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  • Commented on in "Invasion of the Secret Santas!", when Batman hurls an exploding Batarang at an evil robot Santa, which catches fire and burns down to a metal skeleton-- while continuing to march at him and ho-ho-ho:

Fun Haus: Gee, that won't give kids nightmares, will it?

  • "Shadow of the Bat!" seems calculated to give the audience a good scare. Vampire Batman is ruthless and savage (he even takes out Alfred), and the sound of him chomping down on people is remarkably unpleasant.
  • "Emperor Joker!": How many of you expected to see the skeletonized remains of Batman in a vat of acid?
  • The Faceless Hunter, from Batman the Brave And The Bold. Holy hell, this thing is a monster. He roams the universe, finding worlds that his master, Starro can conquer, by attaching horrible mind-control probes to their faces. He's a physical god, can teleport, turn invisible, and has a terrifying arsenal of traps and weapons. He spends most of the series tracking, defeating and mind-raping the various DC heroes. And if you can't be posessed by a Starro spore? He'll horribly kill you. It get's worse though. How and why did he become Starro's herald? He asked Starro to destroy his homeworld, because his people were pacifists. It's pretty bad when a world-conqueror makes you look good by comparison. And the creepiest John Di Maggio voice imagineable doesn't help matters.

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