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Author and Websites

Beyond Insane

  • Recommended by Jek Windu
  • Pairing: Lee/Kara
  • Info: A livejournal community dedicated to what is widely considered BSG's OTP. Remains constantly updated with stories from a massive pool of writers.

None yet.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

The Road Not Taken by workerbee73

  • Recommended by skylilies
  • Pairing: Kara/Lee, Kara/Zak.
  • Word Count: 4200 (approx.)
  • Synopsis: What could have happened if Zak had realised Lee and Kara were in love. Rated R for some sexual activity.

Best Laid Plans by workerbee73

  • Recommended by skylilies
  • Pairing: Kara/Lee.
  • Setting: AU, crossover with The West Wing.
  • Word Count: 2600 (approx.)
  • Synopsis: Lee wants to impress a girl, but fate - helped along by a cold bottle of champagne - has other plans. Moral of the story? Never take dating advice from Josh Lyman.
  • Comments: Like all good fic, this features a Lee and Kara who are very much still the people we know and love in canon. And giving them a different setting- in this case, The West Wing, though one doesn't need to be especially familiar with that show to appreciate this - and observing their dynamic in it is fascinating. The tone is absolutely perfect - the author nailed the mix of UST and humour, and the end result is a must-read.

A Dangerous Game by workerbee73

  • Recommended by skylilies
  • Pairing: Kara/Lee
  • Word Count: 35,000 (approx.)
  • Synopsis: Kara is a government agent sent to infiltrate a powerful mafia family suspected of selling military secrets. Her main suspect? Guess who. Rated R for sexual activity.

Sanctuary by ingrid.

  • Recommended by Across The Stars
  • Pairing: Roslin/Adama
  • Synopsis: The universe has gone mad, but William Adama has sanctuary.
  • Comments: A truly lovely, well-written little piece exploring the relationship of Laura Roslin and Bill Adama in the midst of chaos.

Through a Glass Lightly( here ) by katamarann

  • Recommended by arcadia92003
  • Pairing: mainly Roslin/Adama, but also other pairings in the background.
  • Synopsis: What if Adama and Roslin were in opposite positions when they met at the decommisionning ceremony? Roslin as the Commander of the Galactica and Adama as the Secretary of Education.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Going Native by Rap541 (Star Trek: The Next Generation Crossover)

  • Recommended by krinsbez
  • Synopsis: Felix Gaeta is actually a Starfleet officer who was stranded in the Twelve Colonies and forced to blend in. When the RTF runs into the Enterprise-D, his secrets come out, and things get interesting...
  • Going Forward
    • Synopsis: A few years later, the Colonials are settling into new lives in the Federation. Then the Dominion invades the Alpha Quadrant, and all hell breaks loose.
  • Pairings: Gaeta/Dee, Lee/OC.

From Prometheus to 12 by Lord Onisyr (Death Note Crossover)

Red in Tooth and Claw by JA Baker (Halo crossover)

  • Recommended by pagad
  • Synopsis: The good ship Galactica and her fleet encounter the far-flung remnants of the Forward Unto Dawn, around 80 years after the events of Halo 3. In relation to Galactica, this seems to be set some time in Season 2 after the arrival of the Pegasus and before the discovery of New Caprica.

From Glory to Ash by brian 0711

  • Recommended by Judge King
  • Sypnosis: This will start as just a short story told from the Caprican perspective of the end of the Fifth Colonial Conflict and the start of the Cylon War. The Cylons have been the robotic servants and soldiers of the Colonies for nearly thirty years. For the past four years the Fifth Colonial Conflict has raged across eight worlds and dozens of moons and planetoids. Four hundred million Colonial citizens are dead, thousands of warships destroyed, and two alliances ready to slash the throat of the other. Caprica plans a major offensive to sieze Tauron's most important tyllium mine. Admiral Kessandra Makos, the high commander of Caprican/Scorpion/Picon forces begins her assault on the planetoid Corvus in the Cyrannus System. Unfortunately half of her fleet, ships crewed and designed for the robotic Cylons, have other plans.
  • Comments: Prequel to Dust of the Stars

Dust of the Stars by brian0711 (Trope page)

  • Recommended by Judge King
  • Sypnosis: A Stargate: SG-1/Battlestar: Galactica crossover. It begins 34 years after the First Cylon War with Commander Adama in command of BS-41 Valkyrie. The Colonies have been in a state of undeclared Cold War with the Cylons. After being snubbed thirty-four times at the Cenotaph Armistice Station Admiral Corman, commander of Sixth Fleet, tasked with border patrol and expeditionary activities, dispatches Commander Adama to investigate a series of anomalous DRADIS signals on the extreme edge of explored space. They believe the Cylons are testing a stealth ship. Due to the story taking place years before the series there are many original characters. Series character such as Kara Thrace and Karl Agathon will be introduced as they progress through the Fleet Academy and Lee Adama as he begins Viper training, as well as his brother, Zak. The story is told mainly from the Colonial POV.
  • Comments: A Stargate/nBSG crossover

Those That Go Unbound by Panzerfaust26

  • Recommended by Sithking Zero
  • Synopsis: As the Cylons ravage the Colonies and exterminate the human race, they will find themselves at odds with an ancient menace, whose destiney is intertwined with that of the Galactica and her fleet of survivors. Homeworld 2 influences.
  • Comments: Dead Fic, unfortunately, and pretty short. But a very well-written story, nonetheless. A semi-crossover between Homeworld and Battlestar Galactica, the story stars a group of space pirates that were originally exiled from the 12 colonies. Ever since the First Cylon War, they've been in a civil war with rouge factions, but now they have their stuff together again and are ready to begin preying on the colonies once more. Unfortunately, they arrive at the same time as the Cylons, which they consider as being a good thing, as that means more ships to plunder. Only about three chapters, most of which is space battles between the pseudo-Vaygr and the Cylons, but if you're looking for a good fight scene between an evenly matched alien fleet and the cylons, this is it. I'd recommend it, but with a grain of salt.

Jupiter Brains All Over the Walls by Alyak.

  • Recommended by Sithking Zero
  • Synopsis: Ploba has always been a mystery and doing something stupid, like messing with mysteries, will have consequences to the galaxy. Just remember you reap what you sow.
  • Comments: A Mass Effect/Battlestar Galactica crossover, where the cylons survived into the far distant future, into the twenty second century, where the galaxy is united via the power of Mass Effect. They were reawakened by Shepard, who was scanning giant, buried supercomputers known as Jupiter Brains before he was called away. These "Jupiter Brains," are actually Cylon ships, who dispatch a Six to check out the galaxy, and to determine how humanity is doing. In the process, however, she saves a colony and gains the ire of Shepard and the Illusive Man. Personally, I really like Six, the main character in this story, as she seems to take pride in standing up to Shepard and other powerful entities, which is a refreshing change of pace from where people fall all over themselves trying to get on Shepard's good side, as is so common in many stories. If for no other reason, read it for the characters, who are amazingly good.