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  • Among others...

Boris: I'm seeing a few things too... And it's making the ice melt.

  • Steele makes several innuendo-laden comments to Jenna.

Steele: I know where all the bones are buried.

  • Don't forget Steele's remark to Balto in the beginning.

Steele: Hey Balto, I have a message for your mother..." *cue chorus of suggestive howling much to Balto's chagrin*

  • When Nikki, Kaltag, and Star are talking to one another about how they really feel about Steele, Nikki starts to call him a "son of a-" before being cut off by Star. And yes, they are dogs so he'd not be lying.
  • In the third movie, Stella generates a lot of this.

Boris: You cannot see I'm taking personal bath here?

Stella: You bet your little patootie, honey! But I figure two in a bath is a whole lot more fun than one.

  • This one isn't so much getting crap past the radar as smacking the radar in the face:

Sylvie: "(Jenna) was seen in the boiler room the other night with Balto, and they went in together and they left together. And I heard it from a very reliable source, and don't bother to deny it."
Jenna: "Well, then I won't."
Sylvie: "I'm speechless!"