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Fridge Brilliance

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Fridge Logic

  • There's no problem if CHARNAME is human, hafling or half-elf, but if s/he's any other race then his age makes no sense, because s/he's only twenty years old at the start of Baldur's Gate I.
  • Imoen... Oh so much.
    • How come she can be resurrected when other Bhaalspawn can't?
    • If she's not included in your Throne of Bhaal party, and doesn't journey with you to Tethyr, how can the Player Character have the final piece of Bhaal's essence Amelissan needs to ascend to his throne?
  • When Jaheira and Khalid are first met, they say that Gorion had appointed them to become CHARNAME's guardian should anything happen to him before CHARNAME grew up. Come the sequel, Jaheira is a romance option, which means a male PC is being crushed on by a woman who's not only much older than him, but was designated to become his stepmother. Squick.
    • Actually, since she's a half-elf, she would have the equivalent physical body of a younger human woman. And besides, "guardian" doesn't mean "parent." It can also mean "sibling."
      • Uh, no, "guardian" is a legal term, and the person that has guardianship is usually acting as a parental figure (hopefully for the good of the child). A guardian can be anyone, and they either may not want to or aren't able to adopt the child for legal reasons. A sibling that is considered of legal age can be a child's guardian, but so can an aunt/uncle, grandparent, cousin, or someone not even related by blood. This doesn't imply that Jaheira and Khalid were going to be step-parents, though. They would have been more like foster parents. What may be more Squick is the fact that she wants to romance CHARNAME so soon after her husband died. Seems awfully quick for someone who the game insists was once happily married. YMMV, naturally.
  • Aerie tells you Quayle's traveled with her ever since she was captured and raised her single-handedly. Now, it works because she's a young elf and he's an old gnome (the equivalent of 18 for elves being 120, and gnomes living some 200 years in Dungeons & Dragons), but if he was busy tutoring and raising her, why was he a playable character in Baldur's Gate I?
    • It's a bit more complicated than that. In most respects, an Elf of 25 is fully grown, although not considered emotionally mature until 100. However, since elves don't become fertile until around 100, it's still confusing.
  • Ajantis' a Paladin: detecting evil is one of his stock powers. If the player character isn't evil, why does he then get fooled by Firkraag's illusion?
    • He saw gnolls and ogres and since they are Exclusively Evil, he didn't bother to check.
  • As with Abazigal, Sendai's too young for someone of her species to be as powerful as she is.
    • Unless Bhaal had been planning this for a long time, that is.

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