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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Because the game has never been released outside of the original Playstation, physical copies of the game go for hefty prices.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Several, thanks to the ambiguity of guides and spread of misinformation.
    • Putting 3 of more items in the safe does not increase the chance that item will appear.
    • Guy's sword does not have a chance to turn monsters into eggs on kills, nor does the Holy Sword glow blue on attacks when it reaches +20 attack.
    • You cannot date Ghosh in the Japanese version of the PS 1 game. The final portrait after all of Koh's available girlfriends is Beldo with an "X" over his icon.
    • You cannot marry any of the girls in the Japanese version.
    • Guy's ghost does not appear at level 38 of the tower. This one is made more frustrating on account of how often one would have to even try getting to the top floors just to test the theory out.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Azure Dreams Wiki.