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Fridge Horror

  • Tim Drake was the Joker in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. The Joker killed millions with that death laser. Tim Drake killed millions.
    • The director commentary confirms that everyone jumped out of the way really fast, all the buildings were abandoned, and all the cars were being driven by robots.
    • Fridge Horror is hard to avoid in the DCAU - they had to follow the rules for kids TV, meaning no killing. This often led to Fates Worse Than Death that the real impact of would not be felt by those watching until they grow up.
    • Speaking of Batman Beyond, in the JLU BB finale, Amanda Waller picked the exact same kind of parents of Bruce's for Terry's. In the pilot, Terry's parents were divorced. Does that mean that, if Bruce's parents weren't killed, were Thomas and Martha Wayne going to split up?
      • One fan theory of why they were divorced was the fact that both sons looked nothing like the father.
        • According to Bruce Timm, Epilogue's revelation was partly motivated by the staff realizing Terry and Matt's black hair is genetically improbable given Mary is a redhead and Warren's hair is light brown - in turn opening the possibility that Warren had suspected infidelity.
  • It happened a lot early in Batman the Animated Series. For instance, the Scarecrow's out of control blimp would careen around the city, with Batman, the hostage, and the villains escaping in the nick of time. And the blimp crashes into a skyscraper, which may have been a high rise apartment complex filled with relaxing civilians. Or an office building where some late night workers were trying to put in enough hours for that promotion.
    • In later episodes, at least, the characters tended to mention that no one was hurt or that the victim had narrowly survived.
    • In the beginning of the episode, "Joker's Favor", the Joker is driving around in a station wagon with luggage strapped to the top. The radio mentioned he had just escaped police custody, so the car probably wasn't his. Not that this is a stretch for the Joker, but this seems to imply that he killed some vacationers for their car.
      • He could have just stolen it.