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  • At the Super-Hero School Whateley Academy in the Whateley Universe, there are Combat Finals at the end of Fall term 2006. In one chapter of Joe Gunnarson's Call the Thunder, Diamondback finds herself teamed with the Supervillain Hekate, who everyone in the entire school knows will backstab Diamondback first chance she gets. Diamond lays a very cunning Batman Gambit that only works if Hekate shafts her as soon as she gets the chance. Hekate grabs the Villain Ball for everything she's worth, leading to a very satisfying conclusion.
    • Ayla, meanwhile, has one occur in her Birthday Party story. A group plans to give her a surprise Birthday Party, but has to make sure it's an honest surprise, to someone who expects they are going to give one.
  • From the SCP Foundation: Termination Order is a story about two... relatively ordinary humans... assigned to kill a godlike being who causes reality to shift due to his emotional state. How do they do it? They keep him calm while silently dragging him to the moon through an elaborate series of interlocking plans involving a teleporting wading pool and illusionary butterflies, where they set off a bomb. Seriously.
  • The Big Bad of Broken Saints plays with this a bit: He sends out early test signals of the transmission he plans to use to Take Over the World (sort of), knowing that there will be those who receive it and make the pilgrimage from wherever they live to his Evil Tower of Ominousness. The inquisitive minds who would accomplish such a journey are exactly the people he wants as his first apostles, to help him spread his gospel further. It makes more sense in context.
  • Maddox managed to pull this one off against a hate-mailer when she insulted him, calling him an "Angry Bitter Man". Instead of ripping apart the hate-mail like he usually does, he instead responded to the hate-mail in an unconventional way by saying how he was abused as a child and his writing is a way of expressing himself. She responded back to him in a somewhat understanding manner, only to have Maddox responded back: "Just Kidding. Tool."
  • The Slender Man Mythos himself pulled one of these in What You Are in The Dark. He took advantage of his own viral nature by implanting false memories into Reach, using him to "infect" the bloggers(as well as his "fandom" in general) with the idea of Revenants: supposedly humans horribly transformed into Slender Man's super-powered elite soldiers. However, he didn't realize that memories cannot be truly erased... only hidden. Reach eventually uncovered memories of his brainwashing and realized the lie. There are no revenants, only people brainwashed into thinking they are and Slender Man's enemies who believe it. This was done to scatter their attention away from Slim himself. What he'll do now that the illusion is uncovered is anyone's guess.
  • In Land Games, Reckes uses a Batman Gambit to trick Mei into betraying her allies using her feelings for him against her.