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  • Battle Royale is chock full of Tear Jerkers from beginning to end. One of the most heart wrenching examples occurs when Hiroki Sugimura engages Kazuo Kiriyama in a vicious hand to hand fight that leaves him maimed but victorious...until he remembers that Kiriyama had the kevlar vest and survived the spray of bullets that Sugi used to end the fight. After the touching underdog fight that Hiroki had put up, seeing all of his pain and suffering made pointless was heart breaking, made worse by the cold blooded murder of his love interest in front of his eyes while he is helpless and cursing himself for telling her his feelings. His thoughts during the last moments are unbearable.
  • Takako Chigusa's death earlier on, in Hiroki's arms. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming as she finally confesses her feelings to him, even though she knows he doesn't requite them.
  • Hirono Shimizu's death, when she is pushed down a well and dreams about meeting up with Shuya and escaping the island. She is one of those villains who want to do a Heel Face Turn but tragically die before they can.
  • Mitsuko Souma's death in the manga, while being Nausea Fuel at the same time. Kiriyama sky-rocketed into Complete Monster territory in that moment.
    • Nope, that had been crossed long ago when he killed Yumiko and Yukiko.
    • Her death in the movie is also heartbreakingly sad, especially since, prior to her fight against Kiriyama, her awful childhood was revealed in a flashback. The music during her death does not help. Also, her last thought: "I just didn't want to be a loser anymore".
  • The Crowning Moment of Heartwarming that Shinji Mimura and Yutaka Seto share is interrupted by Kiriyama, who guns Yutaka down before either of them even know he's there. Mimura then dies slowly, piece by piece, while trying (and ultimately failing) to kill Kiriyama.
  • " Shu, I can feel again", proves monsters like Kiriyama sometimes can achieve some sort of peace, even in their last breaths.
    • His whole backstory before his death. This troper was actually sobbing just trying to finish reading it.
    • Making it worse is what we see him doing before the car accident that took away his ability to feel. What do we see Kiriyama doing as a little boy? Using his brilliance to help people, cheering his little brother up, and goofing around while watching cartoons with his dad like a normal kid. You really get the sense that if it hadn't been for that one accident, Kiriyama would've grown up to be someone both compassionate and brilliant, someone who probably would've had a positive influence on the Crapsack World of the story. Imagine such a person in the game. Most likely, he would've fought back just like Shinji, probably would have succeeded, and plenty more kids could have walked off that island alive along with Shuuya and Noriko.
    • The scene as he's regaining his emotions gets even worse when you realize that he is actually feeling the pain from his mother's death for the first time. It's so painful for him, he is mentally screaming that he wants to 'go back to the gray' because he can't take the sudden rush of grief. If Shuuya hadn't mortally wounded him moments later, imagine how he would have reacted to the knowledge that he brutally murdered his classmates in cold blood. Almost makes his death seem like a Mercy Kill.
  • Kazuhiko and Sakura's death, especially in the novel where the chapter is written very peacefully, rather than tense like the rest of the book
  • Hiroki's death scene together with Kayoko.
  • When Yukiko shot with a dozen bullets, yet crawls to her friend Yumiko and holds her, crying softly.
  • The side chapter in the manga about Yuko's parents and their memories of their daughter.
  • In the manga, Fumiyo is seen in the flashback smelling flowers, talking to her friends, and crying during gym class, which makes her death much more jarring.
  • Shogo's whole backstory in the manga. Oh, GOD...!
  • The chapter with Yoshimi and Yoji's death. Just imagine: you've left your past life of prostitution behind and have a loving boyfriend who makes you feel god about yourself... And then he turns on you and tries to kill you. Yoshimi tells Yoji that he can kill her if he wants, since she was truly happy being with him... Then Mitsuko pops up and kills Yoji right as he finally begins to understand. Of course, considering the circumstances, it might come across as more jarring than anything else.
  • The entire sequence at the lighthouse.