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The Bladebreakers[edit | hide | hide all]

Takao Kinomiya/Tyson Granger[edit | hide]

The Hero of the series. Quite an Idiot Hero at that, too. He's got nothing more than a decent top and a love for the game, but that changes when he finds the bit-beast Dragoon in his grandfather's dojo. He joins with Ray, Kai, and Max and wins the world championship for all three years of the show.

Kai Hiwatari[edit | hide]

The Lancer to Tyson. He was actually the team captain of the Bladebreakers, and was almost always shrouded in mystery. This changed when the team went over to Russia, where a bit more was divulged about his past. He made a brief Heel Face Turn to join the Demolition Boys, but decided to return back to the Bladebreakers after they proved he belonged with them. In the third season, he defected back to the Demolition Boys (now known as the Blitzkrieg Boys) so he could face Tyson in the world championship. He does, and he loses.

Max Mizuhara/Tate[edit | hide]

Rei/Ray Kon[edit | hide]

Kenny[edit | hide]

Hiromi/Hilary[edit | hide]

Daichi Sumeragi[edit | hide]

The White Tigers[edit | hide]

Rai/Lee[edit | hide]

Mao/Mariah[edit | hide]

Gao/Gary[edit | hide]

Kiki/Kevin[edit | hide]

The All Starz[edit | hide]

Michael[edit | hide]

Eddie[edit | hide]

Steven[edit | hide]

Emily[edit | hide]

Rick[edit | hide]

The Dark Bladers[edit | hide]

Cenotaph[edit | hide]

Zomb[edit | hide]

The Majestics[edit | hide]

Robert[edit | hide]

Johnny[edit | hide]

Oliver[edit | hide]

Enrique[edit | hide]

Demolition Boys[edit | hide]

Tala[edit | hide]

Ian[edit | hide]

Saint Shields[edit | hide]

Ozuma[edit | hide]

Dunga[edit | hide]

Joseph[edit | hide]

Mariam[edit | hide]

Team Psykick[edit | hide]

Salima[edit | hide]

Gordo[edit | hide]

Zeo[edit | hide]

Barthez Battalion[edit | hide]

Mathilda[edit | hide]

F-Dinasty[edit | hide]

Julia[edit | hide]

Raul[edit | hide]

Romero[edit | hide]

BEGA League[edit | hide]

Ming-Ming[edit | hide]

Brooklyn Masefield[edit | hide]

Garland Sieblad[edit | hide]

Mystel[edit | hide]

Crusher[edit | hide]

Others[edit | hide]

Ryu Kinomiya/Granger[edit | hide]

Mr. Dickenson[edit | hide]

D.J. Jazzman[edit | hide]

Hiro Kinomiya/Granger[edit | hide]

Boris[edit | hide]