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  • The infamous "lighthouse scene" (as seen in the heading quote of the Heroic BSOD page) is easily one of the most heart-wrenching scenes in all of gaming, and if it doesn't make you feel at least a little sad, this troper will wonder where your soul went. Upon returning to her home, Jade finds her lighthouse completely destroyed, and all of her children are missing. As the enormity of what has happened sets in, complete with Empathy Doll Shot, she collapses against the wall. Her dog appears from the ruins and cuddles up with her; as she strokes his head, she gives a heart-felt, sob-wracked speech that's ostentiably about how useless her dog is... though this clearly isn't the case/ Even Double H is clearly fighting back Manly Tears.
    • Made worse because if you have, like this troper, kept steady contact with kids (visiting after each mission), so you have rooted for them and because you know what will happen to them if you don't save them. They will be used as a energy source for the Domz.
    • And of course, the part that happens before it at Mammago. You're just done with your shopping to take the Beluga out to space, when, just as you leave and literally half a second before the loading screen, you hear an unexpected boom. One loading screen later, you see the lighthouse smoking and a few ships flying away. At that moment, you're wasting turbos and praying you get there on time.
    • How bad is it? A recent interview has revealed that people were tearing up in the studio when Jade's voice actor read her take on that scene.
  • The "Take My Hand" scene is a triumphant Tear Jerker, as it shows us just how much Jade and Double H have come to care about each other. After she's been chased across the rooftops by General Kehck, Double H waits for Jade on top of a large, floating billboard. He sticks out his hand for her. She jumps. She doesn't make it. Double H briefly panics; he then dives down the other side of the billboard. Jade slides down the front of the billboard, headed for her doom, with an absolutely terrified expression on her face. But as the last portion of the billboard slips through her fingers, Double H, now balancing precariously on the billboard's tiny base, catches her. Cue one of his Catch Phrases, "Don't break up the team", in a whole new context. And Jade gives him a relieved, heartwarming smile that just pushes this troper over the edge.
  • The entirety of the scene where Jade realizes that Pey'j is dead. The music goes quiet, the camera pans out, and we hear nothing... And Double H simply mouths, "No". Staving off those Manly Tears again, he steps out to let Jade have her moment. She then takes Pey'j's hand and promises him...

I'll get you home, buddy... I promise.