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Ball Point Junk is a web comic written by Lily Werner, AKA dundee998, AKA sims2fanatic. It is the story of three young teenagers and their various friends/enemies/reluctant allies on their quest to totally mess up the Multiverse. Well, okay, they don't really want to, it's more of a byproduct while they try to survive an interspecies war. The author has been working on this series for several years now, with several false starts, but she's finally decided to publish what she's got and hope for the best.

As this web comic is still very young,[when?] there are only two characters so far: Peter Terra and Candle. It can be found at Smack Jeeves.

Tropes used in Ball Point Junk include:
  • Down the Rabbit Hole: Peter's appearance in the new universe.
  • Another Dimension: There are two main universes that are explored in this story: Mediocris, the world of Fae, and Vir, the world of Man. Technically speaking, there are humans on Mediocris too, but they aren't as powerful, and thus don't get a say in the naming.
  • Aliens Speak English because the author is too lazy to try and work around language barriers.
  • Five-Man Band: Eventually, when we get some more characters, but for now, we have:
  • Meaningful Name: Peter Terra, and the rest of his family, all suffer from the tradition of naming kids after rocks.