Betrayal in Antara/YMMV

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  • Crowning Music of Awesome - On that note, This Troper still gets shivers at the solo cello in the opening music.
    • This troper concedes that a track that puts you at the edge of your seat before you've even left the title screen can only be awesome.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny - A few of the tavern songs and several of Scott's moments definitely qualify.
    • "I suppose you prefer unhatched chicken embryos instead?" "Not when you put it THAT way!"
    • "Please, sir, do not disdainfully wave my carrots, not even for emphasis."
    • The Liars' Tournament has some pretty hilarious whoppers.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming - Kaelyn and Raal's meeting flashback. "RAAAAWR! GO AWAY, YOU STUPID BEAR!" A LOT of Kaelyn and Raal's interactions, actually. The warm fuzzy brother-sister love vibe is totally there.
    • Aren cheering up a sad little girl whose friend has died, by making her a shiny rainbow in midair, to show her that "magic still exists in the world." Aren, pretty much, is a walking CMOH.
    • When one of the active characters gets knocked out in combat, you get a nice little story bit at the end of the battle, in which their companions just flat-out REFUSE to leave them behind. Aww.
  • Ho Yay - Maybe it's just a byproduct of the Shipping Goggles, but many of William and Aren's interactions can come across this way.
    • Stop with this 'Milord' business, Aren. I make it a policy to dispense with such formalities when someone has just saved my life...
  • OT3 - If the above Ho Yay isn't to your liking, this scenario with the main trio also works quite nicely.