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Battle City is a game series of four-directional shooters developed and released by Namco, featuring tanks. This series features three games:

  • Tank Battalion (1980).
  • Battle City (1985). Some consider it only a port rather than sequel.
  • Tank Force (1991). A rarer 4-player version also exists.

In these games, player spawns right next to base, represented as a bird. The enemy tanks start appearing from the edges of the screen and moving semi-randonly towards your base. To win the round, all enemies in the level have to be defeated. Game over is not only when all lives are lost, but also if the enemies manage to shoot the base down.

The first of games, Tank Battalion, featured simple graphics, clunky movement and only one type of obstacle. Battle City improved it with much smoother movement, different types of enemy tanks, more varied scenery, different powerups and most importantly two-player co-op mode. Tank Force further improved the game by adding boss levels, more powerups, more enemies and increasing the pace of levels even more.

This series wasn't quite popular, with the exception of Battle City. Even this was the most popular in places where it wasn't officially released.

Tropes used in Battle City (video game) include: