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    The patron saint of Bemani. Awwww...

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    1. When user Azure posted on VJ Army that he really wanted to play the song in question, people poked fun at him for worshiping the song.
    2. Once again, Azure posted for help on Innocent Wall's stupid 69th measure with that response.
    3. People would notice the use of titles of songs in sentences, weather intentional or not.
    4. V, originally from the arcade version of Beatmania IIDX 5th Style, went on to reappear in a large number of console IIDX releases. While reapparances of songs in arcade versions are the norm, to have a song come back multiple times in console versions, which have much smaller songlists (and thus revivals are fewer and further in between), V in particular, it comes off as silly.
    5. A reaction to Empress' hardest song. Apparently, people thought it would be funny if they spammed the message on every video of the song, even on Nico Nico Douga. Once other replies to the Himiko videos started to be marked as spam, the joke became really unfunny.
    6. Upon the us release of Beatmania IIDX, everyone noticed how AA's were AAA's, A's were AA's and so on. When VJ Army made a "US Mode" that made all of the grades AAA, cue someone posting this. Then we get catsailboat mode
    7. When lineouts of Injection Of Love from Red started to get posted, everyone seriously thought Sana said "Truck Me" (at 1:03 in the linked vid)
    8. Around 8th style, Konami held a musicianship trial. Kyle Sntder, a prolific DDR freestylist, made the song Mirror Force (cause he had a dream passing the song on IIDX), which was best described as ear rape.
    9. Gigadelic's poor sound quality led one person remarking that the song sounds like "an off-balance washing machine", as you can hear in this vid