Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon/Awesome

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    A fic like this deserves its moments of awesome:

    • Sailor Moon's first fight...she didn't even need Moon Tiara Action for that one. ◦ Sailor Mercury's first appearance also qualifies, as she kicks much ass herself.

    • Whenever a new Senshi arrives, they seem to get a CMOA:
    • Rei roasts Jadeite though it doesn't stick.
      • Makoto spoils the Dark Kingdom's bus plan, and then rips the Yakuza a new one.
    • Chapter 11 is a crowning chapter worthy of Gurren Lagaan.
    • Chapter 14 again brings the awesome, as the youma, for once, isn't finished off by the Senshi, but my Scott Pilgrim and Ramona, who were nearby.