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    The new voice actors for the aliens will be...

    Alpha will return as an antagonist in Omniverse.

    Hey, if he was shown breaking out of his nanite orb, logical conclusion is that he will return. And the Null Void is a part of the Ben 10 franchise's wing of The Multiverse, so...

    By the end of season 1, Time Travel will get involved.

    And something Teen!Ben does fucks up the timeline for the worse, though nothing as bad as the other Bad Futures in the show, but the changes will make Paradox almost uncharacteristically very angry. Bonus points if it's a Wham! Episode.

    The first episode will pick up right where Ultimate Alien left off

    With Ben using the true Omnitrix to fight Vilgax, as Vilgax was only wounded at the time.

    Vilgax will go back to his former threat level.

    And he'll actually lampshade the regression of his effectiveness over the course of the sequels, going back to something to be feared rather than just another rogue.

    The canon will have a slight Broad Strokes treatment.

    Which will be handwaved with the characters mentioning that the first series, Alien Force, and Ultimate Alien are in some sort of computer archives, though their accuracy is unreliable at best.

    There will be parallel universes.

    It's called Ben 10 Omniverse. My guess is that it will involve Alternate Continuity versions of the show. Given this and the possibility to time travel, it may finally go to explain the major continuity/character flaws of the series. Alternate universes we could see may include:

    The Forever Knights will split into separate groups again.

    After Sir George's death, the organization will fall into disarray and return to their own separate goals. They'll also hold Ben responsible for George's death.

    Paradox will have an Evil Counterpart.

    Because we already have a Doctor Expy, why not have a Master Expy?

    • Does that make the Highbreed Dalek expies?

    Elena will return in the series.

    This show will be a Reunion Show of sorts for the cast of Transformers Animated

    Tara Strong is voicing 11-year-old Ben, Corey Burton has been confirmed to be in the show by Word of Derrick, Bumper Robinson is voicing Rook and Bloxx, and David Kaye (yeeeess) will be voicing Khyber and Shocksquatch. Jeff Bennett will probably appear due to how ubiquitous he is, and maybe we'll even get Bill Fagerbakke and Tom Kenny involved.

    The future has got changed. Again.

    The original "Ben 10K" future got changed when Alien Force came out. The "Ultimate Ben 10K" future has now got discarded due to interference form Dagon.

    Khyber will be hijacked from his position of Big Bad.

    Because he's got an Evil Omnitrix, which isn't likely going to be unnoticed unless Khyber is very covert.

    Gwen and Kevin will come back from their bus trip...

    ...But they won't be the Official Couple anymore.