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  • In Tsukihime, it is revealed in the later routes that almost any part of the game related to the Tohno family (any/all given routes) was all an enormous Batman Gambit of epic proportions, schemed by the maid Kohaku as an attempt to get her revenge on the Tohno family for all the horrendous abuse Makihisa dealt out to her; it fully succeeds in 2 of the endings. Don't even get fans started on this topic, as they are highly divided on to what extent things were orchestrated.
  • The Ace Attorney games used these a few times.
    • In the first game, Manfred von Karma had one of these as a backup plan, in case something went wrong (which, for him, has happened once in his 40 years as a prosecutor). If he failed to convict Edgeworth for the murder on Gourd Lake, he was hoping that he would confess to the DL-6 incident. He did, just as planned.
    • In case 1-5, the main character himself pulled a beautiful one against Damon Gant. He used a legal loophole to withhold an evidence that would have otherwise cleared Gant of the murder. The angry Gant then confessed about everything short of the murder itself to get himself off the hook. Then Wright shows the evidence, which made said confession to incriminate him of the murder.
    • Matt Engarde, Manipulative Bastard that he is, used one to hinder his rival by confessing that he had previously been in a relationship with his manager. Since his rival was currently in a relationship with his manager, he broke up out of pride. Having been heartbroken twice by the same man, she commited suicide.
    • And in Ace Attorney Investigations 2 The ENTIRE GAME turns out to have been one by the Big Bad. So much so that the final case isn't so much a proper case is it is piecing together all the loose ends of the previous cases and realising they all point to one person.
  • Half of Apollo Justice Ace Attorney is about Apollo being manipulated by Phoenix in his bid to reform the justice system and clear his own name. It starts when Phoenix is framed for murder by his "friend", Kristoph Gavin, whom he calls to defend him in court, but then get suspicious when Kristoph lets slip something about the death in the call, so he insists on having Apollo defend him instead, intending to manipulate the trial to get Apollo to prove Gavin did it. And since Apollo has now put his own boss in jail for murder this means Phoenix is now able to take Apollo under his wing to groom as his successor. Phoenix has come a long way since the first game.
    • Quite a long way indeed.
    • To a lesser extent, Klavier uses this against Apollo, letting him figure out and prove things Klavier had figured out long before, then turning these things against Apollo.
  • Performed in Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors by Ace. He didn't want them going into Room Three (where there was the body of a person he had killed) and knew they would end up coming back to the room. By staying behind, they wouldn't be able to send in both groups, and so he injected himself with the drugs.