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  • Bernie... Oh sweet god, Bernie.
  • Aidan's staking of Rebecca. The image of her body falling to dust in Aidan's arms was beautifully heartbreaking. Whether or not you liked her, it was hard not to feel sorry for her.
    • I hated Rebecca with a passion. But, when she finally died, I said aloud: "That wasn't as satisfying as I'd thought it'd be."
      • Which is probably one of the points of the show. Violence begets violence and it's usually not as satisfying as one would think. Looking for something to fulfil that satisfaction, to feel 'better' is a fool's errand. There are some pains you just simply have to endure and survive... and forgive.
  • Nora miscarries the baby, and as she's lying on the ground, Josh in wolf-form immediately stops raging and lies down next to her, looking as concerned as a wolf-monster can. Even a wolf will protect his mate.
    • More so when you figure out that the likely reason the miscarriage happened is because the baby was mature enough to transform.
  • Sally's heartbroken reaction to finding out that Nick is dating Zoe.
    • And Zoe's reaction after finding out that Sally killed him.
  • Suren struggling not to cry while seeing Aidan being dragged away by Mother's goons.
  • Everything that happens during the eclipse.
    • And afterwards.

Julia: "I loved you enough, Josh. You just never believed it." She then walks through her door.


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