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Bar'd is a Sprite Comic by Dregan (with support by Exerkol), which focuses on the staff of the Leafy Bar (Vasiel "Vas" Loup, the centaurian bouncer; the bartenders Sheila (anthro sheep) and Leonardo "Leo" Connelly (human), the Beast of Anko (aka Boa), former Freak-Off Champion turned drinks tester, Caek, the spokes-dog-girl who has issues with her native Interactive Comic format, and Dejero, the landlord and owner of the bar who left it in the care of Shelia when he left to get his soul back together), along with its various eccentric patrons.

Currently hosted on Smack Jeeves here.

Tropes used in Bar'd include:

Chris (when Vas throws a washing machine from out of nowhere at him): Wh... where did you get a washing machine...?

Shelia: Vaaas, what have I told you about saving the world?
Vas: (sigh) "I am not to save the world or otherwise prevent its destruction during work hours."
Shelia: Good boy.

  1. And finish the outside himself when said friend disappeared from the internet