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    The protagonist of the Haunted Cartridge Arc, Jadusable is the one who kicked everything off. After getting lured in by BEN, he ended up releasing him first onto his computer and then onto the Internet. Currently seems to have been taken over by BEN.


    Also known as "The Link Missing". A member of the Moon Children cult's forums. He played the Song Of Time, returning the forums to the beginning of another cycle. This started a trend of people playing songs to affect aspects of the ARG, but this resulted in Alex's death. But he came back after a player revived him with a fairy.

    Ryukaki/Kayd Hendricks

    The protagonist of the ARG's second arc. He moved into Ben's old house and it goes about as well as you'd expect. He gets phone calls playing the Song of Unhealing (Ben's Leitmotif) and he sees glowing eyes outside his window. Eventually ends up being killed off (or so we think) by BEN. He recently came back to answer questions on the official forums. According to Word of God, his arc is canon, but not especially important.

    Ifrit/Matt Hubris

    A moderator on the Moon Children cult's forums. He disappeared after Alex played the Song of Time and it's unknown where he is now.

    • Shout-Out: The name on his Gmail account was written as "Matt HUBRIS", which could be a small and subtle shout-out to Everyman HYBRID.


    Ifrit's sister. Might know what happened to the original Ben. Mysteriously vanished after hearing "it counting outside [her] door," presumed dead.

    • Foreshadowing: A video on Jadusable's Youtube account (uploaded a year before the first arc) features an eerily-prescient conversation with her namesake, including the warning:

    Jad: Any advice at all? Something that's going to save my life?
    Rosa: Don't open it.





    The Moon Children

    • Cult: It's not clear which of the more specific cult tropes apply yet, but their belief system is based around the moon and the apocalypse.
    • The Faceless: Nobody knows anything about them, except their names. Even those might be pseudonyms.