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By itself, this pic[1] isn't that scary... if only it didn't appear out of nowhere for just a second!

This is a series dedicated to giving people nightmares.

  • You shouldn't have done that...
  • Specifically Episode 3, Drowned, from the moment he decides to play the Elegy of Emptiness, all through the nail-bitingly tense "You shouldn't have done that" section in the underground cave and the Happy Mask Shop. It culminates in a scene at the tree inside the moon, where the statue gets closer, faster and faster, until there's a scream and a momentary flash of the Mask Salesman's livid face... and then silence.
    • The statue on the moon, getting closer to Link just as he changes the camera angle...WITH NO SIGN OF MOVEMENT AT ALL. Something similar was the statue appearing on the fourth video behind the last tombstone.
  • One of the most terrifying moments in the entire ARG comes a day or two after you download TheTruth.rtf: It's not there anymore.
  • The video in which Link walks around with his back turned horizontally while his eyes are decidedly... different looking. Hell, all the videos themselves except for huntyoudown.wmv.
    • The newest video is nothing more than underwater sounds with the text, "No one came." It's BEN drowning.
  • How about some fridge horror? Much of the story is uploaded by Jadusable's roommate. Jadus lives in a single-bed dorm.

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  1. (which comes from DROWNED.wmv by the way)