Basic Instructions

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Meyer demonstrates "How to Take Pleasure from the Little Things".

Basic Instructions (2006- ) is a cut-and-paste web comic by Scott Meyer, which offers, well, basic instructions on modern living. And how to deal with moon invaders. Features cartoon/traced versions of Meyer, his wife, his boss, his friends and co-workers, random annoying strangers, moon invaders...

It falls somewhere between being a Slice of Life and Life Embellished comic. Strips have appeared on

Tropes used in Basic Instructions include:

Scott: Poor Jenkins. Everyone he talks to is always angry.
Smitty: That's Jenkins' curse. He only deals with people who are, at that moment, dealing with Jenkins.

Scott: You shouldn't write a book for the title.
Mullet Boss: I'm not. I'm writing it for the money.
Scott: Oh. That's okay then.

Scott: I got sucked into a vortex this morning.
Rick: What'd it look like?
Scott: Like something only a skilled artist could draw.
Rick: It's a shame I'll never see one.

Scott: To the person who told me the story in panel one: I have not told anyone your name, nor have I drawn any likeness of you. You can never sue me, or even act offended without identifying yourself. I win.
Rick: In the most cowardly way possible.

Scott: I'm sorry, what was that?
Mullet Boss: My bag.
Scott: Yes.
Mullet Boss: Wags.
Scott: Uh, okay.
Scott: I still don't know what you're talking about, but I'm begging you to stop explaining.