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  • If Rucks` narration is him telling the Kid's story to Zia, then wouldn`t Zia`s dream in "Who Knows Where" be Rucks telling her about her own past?
    • Rucks starts the story by saying, "Let me see if I got this right...I only heard it once," which means he's essentially double-checking the story Zia told him and making sure he remembered everything properly.
  • Not an irritant so much as a point of confusion--are the Ura simply a different culture than the Caelondians, or are they actually a different species? Both they and the Caelondians look human, but that doesn't mean much in fantasy, and there is the matter of how the Ura live in burrows.
    • They're human, and might actually be natives of the continent (the Caelondians immigrated from across the ocean). They do live underground, but it's likely just a quirk of their civilization.
  • Rucks says that the Tazel Terminals got the worst of the Calamity. So why are there so many Ura still alive when apparently everyone from Caelondia is dead or petrified?
    • Caeldonia is mostly intact physically; the Tazel Terminals are frozen over and the Ura tunnels are all broken apart with the cracked earth. So one end suffered more population devastation but the other suffered more from the physical effects.
    • From what it sounded like, the Mancers didn't necessarily want to eliminate the Ura, just the Tazel Terminals since it was essentially a massive tunnel network. The best way to render tunnels useless is to literally rip them out of the ground, which is exactly what the Calamity did. It's also possible that when Venn sabotaged the calamity, he also modified it to destroy all the Caelondians.
  • Did it bother anyone else that even if you choose the Evacuation ending first, Rucks still shows signs of deja vu?
    • Ideally, once you choose the Evacuation ending that would be the logical conclusion of the game. Storywise, New Game Plus is only possible if you chose the Restoration ending.
  • Why do so many people assume that Rucks was lying about being a Trigger? I mean, I just assumed that after his time in the Triggers he turned into a Mancer.
    • Even the comment he gives when you select the hammer and carbine implies that he was a Trigger during the Ura-Calondia war. It would be hardly surprising if there was a lot of movement between guilds after the war ended.
  • If Rucks was telling all this to Zia, why did his dialogue get nastier during the Jawson's Bog sequence?
    • If you mean when the kid blacked out, that's not really Rucks talking, it's all in the Kid's head.