan, but that may be stretching it a little.

  • This theory makes too much sense for my liking. I will say that I seem to remember Hungary having a happy little giggle to herself at the end of the strip mentioned, which doesn't seem like all that natural a response, even if she didn't fully understand what had happened.

Canada is Bandit Keith.

He finally cracks and goes insane after one too many incidents of being mistaken for America, changes his name and appearance, adopts 'in America!' as his catchphrase, and becomes obsessed with a Japanese childrens' card game, like real Americans do (coughPokémonintheninetiescoughhackwheeze). It all makes sense now. In America.

Canada is the reason America is scared of ghosts

Canada borrows something and America thinks it's vanished. Canada puts something back in the wrong place and America thinks it moved on its own. Canada tries to talk to America and America hears mysterious whispering noises. Despite being barely visible, Canada successfully emotionally scarred his brother.

HRE had a Heroic BSOD and became Germany because he finally learned the truth about Italy

A older HRE returned to Austria's house hoping to see his true love. He tells Austria and Hungary he's changed his name to Germany and given up his dreams of conquest for Italy's sake. Hungary, being who she is, is thrilled. Austria attempts to break the news gently, but HRE passes out. When he wakes up the only thing he remembers is his name being Germany and that he wanted to form a large empire. Austria decides not to say anything because he'd have to explain why Italy was dressed like a girl in the first place.

Switzerland and Austria mend their broken friendship

Austria and Switzerland had a falling out specifically because the Hapsburgs moved their seat of power from what would become Swiss territory to Austrian land. However, the Austro-Hungarian Empire does not last forever. In the aftermath of World War II, Austria becomes a neutral country (expressly modelled on the Swiss system, but developed a bit differently). IRL, this had to do with Austria bordering most of the Communist Bloc (Hungary and pretty much all its former empire being made into Soviet Satellites after their liberation). In Hetalia, however, this would result into Austria needing to rethink his priorities. Having lost his empire (and his wife) following WWI, he pretty much went with Germany (inter-war) without putting up a fight. However, WWII went about as well for them as the first one. With Hungary now on the other side of a giant fence, and with no desire to join either of the main Blocs in Europe, Austria decided to rebuild the one friendship he'd been wanting to fix. Cue him nervously knocking on Switzerland's door...

... and once Switzerland was convinced to put his gun away, the next scene would be of Switzerland doing his normal "lessons" on Neutrality. Only now, Austria is sitting beside Liechtenstein and taking notes. Happily ever after... until the Iron Curtain falls and Austria joins the EU. *BANG*

    • Okay (minus that last bit), if that never gets into canon, then it needs to be a fan strip, because seriously... aww.

In relation to the above theory, Austria and Hungary have a tearful reunion following The Great Politics Mess-Up

Being separated from your ex-wife (who you were forced to divorce) by a giant fence must suck. It's been noted on The Other Wiki that Austrians and Hungarians living near the border felt the isolation far more intimately than most places (except for, obviously, Germany). As well, Austrian and Hungarian officials symbolically cut the barbed wire of the Curtain to signal the end of the Cold War. Cue the tearful reunion.

Prussia and Austria's rivalry has to do with their geography.

Simply put, both claim to be the "East" German realm. Austria is literally "Österreich", meaning "Eastern Realm". Meanwhile, Prussia is basically the personification of the German "push east" in which they tried to colonize Eastern Europe by force. For the longest time, it was his entire raison d'ètre. He even calls his brother Ludwig "West". Most of their rivalry is thus centred on the fact that there can't be TWO East Germanys. After WWII, Austria thought that he had finally won, since it seemed that "Prussia" had died. Oh, how he must have fainted in shock upon seeing Gilbert stroll into that World Meeting sporting the name "German Democratic Republic", and even being recognized in common parlance as "East Germany". The horror!

Upon reunification, Gilbert lost the "GDR" title, but likely continued to be "East" due to cultural and geographic reasons. And now, Austria wonders if he'll ever be rid of him...

== Romano knows more about what the nation-tans bosses do than the others ==Working on the assumption that the nation-tans aren't told about everything their bosses get up to (which I think we'd all like to believe, considering the nation-tans aren't complete monsters), basically exactly what it says. Romano is aware of what's going on with the human governments. This is why he hates Germany and Japan so much and doesn't want Italy hanging round with them. His being as useless as his brother when it comes to fighting could be deliberate, because 1: he doesn't want to win, and 2: he's hoping it will make Germany decide being allied with Italy is too much trouble. And his taunting Italy that Germany and Japan don't like him is kind of obvious.
A reason why Romano could have picked up on more could be that the bosses restrict how much access they're allowed to human media. With Italy having two nation-tans and N.Italy apparantly being their representative Romano may sometimes get forgotten about and be able to sneak looks at what's going on in the world.
Romano doesn't want to leave his brother alone with Germany and Japan, so he sticks around, even though he doesn't want to. Eventually, however, he decides he can't support them any longer, even if it does mean leaving Italy, which is why the allies were able to get Southern Italy first.

Similar to a previous guess: As France's genes were stronger than England's (in America's birth), Germany's genes were stronger than France's in the case of Cameroon.

Cameroon was once a German colony, but later a French one. In Hetalia-speak, you could say that while he was young, Cameroon was harshly raised by Germany. And if you take a look side-by-side, you could say that Cameroon looks almost like a black Germany.

Austria and Monaco are in-universe genderbends of each other.

They act very alike (harsh and uptight) and I'm pretty sure Austria is rather intelligent like Monaco is. And before Himaruya made her blond and blue-eyed (when she had brown hair and brown eyes) she looked very much like him.

Also it would be awesome.

  • Jossed. Fem!Austria doesn't wear glasses.

Poland tried to bring the other Eastern European nations to his own territory after World War I to act as buffer to both Germany and Russia.

  • I can see the history behind this one, since Poland did have pieces of what became Ukrainian and Belorussian territory. However, it seems more likely that he took over pieces of their territory to act as a buffer against all of them, rather than try to start a new empire (the last time he tried, he ended up losing Lithuania to Russia, followed by losing his own independence).
    • History would disagree with you, after the Great War, Poland wanted to rebuild the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which would attack Russia (Germany wasn't seen as a threat after WWI), but Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus didn't want any part of it.

Hungary is a FTM Transsexualism living as a woman

.. Or she's just transgender, gender queer maybe.

  • Well, she was originally supposed to be a guy, I think. Poland was gonna be a girl, but instead he was made into a crossdresser. So anything's possible.

New Zealand is female

That's too feminine, even for the Bishonen loving Hetalia.

  • I agree that they look more female than male. I hope they are, because Hetalia needs more girls.
  • Also, New Zealand was the first country in the world to allow women to vote. I hope New Zealand's a girl. A kickass one at that.
  • Their new [dead link] drawings [dead link] is even more ambiguously feminine. But they have no hair-decs, which usually signifies countries as a girl. Maybe the mangaka's breaking the rules?
    • Well, Norway is a male and he has a hair-dec, eh? It could go either way, but this troper is definitely hoping for a female.

Canada was supposed to be a main character from the first episode.

We just couldn't see him. You see, thanks to his invisibility effect, we only got to see him when he finally had some strips and episodes that focussed on him. To borrow from the Trivia section on Canada's page of the Hetalia Archives: "Canada is one of the Allied Forces during the second world war which would bring the total of Allied powers in the story to six, and is the third strongest Western Power and did contribute much in the war, but being under so much British Influence much of Canada's efforts were considered British efforts, which can be considered a contribution to Canada's invisibility. This could also would explain why Canada isn't often seen amongst the others when the Allies are acting together." Canada's Real Life contribution to the War effort was impressive, and is usually recognized more in the modern day, although largely unknown at the time since it was considered part of the British war effort. Thus, Canada was one of the nations at the World Meeting (obviously), had a seat at the Allied meetings (as actually seen in one episode), and likely confronted the Axis on that island multiple times along with the rest of the Allies. He was simply so meek and invisible that neither the other characters nor the audience saw or noticed him.

  • Canada's accomplishments were considered British because the nation was a commonwealth at the time. This status makes him on par with countries like Australia and South Africa, who also don't get much more than a nod despite their efforts. In Hetalia terms, I'd say Canada probably rarely (if ever) was allowed to attend those meetings, and he was instructed later by UK. When he managed to get in, he probably had no option but to keep his mouth shut (which we see). That he fought in attacks isn't unlikely, but they would still be British efforts because he was British.
    • Also, the idea of 'they show up, therefore they are main characters' kind of makes Red Shirts main characters, too.
      • Well, this is Hetalia, the line between "Main Character" and "Red Shirt" can get pretty blurry. The argument was really that Canada being under British rule for much of its history (note: this is just me being pedantic, but Canada was a "Dominion", part of the British Empire - later the "Commonwealth") and later with American influence taking its place, which is why he was so meek and thus overlooked at the meetings. England never told him not to talk, he just couldn't see him at all, just like the rest of the characters couldn't see him.
        • Despite the large cast, the 8 main characters have always been well defined. I think, considering Canada's role in the series and his invisibility through history, 'minor character' is a very fitting term.
      • The theory might not be so much that "Canada shows up, therefore he's a main character", so much as "Canada may have been a main character", but we just never saw him due to his invisibility, and was thus shunted down to Red Shirt status. It's basically a play on the concept that for all the many countries that played important parts in WWII, only 8 are recognized as the "main players". It's a joke with the punch line "Canada represents everybody else!". Oddly enough, Canada is included as one of the allies on the Hetalia character page on The Other Wiki. It makes more sense to say that he's considered one of the Allies, but only as a Sixth Ranger with very little focus.

Belgium actually represents only one region.

  • Although she's indeed supposed to be representative of both regions of Belgium, she was actually merely representing the Walloons, since her official language back then was merely French.
  • Or, she only represents Flanders, as she is described as Holland's sister

Belgium is developing a split personality

  • While she used to be a lot more united due to Catholicism acting as a common focus for the country and the Francophones suppressing the Dutch-speakers, since the decline of religion and the resurgence of Flemish as a language she's feeling in two minds about everything

Vietnam will appear in volume 4

And She'll smack America/France with her paddle

    • Confirmed besides the smacking of America/France with her paddle.

Monaco Drives Like Crazy

And adores others that do so; hence the Monaco Grand Prix

Estonia is insane

He simply is much better at hiding it than the other Baltics. This is to coincide with his actually very unlucky history (his country has been controlled by at least four or five other countries, and at one point he was even sold. This would have been going on for centuries.). The trauma of everything happening eventually got to him, and he soon broke completely. No one knows, though, due to the act he puts on in public. Beneath his perfect exterior lies a very, very destroyed man.

Why Belarus might hate Lithuania

It's been said that she has been hurting Lithuania long since he became Russia's subordinate. Back when Lithuania was powerful, the states that would later become Belarus were conquered and became Lithuanian territory. In-universe, this could be the equivalent of him forcibly taking her from her siblings. It was only centuries later, in 1795 that she was able to return home when Poland was partitioned. Spending such a long time away from family must have been unbearable. The fact that Russia seems to favour Lithuania over her would make it even worse. The above could also explain why she is so desperate to marry Russia: because he is strong, she wants security and she never wants to be separated from him again.

Windows is a Shipper on Deck for Belarus/Ukraine and wants you to hop aboard.


Hungary and Romania are twins

Russia and Belarus will eventually get married/engaged, no matter how incestuous that is

Because, you know, Union State of Russia and Belarus, anyone?

Canada looks so much like America because of The Loyalists.

He used to look a lot more like France, but the advent of the Loyalists borne from the Revolution caused Canada to transform from a predominantly French-based colony to several English and French ones. This is also the reason why Canada didn't gain too many features from England or his siblings: the majority of those Loyalists saw themselves as British North Americans, and thus Matthew took on an appearance similar to colonial Alfred. Perhaps the only exception to that is Canada's reddish blond hair in his original artwork, which could have been gained from Ireland or Scotland. The fact that so many Loyalists were American-based was part of the reason why the Americans thought that the 1812 War would be a cakewalk; it makes sense that it would also cause other countries to mistake the lesser-known brother for the more famous one.

  • Canada is the fourteenth colony. They were actually invited to the Continental Congress in 1775, but they declined, along with Georgia. Georgia had a change of heart and came to the Second Continental Congress in 1776; Canada didn't.

Canada is Crona

and Kumajiro is Ragnarok but think about it both are shy, have parental issues and have sarcastic side kicks who bully them. All Canada needs to do is start murdering people and taking their souls for the sake of impressing his mother and honestly is it really that far fetched? Everyone keeps saying Canada will snap one day Crona is pretty much what Canada would act like once he's snapped.

  • I think Russia is Crona. We've already seen that russia used to be a woobie, and he was bullied by General Winter when he was younger, and then he snapped and became violent during the bloody saturday event.

Poland cross-dresses due to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

When leaders met in 1565 to form the Union of Lublin, the king of Poland and the Grand Duke of Lithuania Sigismund II Augustus decided it would be best to disguise the personification of Poland. This way, Lithuania and Poland could legally marry each other due to values dissonance. Due to this marriage set up, Poland gained a newfound fetish for stylish woman's clothing and still explores it to this day in the manga and anime.

All will become one with Greece.

All the neko-tans are part of the Greek Army. One day, Greece will wake up and decide to take over the world. Starting with Turkey.

Lithuania developed a crush on Belarus when he saw her smile.

New Zealand is a girl pretending to be a boy.

I'm not sure why this theory appeals to me so much but it does. I personally think New Zealand looks more feminine, but the issue is that unlike every girl in Hetalia, they don't have hair decs, which indicates boy. Or that they want people to think they're a boy. Also explains the Shrug of God on the issue; Himaruya isn't going to lie to his readers, but he doesn't want to ruin the joke before it gets started.
I also like to imagine that only England and Australia know her real gender. England doesn't realise that no-one else does, and doesn't understand why they mock him for putting her in dresses as a child, and Australia is just having a massive laugh at everyone's expense.

Poland isn't actually that girly.

Especially considering how a crossdresser would likely be treated in RL Poland, he's just trying to mess with the other countries.

Belgium is France's half sister.

There is a character named Black America who is Alfred's longtime girlfriend/wife.

America is known for its large black population and it wouldn't be much of a stretch she could exist.She would evoke many African American stereotypes espically those of Black women.B.A. would be loud,matronly,be very religious,an excellent cook,conservative,obsession with her African roots,have a bit of a temper problem,and have a love for soul food and grape soda.I think she was born from the amount of African slaves coming to America from West Africa.I can even picture her being the mother of the original thirteen states.She was bought by England as a slave to work for America and to keep him company.B.A. and America would have grown close together to the point of harboring romantic feelings for one another though she still would resent being a slave.No, America would not have forced himself on her but have a secret mutual,quasi-romantic relationship with her but couldn't marry her until 1967 when interracial marriage was made legal.B.A. I have a feeling would always be tempted to runoff with other nations like France and Russia because she felt that she wasn't being fairly treated enough by America.She then would for some strange reason always comeback to Alfred for some strange reason.I think she would have had an active role in the Underground Railroad and greatly participate in the Civil Rights Movements.Heck, I believe she would have been a spy for the Union in the civil war.I think America and B.A. these days have a loving relationship but the past still puts a strain on them.However,Alfred these days does his best treat her like the first lady she is.

Hungary is a distant relative of Estonia and Finland.

Originally, there was the Finno-Ugric peoples. Some of them split away and travelled south, arriving in modern Hungary while the others stayed and would become the modern Finnish and Estonians. Over time the people living in Hungary mixed with other groups such as the Magyars, creating a seemingly unrelated nation.

Romano controls the mafia

  • Jossed. There was an economic map drawn of modern Europe, and when it came to Romano he was sick and seemingly injured because of what the mafia was doing to him. In Hetalia terms, they're probably equivalent to bullies who beat him up for his lunch money every day. Bullies with guns.
    • They were shown once, when Romano was trying to make Spain better. They tried to make him do what they wanted, which is apparently how it usually is. On that occasion though, he was determined enough to beat them.

Hungary's human name really is Erzebet.

Or, it was. Elizaveta is a Russian variant of the English name Elizabeth. It's possible before the Austro-Hungarian compromise her people called her Erzebet. Prussia and Austria call[ed] her Elisabet or some other German cognate. And while it was never part of the Soviet Union, it was still a satellite state, so perhaps Russia started calling her Elizaveta. And it stuck.

Latvia is Lithuania's nephew.

Himaruya has said that the Baltic States aren't brothers. It makes sense that Estonia isn't related to Lithuania and Latvia, as Estonia is Baltic geographically, but Finnic in terms of language, culture, etc. However, Latvia should be related to Lithuania in some way, as Latvian is a Baltic language. Latvia may not be Lithuania's brother, but he could definitely be Lithuania's nephew.

The state of Latvia did not officially exist until the fall of the Soviet Union, though it started to be known as a region in the 18th-19th century, which would fit with Lativa being so young. Before the area that is present-day Latvia came under the control of other nations, it was home to four different Baltic tribes: the Curonians (Courland), the Latgalians (Latgalia), the Semigallians (Semigallia), and the Selonians (Selonia). Their languages eventually died out (though its debatable if Latgalian did, as there is a "dialect" of Latvian called Latgalian that is similar to old Latgalian), and the lands they inhabited make up four of the five cultural regions of Latvia (the fifth is Livonia, land of the Livs, a Finnic tribe).

Latvia is the son of one of these extinct Baltic states, likely Latgalia.

== Canada has been shipping USUK since 1854. == For his own well-being.

  • I don't know... Canada tended to get furious whenever Britain chose America over him.

Canada and Ukraine have a long-term romantic relationship with each other.

The two countries both have a long history together.Many Ukrainian immigrants have come to Canada.The Canadian province Saskatchewan was made because of the influx of Ukrainian immigrants.In the Hetalia world Canada and Ukraine might actually have a child together.This makes Canada one lucky guy.

  • Alberta having been created on the same day as Saskatchewan would be one of Ukraine and Canada's twins and well Manitoba has loads of Ukrainians too. Perhaps the prairie provinces are all their children?

In light of the recent earthquake Japan had experienced, Fukushima and Miyagi will be the first Japanese prefectures to be featured in the manga.

  • As well as one of the Japanese feudal clans.
    • He's not posting clans, but he already has put feudal domains into the comic.

Belarus is Lady Gaga.

  • They both have long platinum blond hair
  • They're both 'strange girls'
  • They're both somewhat creepy
    • So, uh, what about Lady Gaga's ex Matthew Williams?
  • Belarus x Canada?

Australia is a bad "Well Done, Son" Guy or Stalker with a Crush to England.

Historically, it would be pretty accurate. Early Australia as the country it was (I'm basically thinking Federation to WW 2, even though Australia-tan would most likely have existed before that) was still very much obsessed with it's Britishness, and under British control. The only reason wee really federated in the first place was because of White Australia's fear of the influx of migrants (particularly the Chinese) thanks to the Gold Rush, so Australia became a country so we could have an immigration policy. Stuff like the White Australia policy was largely about staying the white, British colony we were founded as, one of our Prime Ministers justifying the policy as essential to "Australia remaining the integral southern outpost of the British Empire," or something like that. We never actually declared war in WW 1, 'cause it was assumed we'd be at war just because England was. Another one of our Prime Ministers said "Australians are British to their bootstraps". When the Balfour Declaration was made in the early thirties, declaring all of their dominions autonomous and such - including Australia - Australia actually resisted, and refused to ratify the treaty until 1942. That was after Darwin had been bombed, Britain had a lot of our troops and refused to give them back, pissing Australia off and pretty much ending the crush. But I can see Australia-tan following England around to almost Belarus-levels, switching between "TAKE CARE OF ME I NEED YOU DON'T EVER LEAVE", "LET ME DO THAT FOR YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU AND WANT TO BE A GOOD DOMINION", and some kind of Single White Nation-tan thing. England would probably originally be flattered by Australia's attention/devotion, but eventually be a bit like "um, you can... be a little more independent now, okay? I don't mind." And Australia's like "No. *glomp*"

    • I always imagined England wouldn't have been a great parent to Australia, after his experience with America, so I can see Australia developing a bit of an inferiority complex and feeling a need to prove what a good little brother he is, which could evolve into an obsession. Since Australians are probably the people most likely to get a warm welcome by Brits, England probably decided he'd take whatever affection he could get.
    • I think Australia will be a devoted little brother who loves to tease England. Because honestly English tourists are hilarious, their ascents and how they buy stuff with Australian flags on it. In cricket (and anything else were its Auzzie's v the Pomms) it only matters if we beat the English, ever heard of the Ashes? What I wanna see is Australia's relations with America. Because in the post-WW 2 era Australia was influenced most by the Americans. I can just see Australia in the anime deciding that England had fucked him over one time too many and realized how cool America is, and started following and copying America instead. (cant you imagine England wondering what happened to his little shadow?)
    • You guys do realize that Australia was just allying himself with the major power at the time, right? We worked out that if there actually was an attack on us, Britain would probably not be strong enough to help. So Australia became America's 'sidekick' in hopes of protection. Something I wonder about is our Canada relationship - I'm hoping Australia can see Canada, but that would be ruining the Canada effect now wouldn't it? However, I think the only reason Australia tried to be 'British' was because England was sorta his only/main nation role model.

If there's a direct sequel to Paint it White, the antagonists would be...

Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Especially since they were pretty much the only Nations apart from Iceland that got away from the Alien Invasion practically unharmed. And with the G8 basically weakened and the world in turmoil (with a few billion less people around), would it be surprising if the Alpine siblings decide to go on a campaign of global conquest?

    • What about the non-UN member nations? It would be hilarious if Taiwan was the one leading them.
    • I wouldn't be surprised if Iceland joined the siblings. Then again, they were literally having some intimate picnic time while just about everything around them was going to Hell and back.

Zealand's gender will get confirmed eventually, after being a Running Gag.

I can see some strip stating their gender somehow. "Running Gag" as in maybe the other nations are confused, they refer to NZ by different things, and Zealand doesn't state their gender.

Lithuania is the winner of Eurovision.

Spain named Canada

One of the theories about where Canada got its name talks about Spanish explorers looking for gold. They listed it as acá nada, or cá nada, meaning 'nothing here'.

  • Desperate for attention, Canada clung to the closest thing to a name he'd ever received.

Male!Ukraine is built like a tank and/or well-endowed himself.

Ukraine has...prominently feminine traits, so it would make sense for him to be incredibly masculine. Plus, with the former, it would make a good contrast with Russia and Male!Belarus.

Ukraine has Avoidant Personality Disorder

Think about it. She's terrified of disappointing her boss, and she doesn't want Russia to think badly of her. She is said to be a crybaby, and those with Av PD tend to react to criticism by blushing or crying.

    • On that note, maybe Poland does as well. He may be confident and troublesome with those he knows and trusts, but he's painfully shy otherwise and scared of new people.

Korean Spirit = Korean Soul = Seoul

Am I really the only one who thought this? Really?

Sealand is the next Canada

Nobody knows he exists except Japan, England, Iceland, and Wy. That's now. In a few hundred years, nobody will know he exists, except maybe England. After he sinks in the ocean (you know it will happen) he'll start sneaking into Canada's house and sleeping there. Canada never notices, though. He will eventually pick up Canada's randomly fading away. Before you know it, he will be Canada, hair and everything.

Thailand crossdresses in his spare time

  • Actually, he use that as disguise to find hidden information and unlike other, his Ukefikation fandom tend to be a facade cause he unleash his badass a lot.
    • *person who suggested this WMG* Actually, I based that off the concept of kathoey, which is what Thailand tends to be (stereotypically) associated with. It's not ukefication (femme =/= submissive), and he would still very much keep his Beware the Nice Ones quotient, he'd just like to dress as a [[[[Bishoujo pretty girl}} for fun and fanservice.
      • Not everybody think that it's fun, plus, it may be more like Fan Disservice.

When Thailand is at home, his personality switch to sadist and kinky

  • He would smile, kind and be gentleman when he's outside but when he is at home, is pretty sadistic person.
  • Possessing porn for personal use is not illegal

Thailand has Foe Yay with Burma and Cambodia

Sweden is Russia's father

From my understanding, Russia was founded by the Rus people in around the Viking era, who relocated there from Sweden, establishing the cities that would later turn into Russia and giving their name to the land ("Land of the Rus" = "Russia). Fanon seems to have the Viking era!Nordics being the same tans as the modern ones, and as far as I remember it was our Finland and Sweden discovering America in Viking era. So it makes sense for Sweden to found Russia. There's no real proof to them being blood related, but it's possible. If not father and son, they are probably related through some kind of way (eg. via the Kievan Rus or some kind of Viking-tan), or once said they were (like England and America).

Romania is a vampire

Specifically a Strigoi. It explains the red eyes and Cute Little Fangs. Alternatively, he is the in-universe inspiration for them seeing as how he is effectively immortal (just like all the other tans) and apparently uses Black Magic.

Romano is Camp Straight

  • But he isn't camp.
  • What I meant to say is that, although he's had Ho Yay and is tsundere around Spain, he's only into women.
    • Your Milage May Vary on that one.

Romano represents Sicily, and that is why he is still around.

Historically, "Southern Italy" was essentially Sicily, Naples, and eventuallt the Kingdom of Two Sicilys, and it's still an autonomous region with a distinct language and culture. It's also the place most strongly associated with The Mafia.

Turkey is the future Imperium of Man. And probably the God Emperor, too.

It's mentioned that the God Emperor of Mankind was born in Anatolia, where Turkey would later emerge. So maybe Turkey got on his good side at some point, over time assuming different identities until he became known as the Imperium.

But by the 41st Millennium, however, the notions of personified countries would likely be viewed by the Inquisition as heresy. So he may have taken on various roles in the Imperial Guard, conveniently "dying" should people start suspecting him. It also wouldn't help that he would also be the Last of His Kind, assuming that China's still lurking somewhere...

Romano's temper represents Mt. Etna.

Hungary is related to Riza Hawkeye.

New Zealand is the Transsexualism, or transgendered, one

I'm going for Bigender, androgyne, or FtM but anything goes.

Romano ships China and England

In Paint it White, Switzerland and Liechtenstein were spared the Alien Invasion for more than just Permanent Neutrality.

Setting aside the odds that a race of alien invaders would be aware of Earth-based politics, there's good reason to suspect that the Alpine siblings' seemingly inexplicable escape from the Pict's hijinks had something to do with CERN's Large Hadron Collider being in Swiss territory. That, and maybe the fact that the Alps are honeycombed with bunkers and armed strongholds designed to fend off just about anything. This could also tie to an earlier WMG suggesting that the two could become the new antagonists in a direct sequel to the movie, given that they'd be more than able to take on a world just weakened by the Pict...

India is actually a Bifauxnen

Himaruya did say India is similar to Hungary, the manliest character in Hetalia.

  • I thought they might be similar in that both of them are known for having spicy cuisine?

Liechtenstein is into Gothic Metal

See here.

HRE became Schroder from Peanuts

They do share physical similarities, and Schroder is obsessed with German/Holy Roman Empire music (namely Beethoven). It could easily be that after his supposed "death," HRE was actually just in a comatose state for many years and eventually awoke in a town at America's house. He didn't age or grow, because the fall of the nation he represented stunted his growth. So he eternally is trapped as a young boy in a town along side Charlie Brown and Snoopy, lamenting over his separation from Italy by playing piano and attempting to replace Italy's place in his heart with Beethoven. The reason he refuses Lucy's feelings is because some part of him still thinks he'll be able to find Italy again.

Canada in the Code Geass Universe is actually the Holy Britannian Empire.

The Holy Britannian Empire and Canada are both founded by British Loyalists in North America.

  • Except that Canada was not founded by Loyalists at all. It was the refuge they went to when America broke away, but they didn't start it. It had been around for a while - Britain took the already-established colony from France initially.

Ladonia is a Pokemon fanboy.

We've seen that his laptop is covered in Pokemon stickers, most noticeably Pikachu and what appears to be Woobat. Plus, he was playing a Pokemon game on a Gameboy (hard core gamer, much?) and introduced himself to Denmark by saying, "I'm the internet country Ladonia! My favorite Pokemon is Stunfisk!"

Japan and Korea had a Nathan-and-Shilo relationship during the occupation.

Assuming Japan's not his Dark!self, it's hard to picture him being directly intentionally abusive. The Japanese did bring a lot of new tech over to Korea (which Korea now insists he did himself), so it's possible to imagine Japan severely restricting Korea's freedom while giving him lots of cool stuff to try and win him over and not believing him if Korea tried to tell him what was being done to his people. Of course Korea's still pretty damn miserable whether Japan means well or not.

Canada is a male, humanized Fluttershy from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic

C'mon, everypony was thinking it...

  • What about the rest of the Mane 6? It's fairly obvious that we have Twilight Sparkle=England(Magic anyone?) and Rainbow Dash=America (The 'Hero' of their respective groups).

The International Red Cross is Switzerland's Secret Heroic Alter Ego

Aside from the flags and the fact the IRC was founded in (by?) Switzerland, just consider his personality - he helps out Liech and Austria even to his own disadvantage, and when questioned about it, makes reference to agape. And don't forget this little line (from the dub) - "Man up or I'll beat you with my peace prize!" - he's talking about the three peace prizes he received under that name. Saying that out loud probably makes this a Paper-Thin Disguise, though.

Molossia has a Split Personality

...his other half is Kickassia

  1. Since Canada is portrayed as equally British and French, and since Quebec-kun has never been more than a bad dream of Canada's, I'd place English Canada & Quebec together on one line, but distinct from one another, both to show "a nation within a nation" and the fact that Canada is basically portrayed as Britain and France's colonial-era lovechild in Fanon. As well, Canada would also be closer to both Britain and France with America on the other side, due to the close ties Canada had with both nations.