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  • The episode where Jetstorm is about to defect to the Maximals after Megatron's apparent death and Thrust runs in, warning them not to take his only friend. Jetstorm, who is an amazing Jerkass, actually takes the statement seriously. He would make fun of anyone else who showed emotional concern for him. Just ask Blackarachnia!

Thrust: My boss is dead. Everything's falling apart. I won't let you take my best friend!
Jetstorm: We're...friends?
Thrust: (softly) Why not?

  • The last episode where Cheetor said that Optimus lives on inside all Cybertronians and meets Primal's spirit one last time as it moves on to the next life.
  • Rhinox's spark talking to Primal after dying. Rhinox explains that he and Tankor are free and no longer have to struggle with each other. Primus has forgiven them and allowed them into the Matrix.

Rhinox: I paid the price for my misguided deeds... But it is not to late for you. Embrace the true nature of your spark.

  • The end of "In Darkest Knight," where Silverbolt laments his actions as Jetstorm - actions that he admits he "revelled in":

Silverbolt: I don't know what I am anymore.
Blackarachnia: You are what you've always been – honest, pure, virtuous to a fault.
(Blackarachnia takes his hand)
Silverbolt: You're taking a huge risk.
Blackarachnia: Considering how well I know the goodness in your heart, it really isn't a risk at all.

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