Beast Wars/Tear Jerker

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  • Dinobot's death - and Shakespearean death speech. I knew it was coming, having been in the fandom for two years already, and still cried.
    • Also his funeral immediately afterwards, where the other Maximals fly over his funeral in the "missing man" formation.
    • I was staring with open mouth and tearing eyes. My mom asked me what was wrong when she came in to watch the episode with me (got her hooked on Beast Wars, we watched the whole series together), I just replayed the tape. We were both sobbing by the end.
    • I knew it was coming and managed to hold it together until god damn Rattrap, who had been a constant mutual irritant up until now salutes! I'm tearing up just remembering it.
      • He didn't just salute; he was the FIRST to salute. And this was after their last conversation was an argument over Dinobot's allegiance. The fact that this action made Rattrap of all Maximals salute him really puts it in perspective.
    • Dinobot's death was one of the best death scenes I have seen on anything from TV or a Movie. It was one of the best cartoons I have ever seen.
      • I agree, thinking that Optimus Primal's words to Dinobot were especially touching, in light of recent events after "Maximal, No More". Optimus may have doubted Dinobot's allegiance back then but he will never again doubt how much of a hero Dinobot truly was.

Optimus Primal: He lived a warrior and died a hero. Let his spark join the Matrix... the greatest of Cybertron.

  • I cried buckets over the episode "Transmutate".
    • Seconded. Made worse by the fact that her episode IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWS DINOBOT'S DEATH.
    • Thirded, majorly. It ruins me just thinking about it. If not for the title character's haunting, pain-filled wail while trying to stop Rampage and Silverbolt from fighting then it was the underplayed, almost child-like final line:

Transmutate: Friend...good. Friend...dark.

  • During the series finale, I began tearing up as soon as Dinobot II began to remember who he was. Curse you Dinobot! Part of you came back just to make me cry, is that it?!?
  • For this troper, the deaths of Depth Charge and Rampage brought a tear to my eye. The two were locked in an endless cycle of mutual torment, and in the end, they both managed to find a semblance of peace.
    • I'd like to add that it's also a tearjerker that Depth Charge meets his death NOT wanting to fight Rampage, but willingly goes to try and disable Nemesis himself (following Optimal Optimus' orders without any snark or reluctance) against the whole Predacon crew including Transmetal II Dinobot and Megatron. And later, even knowing that both him and Rampage will die when he deals the killing blow and going along with it was.. just sad for this troper, considering Depth Charge was by far his favourite character.
  • In "Feral Scream, Part 1," Cheetor appears to die when Megatron's Transmetal 2 machine explodes. The episode establishes pretty quickly he's still alive, but Depth Charge (thinking otherwise) takes back a piece of his armor and breaks the news to Optimus. The look on ol' Big Bot's face is downright heartbreaking.
  • This tribute to the fallen Maximals.
  • Tigatron and Airazor's abduction and deaths, as they clasp hands and vow that their sparks will always find one another.