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Two major scandals during his terms were Operation Fast and Furious and the use of the IRS as a weapon against political opponents. Operation Fast and Furious was officially a plan by the ATF to arm Mexican cartels then somehow bust the leaders for these arms. These arms were eventually used to murder to murder an American police officer. Between the complete lack of jurisdiction (any cartel leader would live in Mexico) and complete nonsense of the plan, many concluded it was instead an attempt to allow these weapons to be used in crimes that the administration could blame American gun laws for. In the run up to the 2012 election many conservative groups suspiciously came under IRS audit at the same time. Documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request revealed Acting-Director Karen Schiller ordered ignoring the IRS's established reasons for conducting audits in favor of basing it on an organization's name. In 2017, after Obama left office, further documents revealed Obama himself ordered the targeting.

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