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  • Tear Jerker - Averted in an unfortunate way. Mr. Freeze's reaction after Poison Ivy falsely informs him that Batman killed Freeze's wife is genuinely touching, and would probably be the most effective moment in the film... if only the film-makers hadn't decided to stick a horrible visual gag involving Freeze's tears icing up on his cheeks right in the middle of the sequence.
    • Some didn't see that as a "horrible visual gag," but as symbolic. The tear? That's Freeze's last shred of humanity, his love for his wife. It trickles down his cheek...before it's frozen, breaks, and is scattered as dust in the wind. His last link to his old life and his love broken, he decides to say screw it and freeze the whole world in revenge.
      • Originally, this was going to be in the excellent B:TAS episode "Heart of Ice", but Paul Dini supposedly pulled back because he realized just how silly it came off as.
        • The thing of it is, while he said that at the time, he's changed his mind since. Both he and Bruce Timm have said that if they could do it over again, they would include it.
    • At the end, Batman tries to redeem Freeze (so he'll share the secrets of curing MacGregor's disease). And it works. And then they reveal that Batman actually saved Freeze's wife, rendering this plotline somewhat moot. This scene is also marred by Freeze finally dropping the lame ice puns... for a lame doctor joke.
    • Which makes it all a Wallbanger as Batman could have at least blunted Freeze's rampage just by saying "Your wife isn't dead! I can show you!" the entire time but didn't either because he didn't know Freeze's underlying motive or didn't want to.
  • The conversation between Bruce and the ill Alfred, in what might have been their last moment together, and thus, tell each other what the other has meant to them in their lives.
    • Say what you like about the rest of this movie, but the prospect of Alfred dying is genuinely sad, especially as played by master thespian and professional Cool Old Guy Michael Gough.
  • The brief scene of Mr. Freeze carving a tiny sculpture of his wife into a makeshift music box is rather touching amidst the sound and fury and a nice reference to the animated series.