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  • The whole of 'Eve of the War'. Nina has died and George is emotionally absent.
  • George's Heroic Sacrifice in saving his daughter Eve from vampires by willingly inducing a partial transformation which results in him having heart, liver and kidney failure and his death.
  • •George saving Mitchell at the end of Season 3 by killing him.
  • This letter to Eve from her father George.
  • The ending of eighth episode of season three is probably one of the few actions that combines this with Crowning Moment of Awesome.
  • George's death during the season four premiere.
  • Kirby tricking Tom into thinking that he was going to get his very first birthday party, complete with cake. The look on Tom's face when he realises that no one even knows that it's his birthday.
    • Annie falls for Kirby... who then begins to insult her until she fades away.
    • Kirby messes up Hal's bedroom and it looks like he can almost cope with that... Then he drops Hal's photo of Leo on the floor and Hal looks completely devastated.
  • Tom sending away Allison despite their mutual attraction because he knows he's turning her into a worse person, by pretending that he hates her, even though they both know it's not true.
  • The flashback to Cutler's past when Hal murders Cutler's wife and tricks him into drinking her blood.
    • Of course, Cutler repays him in kind, killing Alex and tricking Hal into drinking her blood. Both of them are devastated, with Hal even begging Cutler on his knees to stop his plot.
  • Annie's goodbye to future Eve, who tells her she was a good mum, and Annie says that she's proud of Eve.
  • Cutler's death. Yes, he was trying to kill Eve but he's spent so long being looked down on by the other vampires, never respected, always humiliated and he finally thinks people will remember him, know his name... and they won't.
  • Annie setting off the bomb and going through the door. Her smile when she opens the door and apparently sees George and Nina.

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