Bedknobs and Broomsticks/Fridge

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  • Fridge Brilliance
    • Our heroes have told the bed to take them to "The Island of Namboomboo." Well, without more specific directions the magic guiding it must default to the geographical center of the island. Well, guess what? The island is crescent-shaped, so the geographical center is in Namboomboo Lagoon, not any portion of the land.
    • Furthermore, the bed is enchanted with a traveling spell, which must have a "the traveler must survive the journey" clause. Thus the bed imbues our heroes with the (temporary) ability to breathe underwater.
    • In the climax, Britain is defended by the real Old Home Guard -- the veterans of not just World War I, but every war in British history.
    • The clothes of King Charles I appear to be leading Oliver Cromwell's Roundheads into battle. They must hate the Nazis even more than they hate each other!
  • Fridge Horror
    • Why the vulture medics are so very, very disappointed when they don't get to carry an injured player off the field.