Back to the Future: The Game/Tear Jerker

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  • In Episode 3 it's hard to watch Citizen Brown struggle with what he's done. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, indeed. Thank God for Doc's notebook...
  • Citizen Brown aka Doc!A possible Face Heel Turn as he doesn't want Edna to become a Crazy Cat Lady is very sad for Marty, as well for the player. Can be a What the Hell, Player? as well.
  • After Marty breaks up Emmett and Edna, Emmett hides up on the clock tower ledge, and sings a couple lines from Trixie's "I Don't Care" to himself.
  • The ending of Episode 4.
  • Episode 5: Citizen Brown Doc being erased from existence as Marty is kneeling next to him.

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