Bambi (Disney film)/Nightmare Fuel

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  • Bambi's mother is shot dead by hunters when she and her son are looking for food in the winter snow. A whole generation of kids was traumatized. Now, movies for kids should not be all sanitized pink happy affairs. But the death of a parent is quite disturbing to any six-year old. This one is fairly famous for all the denial associated therewith.
    • It could have been worse. Apparently, they were going to show Bambi's mother lying in a pool of blood, but they decided that would be 'far too traumatizing.
  • Bambi wakes up at night and walks through the forest and looks down a cliff showing Man's camp.
  • The scene with quails hiding, only for one of them to panic, fly up into the air and then get shot. We even get to see her body fall to the ground!
  • The forest fire scene. Even scarier if you grew up in a place were forest/wildfires actually happened often enough to scare you anyway.