Battlestar Galactica (1978 TV series)/Tear Jerker

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  • Adama's finding the picture of his wife, Ila, amongst the ruins of his home on Caprica, in the pilot episode:

Adama: I'm sorry Ila... I was never there when it mattered. Never...

    • And a little later when Apollo comes in:

Apollo: Maybe mother wasn't here.
Adama: No, she was here. She was here.

  • "That, Mr. President... was my son."
  • "You can fly with me anytime, little brother." Just to twist the knife a little bit, Apollo tells this to Zack, just before he dies.
  • Serina's death scene.
  • Watching the Atlantia explode.
  • Watching Count Iblis murder Apollo as if he were swatting a fly.