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Fridge Brilliance

  • Bayonetta has multiple elements of butterflies in her design: Butterflies appear when she jumps, her glasses have them, her entire shadow is a giant butterfly. Now look at the demon she summons to make giant fist and boot attacks - the game manual mentions her name is Madame Butterfly. This is also the name of a famous opera whose theme is a an american soldier and a japanese woman during the war who fall in love, but eventually he leaves her alone and pregnant with a child born of both world who will be accepted by none... and Bayonetta herself is the daughter of a Lumen Sage and Umbral Witch! ~Drakkenmensch
  • One possible reason for why Bayonetta considers the Angels to be ugly? Need I bring up the Beloved who fell in love with Cereza? ~Kingdom Xathers
  • I only just realised this. Notice that during fights with Jeanne that she has these feathers attached to her guns? I only just realised that since she's under the control of Baldur, the feathers aren't part of her design. You aren't fighting Jeanne as a person, you're fighting Jeanne as a puppet operated by Baldur!
    • Not quite; she, for the most part is in control of herself, since she's always butting heads with the Cardinal Virtues... ... except that's probably part of the "programming" instilled upon her by Balder, as well.
  • Why are the Angels really after Bayonetta? My guess? Most of the Angels of Paradiso (except, of course, the Cardinal Virtues) are not in on Balder's scheme, and are actually trying to stop Bayonetta and Balder (a.k.a., the Left and Right Eyes of the World) from reuniting, mostly to keep Balder's plan from truly succeeding.

Fridge Horror

  • Shortly after Bayonetta's introduction cutscene jumps to present day, we see a group of priests apparently commit ritual suicide, and the enemy footsoldiers emerge from the corpses. Later, Rodin says that the people of Vigrid are "closer to Paradiso" than any human should ever be. It's harder to notice because they only appear as silhouettes, but whenever Bayonetta ends up fighting angels in Vigrid, ALL of the humans disappear from the area. And in the penultimate level, on your way to fight Balder, you can examine strange machines and containers of red fluid (shaped like caskets) all wired to the top of the building, where Jubileus is being stored. One of the bosses even mentions how Vigrid has become their 'foothold' in the human world. This is a prosperous, heavily-fortified city state with super-advanced technology, and EVERYONE in it is a potential incubator for a Cthulhu-angel. Oh Crap doesn't even begin to cover this.
  • This troper always thought that there were no humans left after a fight with angels because they all ran away (as demonstrated in the opening scene, although humans can't see angels, they can see explosions and collateral effects of the fight such as objects being flung through the air). Also, humans can be seen running around in some fights (difficult to see because they are Silhouettes). That doesn't explain the creepy blood coffins though...
  • The Joy class angel can invoke Paranoia Fuel with its shapeshifting abilities. According to The Hierachy Of Laguna, they've broken free of physical form (hence why they can change their form). It's all well and good if you can see Purgatorio or Paradiso because you could probably rule them out by their halo. But what about normal humans? What if someone amongst you is a Joy that has taken the physical form of someone close to you and is collaborating with angels to spirit you away?