Bad Day on the Midway

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Bad Day on the Midway is a 1995 adventure game developed by Inscape and experimental band The Residents. You start the game off as Timmy, a 10-year-old boy who discovers a Circus of Fear near his home and can't wait to start exploring, but you don't have to stay there. The park has many interesting exhibits, including Oscar the Racing Rat, a Kill-a-Commie shooting gallery, and Torture's Top Ten.

Throughout the game, you can "possess" different characters at any time. Doing so will give you access to places you might not otherwise be able to encounter, along with the ability to read each character's thoughts displayed at the bottom of the screen. There aren't any enemies to defeat or puzzles to solve; the object of the game is simply to explore the midway and see what's in store. You'll see different characters' backstories; if you play multiple times, you might be able to piece together an overarching story.

Tropes used in Bad Day on the Midway include: