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Battle Fever J was the third Super Sentai show, lasting from 1979 to 1980. Following up on the success of their tokusatsu adaptation of Spider-Man (which most of the early Sentai crew worked on after the end of JAKQ Dengekitai), Battle Fever J was originally intended to be a localization of the Marvel Comics superhero Captain America (comics), which would have starred a Japanese counterpart named "Captain Japan". However, this idea was revised after Toei decided to resurrect the Sentai series (without Shotaro Ishinomori's involvement) following a two-year hiatus by adding a giant robot to the formula, putting the "Super" in Super Sentai (in fact Himitsu Sentai Goranger and JAKQ were not part of the Super Sentai franchise until years later).

When the evil secret society of Egos arrives on Japan to take over the country, General Tetsuzan Kurama of the Defense Department gathers five young agents to form Team Battle Fever. Each agent has received specialized training from different organizations around the world and have developed their own fighting styles based on international dance moves.

Team Battle Fever is composed of:[edit | hide | hide all]

The members of Egos are:[edit | hide]

Recurring Super Sentai tropes:[edit | hide]

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  1. although, he was originally classified as a green ranger, since black was considered a villainous color at the time and Kenya's suit had a prominent green stripe, as well as a green letter "K" on his belt buckle.
  2. giant robot duplicates called "Akuma (Devil) Robots"