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Fridge Brilliance

  • When I first saw Batman: The Brave and the Bold, I thought it took Batman's "Batgod" status a little too far. After watching the episode "Game Over for Owlman," in which Owlman uses Ted Kord's BB Gun to disable Jaime Reyes, it hit me - this is a Batman to whom Reed Richards is not useless. All of the crazy, outlandish, un-Batman-y gadgets Batman uses in this show - mecha, lightsabers, space flight capable jetpack, etc. - are the results of Batman augmenting his arsenal with additions copied or suggested from his fellow superheroes! This actually makes more sense than the comic Batman sticking to light body armor and low technology despite spending so much time around mega-geniuses and alien technology. --User:The Evil Dr Bolty
    • Which means that Silver Age Batman, despite his campiness ruining the darkness of Batman, was actually the best and most efficient crimefighter out of the versions. Which also means that the Bronze Age and Dark Age actually made Batman less realistic than the Silver Age.--User:Yarrunmace
      • Well, shoot, in the late '50s and early '60s, Gotham City was renowned for being a pleasant, prosperous place with a fairly low crime rate, because Batman had cleaned up the city. Sure, there were weird aliens wandering aimlessly through town every couple of months, but yeah, by and large, the "silliest" Batman was by far the most effective one. -- User:Your Obedient Serpent
    • It isn't like comic! Batman isn't Crazy Prepared either. Batman: The Brave and the Bold just took 'Batman can beat anyone with enough prep time' and turned it into 'Batman has a lightsaber and a car that turns into a giant robot, just in case.'
      • Meaning he had more than enough prep time.
  • I recently had one of these moments regarding everyone's favorite Ensemble Darkhorse The Music Meister. Setting to spoilers for everyone that hasn't seen his episode yet: so, in the final music number, we are treated to a montage of his hypnotized victims stealing everything and anything insight; at first, Fridge Logic sets in when you think there's no possible way he could ever need or collect all that is being take. But this is where the Brilliance comes into play: He KNOWS this. After his show stopping number ends, people will be confused and maybe even slightly panicked; meaning that it would take weeks, or even months, to figure out everything that was missing and what was just taken by the hypnotized masses. By that time, the Music Meister could be literally ANYWHERE in the world with whatever he felt he could take without being noticed. Too subtle for his character you say? That leads to another moment of Brilliance; that 'character' is an act! (a performance, if you will). He plays up the camp factor by singing all the time (when vocalizing at the pitch needed to hypnotize people would be enough), wearing ever more extravagant costumes and just being as over the top as possible to hide just how subtle he can be (and possibly because he honestly enjoys it). Suddenly; an already epic character seems EVEN MORE Awesome.
    • Also regarding the Music Meister: his appearance is very similar to the Music Master, from the Justice League two-parter "Legends". He was part of the Injustice Guild, the evil counterpart to the Justice Guild, which was the alternate-universe Justice League with characters slightly different to their "real" DCAU counterparts- Catman instead of Batman, Black Siren instead of Black Canary, and so on. It therefore makes perfect sense that the same villain in Batman's universe would be called the Music Meister instead. The Music Master also had a European accent (I'm not entirely sure which country it was), so swapping his accent to American and the name to German might have been a further play on the universe-switch theme. -- Eruvadhril
  • Starro was able to successfully assimilate the people of every world except Earth (because of all the heroes), and Claramar. Why couldn't he assimilate the people of Claramar? They have no faces to latch on to. --Freiberg
  • It had never occurred to this Troper until rewatching it the tenth time, that at the very end of the Grand Finale, it's the Music Meister playing piano at the after show party.
  • In the episode featuring the Bat-bots, the prototype is voiced by Adam West. Taken by itself, this is merely a Casting Gag, but I suddenly remembered "The Chill Of The Night" and realized that Batman gave Proto the voice of his father. --Crowmagnon
  • During his alliteration battle with Penguin in "Night of the Batmen!" Aquaman is unable to think of a bird name that starts with "G". Now calling someone a Goose is a common enough insult, BUT, The first bird Aquaman called Penguin? An albatross. Which is a SEA BIRD. Aquaman, Idiot Hero he may be, would know what an albatross is, unlike a goose which is much more inland for the King of seas to take notice of.

Fridge Horror

  • Am I the only one who realized just how dangerous The Music Meister from Batman the Brave And The Bold is?! Now, don't get me wrong, the episode was a delight, but hear me out. Throughout the episode, he took control of people just by SINGING. By doing a musical number through Gotham, WHILE RUNNING FROM THE BATMAN, he turned the entire city into his slaves. Heck, in the opening, if Batman hadn't stopped them, the three heroes and three villains he had control of, who he had control of even before he first APPEARED, would have done a kickline right into a rocketblast at Music Meister's orders. Even with Batman's Plot Device earplugs in them, Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary were STILL singing, which implies that his voice isn't just hypnotic, but viral! He was literally just one person away from ruling the entire world at the end...
    • ...God, if he got into the main DCU, and took control of Oracle and Calculator...
    • It's ungodly catchy for us, too. Dear lord, imagine what would happen if he saw us.
      • Oh, it gets bloody worse people. Remember that punk musical number "Death Trap"? Remember how since he had Batman and Black Canary tied up they were clearly out cold for an extended period of time? Music Meister just had to drop the Villain Ball for 5 seconds and think "You know, instead of putting them in this overly complex trap, why don't I just TAKE OUT HIS EAR PLUGS!" If he had just rolled slightly higher on that wisdom check he would've WON... for good. Granted, we wouldn't be in misery.
    • In the first part of "The Siege of Starro!", Faceless Hunter looks like he killed off Red Tornado. Absolutely no one mentions looking for him at all. What the Hell, Hero? indeed.
      • Doesn't that happen to him all the time, though? He was killed in Justice League once (destroyed by A.M.A.Z.O. in "The Return"), and was back in time for "Fire in the Sky". Good Thing You Can Be Rebuilt!
      • Yes but what if Faceless Hunter made sure to hide the body?
  • At the beginning of "Trials of the Demon!", Scarecrow genetically alters Gotham's pumpkins to emit fear gas when heated. Obviously, this makes jack-o-lanterns dangerous, but this also includes a fall staple: pumpkin pies. How many people would go insane simply from cooking their pumpkins?

Fridge Logic

  • Why is Atlantis a Domed Hometown if everyone can breathe underwater?
    • They couldn't breathe water when their continent sank, only the dome saved them. They then altered themselves to live underwater.
      • Did they know Atlantis would sink or did they build the dome after it sank or while it was sinking?
      • I believe the canon answer (from the comics) is that the dome had been built to protect from other threats, and just happened to work in this situation beautifully.
    • Maybe they just find walking easier and more convenient than swimming all the time.
  • Why did AQUAMAN's plan in "Mystery In Space" involve borrowing Earth's moon for an eclipse, and not one of the other billion or so chunks of dirt in the universe of roughly the same size that wouldn't cause untold devastation to the planet's inhabitants?
    • And why didn't the Eye of Zarod have a battery backup?
  • How does Bat-Mite, the biggest Batman fan ever, not recognize Harley Quinn? (You'd think someone who can traverse dimensions would be open to the idea of a Canon Immigrant...)
    • Given her redesign as a 20s gangster moll, he may have thought she was another Joker henchwoman.

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