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BanG Dream!, also known as Bandori (バンドリ), is a Japanese media franchise created in January 2015 by Bushiroad.

The first anime season, focusing on the inception of musical group Poppin'Party, was produced by Issen (OLM with Bushiroad) and Xebec, and aired between January 21, 2017 and April 22, 2017. The second and third seasons, introducing the band Raise A Suilen and a change in the animation style from 2D to all-CGI, were produced by Sanzigen in 2019 and 2020.

A rhythm game, BanG Dream! Girls Band Party, released by Craft Egg in March 2017 (JP) for iOS and Android, added four more bands to the franchise and multiple stories in the Visual Novel format. It takes place after the anime's first season. A seventh band, Morfonica, was introduced in March 2020 to commemorate Girls Band Party!‍'‍s three-year anniversary.

In January 2020, Poppin'Party's "Initial / Yume wo Uchinuku Shunkan ni!", whose tracks serve as the theme music to the anime's third season, became BanG Dream!‍'‍s first single to top Oricon's Weekly Single Sales Chart after selling 27,000 copies from January 7 to 11.

A male-focused spin-off, ARGONAVIS from BanG Dream!, was created in 2019, although Bushiroad said there will be no crossover between the two franchises.


Poppin' Party

  • Kasumi Toyama (guitar, vocals)
  • Tae Hanazono (guitar)
  • Rimi Ushigome (bass)
  • Sāya Yamabuki (drums)
  • Arisa Ichigaya (keyboard)


  • Ran Mitake (guitar, vocals)
  • Moca Aoba (guitar)
  • Himari Uehara (bass)
  • Tomoe Udagawa (drums)
  • Tsugumi Hazawa (keyboard)


  • Aya Maruyama (vocals)
  • Hina Hikawa (guitar)
  • Chisato Shirasagi (bass)
  • Maya Yamato (drums)
  • Eve Wakamiya (keyboard)


  • Yukina Minato (vocals)
  • Sayo Hikawa (guitar)
  • Lisa Imai (bass)
  • Ako Udagawa (drums)
  • Rinko Shirokane (keyboard)

Hello, Happy World!

  • Kokoro Tsurumaki (vocals)
  • Kaoru Seta (guitar, vocals)
  • Hagumi Kitazawa (bass)
  • Kanon Matsubara (drums)
  • Misaki Okusawa (DJ, mascot - aka Michelle)

Raise A Suilen

  • Rei Wakana (bass, vocals - aka LAYER)
  • Masuki Sato (drums - aka Masking)
  • Chiyu Tamade (DJ, producer - aka CHU2)
  • Reona Nyūbara (keyboard - aka PAREO)
  • Rokka Asahi (guitar - aka LOCK)


  • Mashiro Kurata (vocals)
  • Tōko Kirigaya (guitar)
  • Nanami Hiromachi (bass)
  • Tsukushi Futaba (drums)
  • Rui Yashiro (violin)


  • Anfang (2018)
  • Wahl (2020)

Poppin' Party

  • Poppin'on! (2019)
  • Breakthrough! (2020)

Raise A Suilen

  • Era (2020)


  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol. 1 (2018)
  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol. 2 (2019)
  • "BanG Dream! FILM LIVE" Insert Song Collection (2019)
  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol. 3 (2019)
  • BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol. 4 (2020)
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