Baroque (video game)/Nightmare Fuel

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  • The Neuro Tower in the original game. Being a confined, dungeon-like space with all these Metabeings, and not knowing what's in store when you advance to the next level... first-person or third-person perspective, it's a creepy place to say the least.
  • Quite a few of the characters themselves. The Horned Girl's lack of thoughts or personality, particularly that moment when you realize she's saying what you're thinking. Longneck's creepy masochist attitude. The Archangel's treatment of you, impaled on a spike of a Consciousness Orb, looking dead in the original but clearly awake/alive in the remake. The Protagonist being the only one who looks/acts like an actual human being in the game.
  • When characters start burying themselves.
  • The boxbearer's breakdown, he and the revelation that he killed his own daughter (The Bagged One) in a fit of madness. He become so distraught, he deluded himself into thinking his empty box contained his daughter's soul!
  • Once you actually see what the Meta-beings look like, it will frighten you to think they were once human! Even worse is when you read the Meta-beings' baroques, which are stories of how they became the way they were.