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  • In nearly every episode, but taken to the extreme level in "Night of the Huntress!"
  • "Menace Of The Conqueror Cavemen!": Kr'ull seems to have an...interesting reaction to turning his girlfriend into a cavewoman.
  • In the cold open for "Inside the Outsiders": every single line of dialogue between Batman and Catwoman. Taken to new heights when Batman mentions he should "collar" Catwoman with a crafty smile. At the end of a short scuffle, he then ties her up with her own whip. Ooh, Batman, you kinky man, you...
    • At the end of that episode, it isn't said what "happy thoughts" Batman used to defeat Psycho Pirate, but given the way said cold open ended...
  • This little song here, in which Black Canary, Huntress, and Catwoman discuss the Justice League's... superhero traits.
    • Not quite after all, Cartoon Network, in the U.S. anyway, decided not to air the episode thanks in part to the song.
    • And then there's the other reason the episode didn't air: Batman gets gunned down by mobsters. Several times. With realistic guns. Of course he's gets better, but still...
  • In "Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!:"

Blue Beetle (regarding Planetmaster): You don't want to know what he does with Uranus.

  • There's also a scene at one point where flipping through channels eventually yields "...It's called 'The Aristocrats!'"
  • "Clash of the Metal Men!" has Platinum turning into a chair for Batman with her face being the seat. Not to mention her common Double Entendres.
  • Episode 12 of Season 2 brings us this:

Detective Chimp: Well, hello there. I don't believe we've had the pleasure. I'm Chimp. Detective Chimp.
Vixen: B'wany, combine him with something, so we can escape.
Detective Chimp: I'd rather he combine you and I, my dear. We'd make quite the couple, don't you think?

  • "A Bat Divided!"'s Slacker!Batman is very reminiscent of a stoner. He even claims a case of the munchies!
  • "The Criss-Cross Conspiracy" has to be the gayest Batman story ever. Among other things:
    • It gives us this little gem when Batman switched bodies with Batwoman and tries to free himself from being tied to a chair. He miscalculates and falls over chair and all.

Batman: "Apparently, my center of gravity is now much... *throws glance at his/her chest* ... higher."

    • Batwoman (in Batman's body) checks out Nightwing! Then she asks him if his cape "made him look fat!"
    • Batman (in Batwoman's body) has to flirt with Felix Faust to get his help.
    • And in the end, upon finding the truth about that, Faust just says, "Well, nobody's perfect!"
  • "Darkseid Descending!" has Fire's very curvy powered up form from the comics (which oddly is less censored than her JLU version).
    • Speaking of Fire, we also get this little bit about her costume...

Fire: Do you think my outfit is too short for this mission?
Blue Beetle: Ya know, I question if it's short enough.


Jimmy Olsen: Superman's turned into a real di-
Lois Lane: -fferent person!

  • This exchange in "Time Out for Vengeance!"

Green Lantern: So, Ice, you tired of that romance novel yet? I prefer a story with a little more... action in it.
Ice: Oh, there is plenty of that in here, believe me.

    • And from the same episode, the Cave-Batman checks Ice out and asks her to be his mate.
  • "Powerless"

Batman: This is the Justice League Training Room. Here, through holographic simulations you will only rely on your wits and intestinal fortitude


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