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This page is for the antagonists of Bererk.

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The Godhand[edit | hide | hide all]

The Big Bad Duumvirate of the story.

All of them used to be humans before becoming Godhands and are all unbelievably ancient, with the exception of their fifth and newest member Femto, who is born when the Eclipse goes down during the manga. Their powers are of course of godlike level. All Apostles refer to them as their masters.

Actually they all serve the Idea of Evil and manipulate reality in order to further its goal. Each one stands for a negative aspect of reality but none of them can actually appear in the mortal realm. They have to use the best material at hand, more often than not the most gruesome they can find.

They all seem to have reappeared somehow in the Material World thanks to the Skull Knight accidentally assisting Femto's dimension warping attack on Ganishka.

Since the creator Kentaro Miura is a huge sci-fi fan, all of them (except Femto) are named after classic sci-fi books.

Tropes that most God Hand have in common:

  • Big Bad Duumvirate: mostly to the story
  • Deal with the Devil: Much like Apostles, every Godhand is born by making one of these with the previous Godhand and the Idea of Evil itself.
  • Demon Lords and Archdevils: The Godhand are the five most powerful demons in the Berserk universe, and are the rulers of all demonkind.
  • Devil but No God: Subverted: The Godhand are devils that serve a powerful and evil God.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Much the same thing that applies to Apostles applies to the Godhand as well, except the Godhand are very powerful indeed.
  • Powers That Be: The ones who are responsible for pulling the strings of Causality upon the world, and thus the cause of so much of the utter misery that happens in that world.
  • Self-Constructed Being: Since they are not part of the physical plane, the Godhand do not have physical bodies, and must manifest themselves by possessing some material (e.g. Slan possessing troll guts in order to manifest in Qliphoth). Otherwise, they have the opportunity to gain a new physical body every 1000 year during the Incarnation Ceremony (e.g. how Griffith re-entered the human world via his reincarnation during the mock Eclipse).
  • Vicious Cycle: The Eclipse, which happens once every 216 years, marks the birth of a new member of the Godhand.
  • Was Once a Man: Much like Apostles, all members of the Godhand were once human.

Void[edit | hide]

Voiced by: Unsho Ishizuka(Japanese), John Avner (English)


"If fate is a principle beyond human comprehension which capriciously torments man, then it is karma that man confront fate by embracing sorcery."

The leader of the group, he also seems to be the Skull Knight's Arch Nemesis. Able to control dimensions and void (as his name implies), he presides every ritual involving the instatement of a new Apostle and is the one who places the cursed Brand on those slated to be sacrificed.

The most philosophical of all Godhand members, he's also the most cynical and scornful. He appears as a nightmarish version of the aliens from Mars Attacks! with his exposed, grotesquely oversized brain, his eyes sewn shut and his lips peeled back, displaying teeth and gums.

Slan[edit | hide]

Voiced by: Atsuko Tanaka(Japanese), C.L. Jones (English)


Love, hate, pleasure, pain, life, death. Everything is here! The true nature of Man. The true nature of Evil.

A Vamp, Slan is lascivious and Too Kinky to Torture. Similar to a succubus demon and a sado-masochist, she is the most seen of all Godhands and takes particular pleasure in tormenting Guts personally. She also owns a splinter cult of worshippers under the moniker "The Goddess of Blazes."

She appears as a practically nude woman with snake-like ropy green hair, a corset with an attached choker, a pair of large bat-like wings and the mandatory Femme Fatalons.

  • Badass: Anyone able to withstand a point blank thrust from Guts's BFS and a blast from his cannon arm owns the title, especially if they're female, yes!
  • Bloody Bowels of Hell: When she manifests in the real world (not the Eclipse or weird dimensions) while in Qlippoth using troll dung
  • Boobs of Steel: Hasn't really fought yet, but she's one of five demonic beings that warp reality by their mere presence, so she is probably the strongest female character of The Verse.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: She loves inflicting pain and receiving pain during battle.
  • Horny Devils: She personifies Lust among other things...
  • Femme Fatalons: Has them, but doesn't really need them as she is one of five Physical God BigBads
  • Fetish Fuel Station Attendant: Holy shit!
  • Gorgeous Gorgon: Without the petrifying vision as far we know so far.
  • Homage: Her name comes from A.E. van Vogt's Slan.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: The rare Gender Flipped version. She took intense sexual pleasure in dominating and torturing Guts while he stood helpless in her clutches during their encounter in the Qliphoth and made it all seem like they were having sex.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: She loves receiving pain, inflicting pain, and sees rape as a beautiful act.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: Not only an underbust corset does she wear, but a NECK corset too. Amp the sadomasochist look to eleven!
  • Red Baron: The Skull Knight calls her "Courtesan of the Amniotic Sea"....
  • Shameless Fanservice Girl: Being literally almost naked except for an armor/scale like corset and doesn't mind. However unlike most examples, this is not a fun person to be around.
  • Tender Tears: In a very twisted way, she found beauty in the brutal rape of Casca at Femto's hands while Guts was forced to watch helplessly. She found the scene magnificent.
  • Too Kinky to Torture: You can cut her to pieces, blow off half her torso or impale her with a giant steel slab, but the only thing you'll succeed in doing is giving her an orgasm...
  • The Vamp: She may appear beautiful and enticing but her only purpose is doom.
  • Villainesses Want Heroes: Subverted. She desires Guts as her personal sex-toy but she has absolutely NO romantic interest in him.
  • We Will Meet Again: What she says to Guts after he destroys her physical manifestation in the Qliphoth.

Ubik[edit | hide]

Voiced by: Chafurin(Japanese), Christian Collingwood (English)


"When you sacrifice, you must cut yourself from Humanity..."

Ubik looks like a floating bluish face with atrophied tentacles. He is smaller thant Conrad but pretty similar in appearance and stance.

Ubik's main role among the Godhands is to play Mister Exposition in order to convince the applicant to accept their deal by deconstructing them and putting them face-to-face with their past, their desires and their darkest deeds. Since he never lies, his speeches are often all the applicant needs to be pushed over the edge and accept to sell his soul and offer their loved ones as a sacrifice.

Conrad[edit | hide]

Voiced by: Toku Nishio(Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)

200px-Conrad1 2724.jpg

" Causality can ruin your heart and possess your mind."

Conrad looks like a giant fat woodlouse with a puckered human face. He and Ubik are pretty similar in appearance and stance, but Conrad rarely speaks.

The least seen of all the Godhands, Conrad's concerns is spreading diseases, outbreaks and pestilence in the mortal realm by using his plague-carrying rats and other vermin, which he can use to take a physical form in the real world.

Femto[edit | hide]

See Griffith's entry.

The Idea Of Evil[edit | hide]

"Do what you will."

A semi-decanonised character that only appears in the Lost Chapter at the end of tome 13. It is the true Big Bad and a Cosmic Horror that manipulates reality itself. It rules the whole Berserk world through Causality but no one, save for the Godhand themselves, is aware of its existence. Only exception (apparently) is Schierke who mentioned its name once, hinting that we might eventually get to see it in the main work.

The Idea of Evil is a huge Heartless who exists due to humanity's need for a reason for all their suffering. Its purpose is being responsible for Midland's crapsackiness and, to that end, it knows exactly what it has to do, which is offering the world what it desires in the person of a Dark Messiah: Griffith. It is the creator of the all five Godhand and they obey its orders. It appears as a giant Squick human heart living in a faraway realm in the Astral Plane.

Apostles[edit | hide]

Former human beings who have met the Godhand and accepted their offer, all Apostles are One-Winged Angels. They are The Legions of Hell and follow the orders of the Godhand. Frequently, their human form has been modified slightly after they become apostles and their real form is an Eldritch Abomination. However, the most powerful (Zodd, Grunbeld, Rosine...) look scary but not as hideous in their Apostle forms. Many of them are monsters, were present upon the Eclipse and have participated in the massacre of the original Band of the Hawks. All Apostles revert to their original form upon dying.

Tropes that most Apostles have in common:

  • Conservation of Ninjutsu: Apostles were a major threat early in the series, with Guts needing to fight with everything he had to kill one, and Guts probably would have died fighting the Count if the Count's daughter hadn't conveniently burst into the room for Guts to use as a hostage. Now that all the Apostles in the world are serving Griffith, they've been demoted to Elite Mooks. Justified, since Guts has the Berserker Armor, which makes him much stronger and brings out his Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Deal with the Devil: Every Apostle is born by making one of these with the Godhand.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In order to become an Apostle, you have to have reached the lowest point of your life in order to activate that neato Behelit.
  • Dragged Off to Hell: This is what happens to any Apostle who dies in the series. It's the price you pay for dealing with demons.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Each one has a form that's generally more human-like in appearance, but there's often something very off about it.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Many Apostles are not above chowing down on their former species.
  • The Juggernaut: Every Apostle is many times tougher than your average human, meaning that they are all quite hard to kill.
  • One-Winged Angel: When an Apostle wants to eat someone, horrify someone before eating them, or take the gloves off when their regular form isn't enough, they'll take on their true monstrous demonic form.
  • Our Demons Are Different: Every Apostle is different, owing to the fact that every one of them was once human and the circumstances surrounding their Despair Event Horizon are all different. They are not in the business of punishing sinners like many demons, but in doing whatever they please at the behest of the Godhand and their master. It is possible to kill them with physical weapons, but we wish you the best of luck on that.
  • This Was His True Form: Whenever an Apostle dies, in addition to their soul being Dragged Off to Hell, the body reverts to what he or she looked like when he or she was still human. This also applies to any Apostle spawns that they create, which has gotten Guts into trouble in the past.
  • Tragic Villain: Regardless of what they are now, one of the scariest things about them is that they couldn't have been Complete Monsters as humans, since the only way to become an Apostle is to sacrifice someone you genuinely care about, and therefore, someone who doesn't care about anyone couldn't become one.
  • Was Once a Man: Every single Apostle (and every single Godhand) was once human.

Wyald[edit | hide]


"Stand against me! We're gonna have FUN!!!"

Sent by the King of Midland after the Hawks after the Bakirakas' failure at preventing Griffith's escape, this grotesque Apostle looks like a humanized ape. Not much is known about him except that he is the leader of the Black Dog Knights, the most savage and brutal force in Midland. They consist of murderers and rapists who have been banished from the land but spared on the condition that they fight for Midland's King.

Perverted, hedonistic, evil to the point of stupidity and a bit of a Leeroy Jenkins, his motto is "Excitement and Enjoyment". He rules over his troops through terror, threatening to kill anyone who doesn't charge blindly into the battle just like he does, regardless of the danger. Believing himself invincible, he is extremely surprised to find his match in Guts and the Band of the Hawk.

His Apostle form is that of an enormous three-eyed ape monster with a second large mouth at the level of his shoulders. Ironically, his human form is that of a frail old man, as shown after Zodd comes personally to rip him in half in order to stop him from interfering with the imminence of the Eclipse.

Rosine[edit | hide]

Rosine bis.jpg

"It is a fairy tale. Yes. This is a fairy tale for children."

This female Apostle is also the youngest one shown thus far and a clear example of a Killer Rabbit. Appearing as a cute cross between a young female elf and a Luna Moth, she certainly doesn't seem as threatening or disgusting as the other Apostles. Even when she reveals her true monstrous form, a Badass, demoniac luna moth capable of supersonic speed, she is still prettier than any other male Apostle in the same form. Formerly a peasant girl with huge dreams and an horrible luck, she became an Apostle upon sacrificing her parents to fulfil her Changeling Fantasy of becoming an elf.

Practically insane when Guts meets her, Rosine used her new powers to create her own race of demonic elves out of kidnapped children. She then used them to terrorize and massacre the people and livestock of nearby villages, in retaliation of her abused childhood. Against Guts, she proves being a particularly tenacious opponent, so much indeed that Guts is too worn out to fight off the subsequent attack of the Holy Iron Chain Knights - which are regular humans - and ends up captured by Farnese. Rosine is then seen flying away, heavily wounded and delusional, before eventually falling to her death from the sky.

  • Abusive Parents (Her mom was okay. Her dad was an asshole. Who eventually paid for it the hard way!)
  • Anti-Villain
  • Bee People (Rosine's minions resemble cute bee-like humanoids when they're in normal mode, but when they get pissed off (or are "playing") -
    • Gosh Hornet ensues and they turn into demonic hornet humanoids!)
  • Break the Cutie: Of course required to use a behelith, but eventually it goes much MUCH further since Rosine will be dragged to hell together with all the children she had kidnapped.
  • Butterfly of Death and Rebirth (Yeah, she's a moth, but it can still be applied to Rosine's story, as she sacrificed her parents to the Godhand in order to be reborn into her dream life: a beautiful luna moth who is the queen over her elves. And then of course, she dies after realizing that she misinterpreted the existence of elves and regretted sacrificing her parents, and she dies in a more graceful manner than other Apostles have.)
  • Changeling Fantasy (Believes she is the centre of one due to parental abuse.)
  • Child of Rape (Her mother was raped when their home village was attacked, and it was strongly implied that Rosine was conceived through this union. This accounted for the abuse she received from her father (figure?).)
  • Crap Saccharine World ( The Misty Valley is filled with flowers, fruits, chirping birds, elves playing by skewering one another in the ass...Wait, what? Yes...)
  • Cool Big Sis (Rosine was this to Jill, who even referred to her as "sister" ("Rosine-oneechan", in the Japanese original).)
  • Cute Monster Girl
  • Cute and Psycho
  • Dark Magical Girl The abuse she went through made her wish for powers and happiness. Look where it got her.
  • Demoted to Extra: She has a minor role in the first anime, where she is responsible for the massacre of Rickert's unit.
  • Dying as Yourself
  • Early-Bird Cameo: She makes a brief appearance in the Golden Age arc before the chapter centering around her rolls around.
  • Enfante Terrible: Variation. She isn't exactly a psychopath but she is pretty much insane and truly dangerous, despite just how cute she is. Her pseudo-elves, on the other hand, qualify big time.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: Behelits: Keep away from minors!
  • The Fair Folk (Rosine and her elves may look okay... but they're NOTHING like the true elves of the series.)
  • Fridge Horror: Her elves play a game they call "Adult Attack" which involves pinning each other to the ground and raping each other with their stingers. It has already been strongly implied that she is a Child of Rape, but that alone doesn't explain where she got the idea that adults do that to children...
  • Full-Frontal Assault
  • Hair Wings
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: Since becoming an Apostle, she eschewed clothing.
  • Killer Rabbit (She looks like a cute green fairy with moth wings, antennae and a furry collar...but her forehead proboscis is actually a Whip Sword and the dust of her wings is highly poisonous)
  • Les Yay: With Jill, her Morality Pet
  • Morality Pet: Jill
  • Onee-Sama: Rosine is this to Jill, since Jill regarded her more of an older sister since she was four years her senior.
  • Pet the Dog: She saves Jill from being sliced in half by Guts (who was trying to kill Rosine). She also saved Jill from a forest fire...started by Guts (who was trying to kill Rosine).
  • Pretty Butterflies (She's not a butterfly, but Rosaline's apostle form takes on a that of a luna moth, which makes her one of the more pleasant-looking apostles.)
  • Redemption Equals Death / Death Equals Redemption: Kind of a tricky one, but either of these might be seen as interpretations of her death. As she's dying she realizes there are no elves...only to be shown that there are, she's just not one of them. Then she flashes back to her parents, and deeply regrets sacrificing them, and tries to go home...only to crash and die. It's absolutely heartbreaking.
  • The Runaway: She's the abused runaway case.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Sometimes rendered in English as Roshinu.
  • Strange Girl
  • Sugar Apocalypse (Guts set her cocoon chamber on fire, burning down the entire Misty Valley)
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl ( As a human, she had these dynamics with her best friend Jill.)
  • We Can Rule Together ( Offers this to poor Jill, who refuses. She then tries to make her one of her elves.)
  • We Have Reserves (Although she called her apostle spawn elves her "children", when pushed by Guts, who was destroying her "paradise" with fire, Rosine was willing to dump the place and start over again hopefully with Jill, letting all of her elves die.)
    • This is also the essence of her reply when Jill points out that her "friends" so-called games are actually killing them. Rosine cheerfully replies that it's all OK, because all she needs to do is transform more kids, and she'll have new friends to play with. Completely Missing the Point at it's most chilling.
  • Yandere (Platonic or not, she has a very strong obsession with having Jill stay with her after being separated for so long. Which she demonstrates by telling Guts that Jill is "hers" after realizing that Jill has somewhat of a crush on him. While attempting to kill him).

The Count[edit | hide]

The Count.jpg

"Well you're a formidable opponent. But you're still just a human."

The second Apostle to appear in the series, is a very complex character with a much more developed Backstory.

He used to be a happy family man who crusaded for the Vatican, but everything goes down the drain once he realizes his wife is addicted to orgies and pagan celebrations of demons. Mad with grief, he sacrifices his beloved wife and becomes a cruel and greedy Dark Lord who uses his subjects as guinea pigs for his experiments. He also becomes cannibalistic. His human form is that of a morbidly obese man while his true form is that of a disgusting, bloated, obscene slug with a human face. During the Eclipse, he attempts to trick Guts with Pippin's corpse and is seen eating it afterward.

The Count is one of the few Apostles shown to have Pet the Dog moments, especially towards his daughter, Theresia. Guts has a hard time dealing with him. Not to mention that, on the brink of death, the Count summons the Godhand which triggers Guts's Berserk Button. Yet, when Guts rushes at them, he can hardly make an impression on any of them. The Count is asked to offer his daughter as a sacrifice so he can live on, but due to his love for her, he refuses, which prompts Femto to condemn him to Hell.

Swine Apostle[edit | hide]


He tracks down Guts to Godo's place, by following his scent over a long distance. Guts breaks his new sword trying to wound the tough creature, and the fight would have gone badly for him if he had not discovered the two weapons which were to become his trademarks: the cannon arm and the Dragonslayer. By using these two new weapons, Guts manages to defeat the Swine Apostle rather easily.

Unnamed Female Apostle[edit | hide]

"I've got you noww, boyy! It is fitting that you should fall to hell while tasting heaven!!"

The very first Apostle that Guts kills in the manga, the unnamed female Apostle appears as a beautiful naked blonde human woman who entices men to enter into her embrace before assuming her monstrous Apostle form and devouring them alive. During the Eclipse, she is the Apostle responsible for eating Corkus, but when she tries the same thing with Guts in the very first scene of the manga when he's having sex with her, Guts sticks his Arm Cannon into her mouth before unceremoniously blowing her brains out the back of her head with one blast.

The Baron of Koka Castle[edit | hide]

Voiced by: Kan Tokumaru(Japanese), Lex Wutas(English)

Snake Baron.jpg

"Money...hostages...I don't care about such things. However...I would like to see humans running around in the midst of great flames...I would like to hear the sound of bones being crushed beneath the hooves of horses...I don't need a reason...such things don't matter to me..."

The first Apostle introduced in the anime is the Baron, the leader of an outlaw band of soldiers who were racketing the local population. He wears golden snake-like scale armor and his true Apostle form is that of a huge humanoid cobra. Guts makes relatively quick work of him compared to other Apostles.

The Egg Of The Perfect World[edit | hide]


"But those threatened by the dark can by no means ever let go of a torch. All they can do is stare in blank surprise at their illuminated, disgustingly cruel selves and continue to suffer it."

(a.k.a. The Egg-Shaped Apostle, the Behelit-Apostle, the Nameless Apostle)

A horrifying version of Humpty Dumpty with his mouth on the side of his deformed face, this former outcast, shunned for his appearance, has been turned into a giant Behelit with tentacles. After giving demonic powers to Father Mozgus and his mooks, he remained in the shadows of the Tower of Conviction for a long time and contemplated the pain humans were willing to inflict themselves in the name of God. His wish was to give birth to a perfect world. Which he eventually achieves by giving birth to Griffith, after devouring the deformed child of Guts and Casca who was lying in the debris of the Tower after using all of its energy to protect his mother from the ghosts. The Nameless Apostle did this as an act of pity for the dying child, and both him and the child died in the process. He conveys his story and purpose to Luca, a prostitute who will be the only one to know about his existence.

He is the only Apostle so far whose death has not been brutal (mainly due to Guts not killing him), and one of the rare sympathetic Apostles along with Rosine, Locus and Irvine.

Apostle Spawn[edit | hide]

Many Apostles have the ability to taint other life with their demonic powers. Some have even been known to raise the dead. While the typical transformation process gives the entity more strength, other methods are also known.

Bishop Mozgus[edit | hide]

G 044.jpg

"How dare you stand in the way of God's will!!"

An Apostle Spawn Knight Templar, preacher of a Religion of Evil and a bishop in a Corrupt Church. Also, he takes in and cares for deformed orphans, treating them as his family when others did not even consider them human.

Guts meets Mozgus upon trying to retrieve Casca who had run away from the magical cave he had confined her in before going on his Roaring Rampage of Revenge. Believed to be "unnatural" due to her speech impairment, unwillingness to curse at other supposed heretics, and more importantly, her identification by various heretics as a witch, Mozgus had her tortured in the Tower of Conviction but her Fetus Terrible of a child summoned several ghosts to save his mother, draining itself out and convicting poor Casca of witchcraft in the bargain, for which she almost got burned at the stake. Mozgus and his torturers died in the ensuing battle against Guts.

Appearing as a square-jawed hulking priest in white robes, he eventually gains the ability to transform himself into a stone angel.

Mozgus' Torturers[edit | hide]

"Neither can I come to enjoy hurting people. I feel as if I really have become a monster."

Bishop Mozgus' personal body guards and tortuers. All of them are deformed or suffer ailments that make them appear monstrous. Saved and given a purpose by Mozgus they serve him loyally even though they dislike their dirty work.


The Great Goat Head[edit | hide]

The Great Goat Head was the leader of Slan's depraved cult near St. Albion. He was a tall human with a great goat mask on his head. He became an Apostle-spawn by the Egg-Shaped Apostle. His worshippers brought him Casca as a bride but Guts and Isidro rescued her just in time from an unholy mating ceremony. The Great Goat Head died in the ensuing battle, along with a good numbers of his worshippers.

He bears resemblance to the Templar Knights idol Baphomet.

Captain Zondark[edit | hide]

One of The Count's Elite Mooks, who was gravely injured after a battle with Guts and wanted to exact revenge. The Count agreed and gave him some of his powers... in a way you really don't want to know about.

When first shown, he is wearing large plated armor with a personalized faceguard in the shape of a male face complete with detailed nose, mouth, bone structure and eyes. His actual face is somewhat brutish with short, scraggly black hair. After becoming an Apostle-Spawn, his appearance alters to show sharp, demonic teeth and snake-like addition to the multiple changes his body goes through as Guts damages him.

Guts might have taken much longer getting rid of him if Zondark hadn't told him how to destroy him.

Kushan Empire[edit | hide]

Emperor Ganishka[edit | hide]


"I am the King of Kings! In this world, I am the one absolute principle!"

The Kushan Emperor is a rogue Apostle, the only one refusing to submit to the Godhand.

Extremely powerful, he began his campaign by holding Charlotte as his prisoner so he could marry her against her will and claim the crown of Midland, since only a pureblood royal could contend for it. Ganishka then launched a genocidal war against Midland so the Godhand would be forced to confront him. Helped by his legions of Mooks, he has already personally fought Zodd and Guts in one of his many Apostle forms (that of a humanoid mist). After failing to defeat Griffith in this form, he eventually resorted to changing himself into a gigantic tentacled monster (to the point of being too tall for anyone to see his face) made of demonic flesh known as Shiva and engaged the whole new Band of the Hawk and Midland's army into a massive Final Battle, which results in his demise as he opens the breach that may fuse the Astral and Natural worlds.

He appears as an overweight, bearded, turban-wearing Kushan ruler in human form with an unusually wide mouth and sharp teeth (though normally these are hidden by his moustache).

Daiba[edit | hide]

A Kushan sorcerer under the employ of Emperor Ganishka, and the one behind most of the Kushan military's sorcery. Extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the world, he knows much about Apostles and Behelits, going so far as to create the Reincarnator, a "man-made" Behelit of sorts that can make demon soldiers. He is also responsible for giving Ganishka the Behelit that would turn him into an Apostle.

Silat[edit | hide]


"Is it really a good thing to entrust oneself to what is beyond human comprehension?"

A Kushan prince, chief of the Bakirakas, that Guts met at a fighting tournament during his time out of the Hawks, pre-Eclipse. Using an array of exotic weapons, he still ends up defeated by Guts twice: once in a tournament and one more time upon the failed attempt to take down the Hawks by Midland's Army.

He is then seen after the time skip pose-Eclipse where he is seen watching Guts's moves from afar and also witnessed the rebirth of Griffith. After reuniting with the Kushan army and Ganishka. he gets berated for his inefficiency in stopping the growing influence of the new Band of the Hawk. He thus far has stayed in the background, watching the events unfold without interfering and has been seen briefly chasing after Rakshas, with whom he has some bad history. Despite his position in the Kushan army, he does not seem especially loyal to Ganishka.

At the onset of the Final Battle between Griffith and Ganishka, he clearly questioned Griffith's legitimacy as a messiah and told his fellow Kushans who allied themselves to him that he despises those who blindly follow so-called demigods.

His motives thus far, apart from returning his clan to its previous glory, are pretty unclear just like his allegiances, making him a Wild Card.

He appears as a dark-skinned Bishonen with long hair and is always surrounded by his bodyguards.

  • Agent Peacock: He uses graceful weapons such as his urumis, likes to perform and fights hand-to-hand in She Fu style. So yeah, he appears a tad fruity... but Silat is just another proof that judging a book by its cover is a very bad idea in the Berserk-verse.
  • Badass: Even if it happened pre-Eclipse, anyone who survives an encounter with Guts twice and who isn't an Apostle owns the title.
  • Badass Long Hair: As seen once Guts slices his turban open the second time they battle.
  • Bishonen
  • Exotic Weapon Supremacy: Subverted. Despite giving Guts a hard time with his weapons, he still ends up defeated albeit alive.
  • Fragile Speedster
    • So speedy he survived Guts' sword strike by dropping his ranged weapon, switching to his katars to block it, realizing they would break anyway and finally jumping away to dodge it. It all happened in less then a second.
  • Large Ham: Surprisingly enjoys dramatic effect during battles to the point that Guts calls him a "circus performer".

Guts: "What are you up to?"
Silat: "Your DOOM!!"