Beyond the Beyond

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Beyond the Beyond was one of the first Role Playing Games released during the Sony PlayStation's life cycle, and one of the first by game developer Camelot (after changing its name from Sonic! Software Planning and working on the first two Shining Force games).

The basic plot of the game isn't much to write home about, but it serves its purpose: young swordsman-in-training travels across the world with his pet dragon, meets allies, fights an evil empire, and attempts to save the world from a group of angry underworld denizens known as the Vicious Ones.

As this was Camelot's first "true" Eastern-styled CRPG (most of its previous games were either tactical RPGs or dungeon-crawlers), Beyond the Beyond took flak for its sometimes confusing game mechanics and uninspired characterization and plotting (though there were one or two unique twists toward the end). It would be a few years before Camelot would attempt this genre again with the Golden Sun games.

Has nothing to do with Beyond the Impossible, the manga of the same name, or the unproduced sequel to the Lucio Fulci film "The Beyond".

Tropes used in Beyond the Beyond include: