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Time-Table Hours-Days?

  • It's kind of unclear as to how long the events of the game are. Considering when Henry first shows up, the glow beneath the exit door would lead one to think it was at least still daylight outside. Let's say the events of Chapter 1 take about 30 minutes, but then at the end you step onto a pentagram and pass out. How long were you out for? 1 Hour? Several hours? A day or so? Continuing from that, let's say the events of Chapter 2 take another 30 minutes or so. You get knocked out by Sammy, how long were you out? At least long enough for him to drag you to the room where he attempts to sacrifice you to Bendy. Then you escape and find Boris. You're awake when you meet him, but when Chapter 3 starts, you're waking up in the safe house. There's clear signs that Boris has been hiding there for a while, but what about Henry after he shows up? There's notes on the table about games and scores for said games between the 2 of them, which again begs the question: How long were you down there? Hours? Days? Maybe even weeks? Now let's say the events of Chapter 3 took an hour or so. Then you end up falling down an elevator shaft, and Boris is taken. How long will you be out this time? In total, it seems REALLY unlikely that is all will have taken place over the course of a single night.

Bendy and the Ink "MACHINES"?

  • This one's kind of a blink-and-you'll-miss detail, but the title of the game is as it says, "Bendy and the Ink Machine". Yet, there are actually multiple ink machines found in the game. There's the one you activate in the first chapter, and then there's another one hidden in a stairwell room in chapter 3. There's also blueprints for supposedly an "Ink Machine 2.0", but said machine looks practically identical to the ones you already come across. This in turn raises a couple of BIG questions:
    • IS the Ink Machine we find in Chapter 1, THE ink machine?
    • Are the Ink Machine's we've seen thus far actually smaller engines/models connected to a much larger machine that we haven't seen yet?
    • Given the amount of ink filling rooms and bleeding all over throughout the studio, just how many of these machines ARE there? COULD a single machine really make THIS much ink on its own?
    • An additional thing to consider is that given the amounts of ink, creatures, and damage found throughout the studio, it's next to impossible for all that to have gotten that way in the short time since Henry first turned the machine on again, AND not to mention, we don't even know who turned the machine OFF in the first place or why it would have shut off on its own.

How old are the tape recordings?

  • Sure, it's obvious that some ARE 30 years old, but others not so much. Others make you wonder how old or fresh they really are, and their age could shed some definitive light on just how long the studio has been in the state it has been when Henry shows up, because let's face it... It sure as hell didn't get like that in the matter of seconds following Henry turning the Ink Machine back on.

Alice Angel isn't popular? Why not?

  • We find out from a tape recorder that Alice Angel or at least her merchandise wasn't selling as well as anybody had hoped. Why not? Was it perhaps the fault of the merchandise's creator making sub-par products? Or was it the fact that Alice Angel just wasn't as popular a character in general? In which case, one has to wonder why, because she's designed similar to Betty Boop who in turn ended up becoming so popular that she out shined the character whose boyfriend she was originally created to be. Unless Joey Drew Studios was actually competing with other companies such as those who actually created Betty Boop in their world, I don't see how she wasn't a popular character.

Boris? Boris? Boris?

  • There's a lot to question about Boris. Why is he the only toon created by the ink machine (that we've met thus far) that isn't evil or trying to kill you? Who exactly was it that killed the Boris on the first floor? How were all the other Boris copies found in Alice Angel's room created? Why are there so many of him and the Butcher gang, and yet only 1 Bendy and 1 Alice Angel?
    • THEORY WARNING - A possible explanation could be that the person who wrote the note at the very beginning was actually Boris! Or rather a copy of Boris that was trying to escape, and managed to reach the 1st floor, but after finishing getting the letter out and shutting off the ink machine initially, was then caught, killed, and vivisected. That would explain why there's only 1 Boris found up there, and yet several down in Alice's territory. She may have been the one who killed him just before he escaped. In fact, it could even be possible that another Boris (perhaps the one we meet) reached the first floor later on and was the one who boarded up the machine at the end.

Bendy, the ink monsters, and friends?

  • According to Alice, the one rule that everybody adheres to is to "beware the ink demon". Not that I don't understand that simple statement, but at the same time, why do some people seemingly worship him down there also? Bendy will actually seek out and kill members of the Butcher gang if you stay out off his radar, he supposedly kills Sammy who was WORSHIPING him, Alice Angel is terrified of the idea of Bendy even touching her again, Boris freezes when Bendy is even on the same floor as him, and at one point Bendy fights and brutally slaughters the Projectionist. The weird part of this is Bendy's relationship regarding the other ink monsters and the ink covered employees. He doesn't kill them (so far as we know), and although they're still afraid of him, they also seemingly revere him. Why?

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