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There are a lot of characters in Big Bang Age. This page is devoted to cataloguing them all and the tropes they embody. Certainly not an easy task but someone has to do it and that someone might as well be us.

Main Characters[edit | hide | hide all]

=== Zanma Rouga


A somewhat legendary fighter known as the White Fang who is absurdly strong even among the ranks of the Special Students. Rouga transfers to Seijou Academy with the intent to use it has his base to conquer all of post-apocalyptic Japan and ends up taking a request from its Student Council President to defeat the current banchou and liberate the school from his oppression. Eleven years ago, something traumatic happened to him and he does not remember what it was.

appetite is even more indiscriminate. Most normal girls, hermaphrodites, robots, aliens, immortal monsters, the undead...

has a B-Ability or not until the very end where his ancestor was shown to be able to do most of the same stuff he does. In other words, Zanma blood notwithstanding, he really is that strong.

=== Zanma Gou


"To be honest, my combat ability is exceptionally poor. I might

even be killed if I got in a fight with a stray dog. In fact... they call me... THE WEAKEST MAN IN THE WORLD!"

Rouga's brother and the self-proclaimed Weakest Man in the World. This is only half true - he is absolutely terrible in a fight but has a keen tactical mind and a talent for organisation and diplomacy that complements his younger brother's prodigious fighting skills. He is one of only a few people with the knowledge of what really happened to Rouga on the day he lost his memory and how it connects to the appearance of the Hell Hole and all the bad stuff that went down after that. Oh, and he's also the one who taught Rouga how to fight and how to lead. Apparently.

takes him to school on things like strategy and diplomacy.

the Sacred Student Buttons with his own power this whole time, he was in fact the legendary banchou who founded the SU in the first place. Not bad for the weakest man in the world.]]

not only is he a fighter about on par with Rouga, but he's still got the patience and tactics that Rouga doesn't.]]

=== Tenrou Kunagi


Rouga's fiancee and a literal white wolf. During the incident eleven years ago she was transformed into her current incarnation and ever since, Rouga has been wandering the country trying to find a way to bring her back to normal. He feels partially responsible for her current condition after all. She too remembers a lot of what happened back then and knows that there is a lot more going on than simply demons and anarchy everywhere. She cares too much about Rouga to simply tell him, however, and instead tries to shoulder the burden on her own.

because the demon isn't really bad and it's not even in control.]]

easily, making her something of a gamebreaker. She also hits fairly hard. However, her health is mediocre if she does get hit and her counter rate is terrible.

  • Game Breaker: See fragile speedster above. It's only towards the very

end of the route you might start getting hit again, and even then it's quite a low chance.

game. She can revert back temporarily, but will eventually return again.

button wasn't strong enough to restore her completely, so her appearance is the one she had several years ago.

=== Kyoudou Senna


A mysterious young girl who is quite literally dropped into Rouga's lap by an equally mysterious man who instructs him to protect her no matter what happens. Then she regains consciousness and immediately tries to carve him a new, structurally superfluous, orifice with her shiny sword. Having no memories or purpose of her own, Senna sticks around as one of Rouga's steadily-growing harem. The National Protectorate Institute seems to have a particular interest in her and her relationship with the Hell Hole but other than that, almost nothing is known about her. Very mysterious.

first division of demon troops]] under the command of the NPI.

because she was defective like the other clones, but because she was too good. Her healing and channeling ability are way stronger than expected.]]

to full between every round no matter how much damage she took so long as she isn't killed.

isn't it. What is a surprise is that she's a clone of the priestess.]]

Kuga already knew.]]

== Kuga Kyoichiro


One of Rouga's oldest friends. His B-Ability allows him to manipulate shadows and he earns the nickname "Silhouette Sword". He left on a journey to strengthen himself and earn enough money to care for his little sister who suffers from a terminal illness as a result of the Hell Hole. Although he appears cold and aloof, he is actually a very decent person.

his footwork has gotten worse while he focused on improving his shadow powers.

Tokyo District[edit | hide]

== Seijou Academy


=== Hibiki Sanae


The Student Council President of Seijou Academy and probably the most "normal" out of all the heroines. Her driving wish is to see the smiling faces of everyone in her school (and later, Wolf Fang) and because of this she's even willing to go up against Akito of the Dark, the school's banchou and a vicious killer. She becomes Rouga's girlfriend as part of their agreement to borrow his power and, at first, only endures it as part of her duty but eventually she warms to him and supports him in any way she can.

one to steal Koumei's fans. It... makes sense in context, but it's still silly.]]

her a Sacred Student Button and she'll be one of the most useful characters in the game thanks to her high attack and evasion, coupled with her Mercy attack for capturing other characters.

  • Meganekko: Constantly has the glasses, possibly because she just

seems a little plain without them compared to the other heroines.

=== Jinnai Heita


The first of Seijou's students to stand with Rouga when he declares that he will beat down Akito and free the school from his oppression. What he lacks in strength (Rouga comments that even Yuuki is stronger than him), he makes up for in sheer determination, calling himself the Man Aiming to be a Man and essentially throwing himself into helping Wolf Fang with a ferocity that few other characters can match. Though his serious dedication to his goal gets played for laughs most of the time, Rouga eventually acknowledges his strength (in his own way) and his story ends on a positive note; it's only a matter of time before he achieves his goal.

his life per use. Use it seven times and he dies. This is actually necessary to get a five star clear, which seems a bit... strange considering every star makes your character stronger. However, the stat bonus carries over to a new game.

He's not the only one.

=== Naruse Yuuki


The second of Seijou's students to join Rouga's growing army. Although his body is somewhat weak his B-Ability allows him to inflict grievous harm with a seemingly unobtrusive air rifle. He's also handy with gadgets like smoke bombs that he can use to confuse and delay his opponents which, when combined with his incredible sharpshooting skills, make him more of an asset in Rouga's eyes than Heita. Nonetheless, Yuuki and Heita are very close friends, which makes it shocking when he finds out The Truth.

  • Bifauxnen: The hints are everywhere. The fifth star clear (which

means you couldn't reveal he's in fact a girl) points it out pretty clearly.

should go about being like them.

Yamamato Bulai and Idagawa Ren all fall victim.

=== The Nakanishi Sisters


One is captain of the Kendo team. One is the star shooter of the Archery club. Together, They Fight Crime. There isn't a time when Kyudo and Kendo haven't been together and although they are strong they both have their issues with the war in Seijou. Kendo can't take on Akito by herself and Kyudo lacks confidence in her own abilities but, under Rouga's leadership and with the rest of Wolf Fang backing them up, the prove to be incredible assets.

sister so she thinks she's unattractive. Kyudo says that she does have her fans, though. Ends up leading to a sex scene.

  • Punny Name: Their names are how they fight. Kendo is swordsmanship and

Kyudo is archery.

=== The Miyazato Gang


Lead by Erika (Miyazato) of the Chain, a special student who uses her B-Ability to manipulate a spiked chain like a whip, they planned to challenge Akito themselves. Unfortunately, they got completely upstaged by the more charismatic Rouga and nobody went to join them at all. Because of this Erika becomes bitter and challenges Rouga to a duel for the right to lead Seijou against the banchou, and eventually submits to his rule. Her two friends, Shouko and Saki, are both proficient with thrown weapons.

thirty seconds before popping out of the coffin confused when revived.

  • Game Breaker: Of a sorts. Saki is part of a dungeon clearing combo that

lets you clear out dungeons with thirty levels.

uses knives and Shorko uses candy.

== Sensouji Academy


=== Kongomaru Sanzou


The banchou of Sensouji Academy and captain of its cheerleading squad. Because of his formidable size and resilience he's known as "Iron Wall" Kongomaru. A man without much common sense, he tends to rely on his sister to handle day-to-day tasks.

=== Kongomaru Aya


Sensouji's Student Council President and Sanzou's little sister. Because of her hard-hearted personality she is sometimes called "Iron Blood" Kongomaru but don't ever call her by her family name in front of her. Her talent for management and organisation is said to be on par with Sanae's.

  • Miser Advisor: Three of her stars depend on the state of your finances.

=== Hotta Daigo



Daigo is a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do and aspires to be more like the Great One himself (though never mentioned by name). His other major goal in life is to win the heart of Aya, whom he fell in love with. Some things are easier said than done...

off when he becomes a devil and he's never mentioned again.

disfavorably to Rouga, but there are indications that she actually doesn't have much against the idea. If only he would just calm down a little...

== Gokuren Academy


=== Idagawa Ren


=== Senpuuji Kyouko


pisses her off.

Panzer Gruppe Ginjou[edit | hide]

=== Ginjou Tomoka


The current president of the military-oriented PGG and the source of much of its power. Tomoka is the only Special Student of note in the entire faction and, in a war where victory or defeat can depend on how much B-Power one has on their side, this is A Bad Thing. The solution was to upgrade the weaponry of the common soldiers, resulting in students that are well-armed and have access to tanks. Now, naturally, there's only so much that can be done without factories and specialised materials but this is where her B-Ability came in: she can strengthen their armour to the point where the PGG's homemade tanks are almost as good as the real thing. All of this, plus beauty, brains and leadership should have made her a great leader, right? Well, it turns out Tomoka has a crippling lack of self confidence that eventually caused her to become a total submissive while projecting a facade of confidence and ultimately lead her into Murata's clutches.

told that she's not actually that attractive.

=== Asakura Yuma


A banchou with the ability to interface directly with computers. Asakura belong to a group fighting against the PGG, but were later broken up and arrested. Asakura was put to use as the computer nexus of the PGG intelligence network. Probably due to her abuse, she has a very poor sense of self, seeing herself only as a tool to be used by others.

Mouri Sonken
  • Kill the Cutie: You're too late in recruiting her or if you choose not

to... You bastard...

  • Rape as Drama: The person she once loved had his friends rape her for in

exchange for money. When working for the PGG, her captors repeatedly used her as a sex toy. It eventually kills her.

Nightmare Eyes[edit | hide]

=== Camilla Bathory


A powerful master vampire and the president of the Nightmare Eyes. She holds court in Transylvania where she indulges in such cheerful hobbies as drinking virgin blood, murdering courtiers for her own amusement and abusing Millar. The only person she really cares about is her brother Pram, though he has gone into a comatose sleep and no amount of blood seems to be able to wake him.

thing with Millar.]]

conquering the Nightmare Eyes castle you'll find out she's been under mind control. Break that after defeating her and she'll join you. And she's actually really, really nice.]]

is broken.]]

reverses it, which makes her recruitable.]]

Millar Bathory

Camilla's sister and the chief warden of the Nightmare Eyes' human ranches. Although Pram would rather they get along, Camilla absolutely hates Millar while Millar's adoration for Camilla borders on the insane. Her repeated failures and apparently inferior abilities as a vampire only make things worse.

what happens when Millar is truly serious.

National Protectorate Institute[edit | hide]

=== Takabane Sae


by Aoi Gamon. Still recruitable though.

=== Benkei/Yunazawa Kei

  • Powered Armor: Subverted. It actually serves as a power limiter because

Benkei's super strength is so great.

=== Watari Hanzou


well, but doesn't know what the ninja 'punishments' consist of.

=== Murakumo Shizuri


One of the most talented sword wielders alive and a veteran of the Battle of Sekigahara. She had a boyfriend during that time but killed him under the influence of a spirit of violence named Kojiro. She can't kill him because he's a spirit and he is always waiting for his chance to finally possess her once and for all.

Kyuushuu Powers[edit | hide]

== Skull Serpents


== The Holy Flame


Independent[edit | hide]

=== Sparn


Formerly a cruel highwayman, Sparn was eventually inspired to make something more of himself after reading a book called "Record of Hawaiian War" in which the main character fights dragons and rescues elves. By chance, he happened to discover a large oil well in Hawaii and set himself up as a feudal lord, searching for the perfect elven wife. He is essentially guided by whatever whims he has at the moment, typically relaxing on the beach and watching anime, but he also burned down a hotel and abandoned his office at the drop of a hat. He has a twin brother named Spaparn.

more that of Rance however.

Sonnet dies]]. What's his response? Kidnap women and brainwash them into thinking they're elves.

  • Jerkass: This guy makes Rance look good.

=== Abao Akuu


A mysterious alien who came from space, then decided that it was fate that he should land here on Earth and joins Wolf Fang in their fight. He seems to display abilities similar to Newtypes and can best be described as the hypothetical bastard love-child of Nabeshin and Char Aznable.

Universal Century Gundam timeline. For example:

    • A Baoa Qu was the site of the final decisive battle in the One Year

War where Amuro and Char have their infamous fight.

    • His mask is also Char's, except without the helm.
    • He senses a strong pressure coming from Rouga, which is Newtype-speak

for "oh my god that guy is really strong".

    • He mutters about how he was pulled to the Earth by gravity, one of

Char's favorite sayings (referring to Earthnoids who didn't want to migrate into space; their souls were being pulled down by gravity).

    • One of his battle quotes has him declare that his Laser Blade is not

for show, a phrase first used to describe Amuro's Nu Gundam.

=== Tanzawa Nina


The owner of the Tantan store in Akihabara. She is more than a little unstable in the head, but has a gigantic catalogue of wonderful items for sale. Just don't ever try to cheat her or she'll extract from you a pound of flesh...literally.

she will know if you've shoplifted.

cleared her.

=== Yamizaki Akito


Although he was originally a subpar Special Student and nothing more than a punk, Akito received a Sacred Student Button from a mysterious man and went on to challenge all of the executives at Seijou Academy, forcing them under his heel and ruling the school with an iron fist. All of that changed when he called Rouga an eggplant head, resulting in a merciless beatdown that left him hospitalised for weeks. When he got out, he had absolutely nothing and was reduced to begging for scraps in the NPI's Nagoya territory. After being nursed back to health by a kind old doctor and his daughter, Akito had a change of heart and went on to defend them from the very kinds of Special Students that he had once been. Telling them to hide, he left and went to join Wolf Fang, hoping to change and atone for his previous crimes.

=== Touma Kanata


the middle of a demonic wasteland.

=== Mitamazuka Youki


A mysterious woman who wanders the wasteland of Shinjuku. She seems to hold some measure of control over the creatures that live near the Hell Hole and appears to be far older than she lets on. Oh, and she also has an incredibly creepy attraction to Touma.

you a huge advantage in the form of having Touma for most of the game), you have to rush, or ditch a character that is really useful against the PGG.

abilities and gained immortality through sucking out souls.

The Hell Hole[edit | hide]

=== Tenrou Kamui/Wicked Chaos


The man at the heart of the incident 11 years ago that caused the Hell Hole to begin widening again. Originally, Kamui was an ordinary human being who also happened to be a descendant of the original Tenrou bloodline. He lived with his sister Kunagi and was friends with both Gou and Rouga. One day, however, he performed a ceremony in an attempt to awaken the ancestral power in his blood and ended up resurrecting the Wicked Chaos at the same time. The Wicked Chaos then possessed his body and tried to use it to undo the seal. By pure coincidence he ran into Gou and the modern Priestess of the Seal, a girl named Yukina. In the end Gou was forced to kill Kamui and erase Rouga's memories of the incident while the Chaos reanimated the dead Kamui's body to continue its work. Occasionally, flashes of his old personality show through and he is able to assist Rouga along the way, but he inevitably succumbs to the power of the Chaos and has to die again.

=== Tenrou Minagi


A ghostly presence that lives inside the Gem of the Seal, serving as Rouga's guide in the Hell Hole. She was once Kunagi's ancestor and studied the dark arts extensively in order to find a way to destroy the original Hell Hole once and for all. To her endless frustration, she could never find a way to defeat the demons for good, only drive them back from time to time, until a solution presented itself: the priestess Rinna and Kouga, the man who had the power to accomplish what the entire line of Tenrou couldn't.

=== Tatemikado Rinna


A purehearted girl who eventually became the first Priestess of the Seal, even though it meant sacrificing her own life in order to end the demon threat. In effect, she is the ancestor of Yukina and, technically, Senna as well.

=== Zanma Kouga


A mysterious man who had the power to not only obliterate any demons he fought but do it with his bare fists. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he fell in love with Rinna, the Priestess of the Seal, and was the one who killed the Wicked Chaos. According to Minagi, he looked and acted just like his descendant Rouga.